Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Most Commonly Asked Beauty Questions via Snapchat

Sometimes I feel like I’m a broken record because I am answering the same questions over and over on Snapchat- I am so sorry if you think I repeat the same things over & over but sometimes people that are new to my snaps ask the same questions I’ve already answered! I think I get asked 2-3x a day on Snap alone how I curl my hair. I thought I’d gather up the most commonly asked beauty questions for ONE single post so that I can always refer people to this post. **I am emilyanngemm (no A!).**

Anyway, these are my tried & true products that always work for me w/o a shadow of doubt! I’ve done full out posts on my current makeup routine, skincare routine, how to accentuate certain features (I literally got a Snap question asking if I got lip injections as I am writing this, but I don't), & TONS of hair posts. Most everything is already on my blog somewhere w/a dedicated post but this is just a quick & easy round up of the best products. AND about my nails bc holy cow - thats a top asked question too!

"What is your  favorite foundation & make-up brush?"
1. Estee Lauder Double Wear is my TOP foundation for covering scars & melasma & for all day wear.
2. The Sigma F80 flat top Kabuki has been my MUST have makeup brush for quite some time- I keep a backup in my drawer.
3. I swear by the Laura Mercier translucent powder for setting my makeup & under my eyes & contour - it’s a big part of making my makeup look seamless.

“How do you make your lips look fuller?"
4. Lipliner is your BFF for fuller looking lips. I like Stripdown & Spice best - they are darker, almost brown shades that create a shadow effect.
5. I’ve mentioned this like 1.2 million times but this Dior Maximizer actually DOES plump your lips. I’ve been using it for 3 years now. I splurged on it during medical school and after a few months of use I noticed my lips looking a little fuller - make sure you use it daily for a couple of months. It’s also just a great gloss in general!

“What do you do to get those curls?
6. I love this Redken Quickdry hairspray. I have TONs of the travel size bottles under my cabinet bc this hair spray helps hold my curls during the summer heat.
7. This curling iron (1” barrel) is how I get the curls you see in all of my photos. I don’t do anything special - I think this iron just gets crazy hot so it makes better curls. I recommend using a good heat protectant - Tresemme’s is great and affordable.

"If you don’t tan in the sun, how what fake tanning products to you use?
8. I LOVE this St. Tropez tanning product - this express line is amazing. You can shower sooner after than most and it leaves you looking B-RRROOWN. Like holy cow. Check my Twitter later to see how it makes me skin look right after. (I’m @emilyanngemma on Twitter & Instagram.) -PS. this is on sale at the NSALE!

“What liner do you wear on your lid?
9. I swear by the Stila stay all day liner. It’s hands down the best - and trust me - I’ve tried all the of the liquid liners at Sephora - or almost all. I always go back to this one!

"How do you whiten your teeth?"
10. Crest White Strips. The package in the collage is the exact one I buy - its my favorite. You were them for 30 minutes (not an hour) and you can see a different in a few days.

“What mascara do you wear? And do you still like serums?
11. First off, I think Neulash is 10x better than Revitalash. I tried Revitalash and saw ZERO changes. Neulash is definitely the better option. I also really like Lilash - I typically can only find it on eBay tho which is sketchy. Be careful to make sure it is authentic if you decide to do it. I used the LiBrow product on my brows this spring after a BAD threading job and it saved them. Overall - if you are on the fence - just do Neulash via Nordstrom so you know you are getting an authentic product.
12. I always always layer 1-2 coats of this primer on my lashes before mascara. This is the BEST way to build up your lashes and make them look longer and thicker. 
13. This Bobbi Brown mascara is the only mascara I love - its better than Dior or Better Than Sex. I bought it the first week it was available just to test out and I won’t go back to the others.

“How do you make your under eye area so bright?
14. The key to a bright under eye area is setting your concealer or corrected w/ a bright powder. The powder that I’ve found looks best on me is the white shade in THIS palette. I dip my beauty blender (damp) in it and set the concealer. Sidenote- I have dark circles due to accutane, staying up late working on the computer, & travel so I have to go all out on my under eyes.
15. This Smashbox BB Cream for eyes is a life saver - the formula is creamy & soft and really brightens the area up.  It doesn’t crease or get dry or cakey.
16. In the summer I always use a dab of THIS concealer w/my BB cream because this stuff is CRAZY long wearing/waterproof. Holy cow - if my eyes water it doesn’t affect my makeup at all. So if you have serious dark circles, you have to try this!

“What’s on your nails?
Okay, I really do feel like a broken record bc I am always telling you all what I do but I use a DIP powder on my nails. Most recently, I got it done in Dallas and the salon used Nexgen - the color was A14. It looks like Essie’s Fiji. (Emily Maynard wore it on the Bachelorette the entire season, lol!). The Nexgen is my faovrite-  I am going to Dallas this weekend & getting them done. 

Hope this helps!! xx.


  1. This post is THE BEST roundup of all your products, thanks for sharing! I use the exact same bronzer, neulash, mascara primer, under eye setting powder, and concealer/brush, and can't get enough! THE BEST products out there by far ;)

  2. Love this post! I always love hearing about your fave beauty products because you really do have the best makeup on the internet! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I really love all the information you included especially the graphics!


    Aïchatou Bella

  4. Best post!!! I love this! Your make up is always beyond on point! (and it helps your such a stunner!)
    xo, tara

  5. Love it!

  6. What nail salon in Dallas did you use?

    1. I did it about 3 weeks ago and I do not remember! Ah! But I know almost all of the salons there carry the nexgen brand!

  7. I love the 3d white strips. I only use that brand + my whitening kit from White with Style lol I have a whitening problem. I really want to get the Laura Mercier powder.

  8. I think this is such a great blog post for those who really admire your everyday style and go to products. I'm sure getting asked the same questions so often can get bothersome when the majority of it all is on your blog already. Having it all in one post is so nice for us readers & The Sweetest Thing fans. Thank you for taking the time to put this together!
    I saw your snap about addressing how someone felt you were annoyed. Honestly, I can see how that comes off. I do feel (personally) that your tone in what you write and how you say things on Snap can come off annoyed and as if you're put out to address the questions you get. I get it, you get thousands of questions through all forms of social media DAILY and I can't imagine how overwhelming that can be. However, you are a fashion blogger and I would have to guess that these questions and non-stop comments come with the line of work that you do.
    I think us readers admire your style so much, and maybe we miss a post or two about certain products and items you have, but asking you on social media seems to be much easier sometimes than checking LIKEtoKNOWit. I do try and go to your blog to search for something, rather than ask you because more than likely, I know I can find it there (for those fans reading, her search engine is so helpful and I can almost always find anything I'm looking for there!)
    To get to my point, you can sound a little annoyed on Snap or even in this post (even if you don't mean to) but saying you feel like a broken record can make a person feel like they are bothering you or annoying you with questions, which isn't our intention as a fan & reader, it's just to learn more about your style. Us readers admire you as a person & you're our own little virtual stylist. We look up to your fashion advice and pointers so asking you questions should be more flattering to you, than a nuisance.

    Thank you again for creating such a great informative post about all the products you (and us readers) love so much. Keep being the fabulous fashion blogger, wife, friend, daughter & person that you are!
    XO - Lindsay Cameron

    1. HI Lindsay,

      Thanks for your feedback! I am so glad you saw my Snaps and understood it a little better. Many bloggers actually just ignore half of the comments so that they can complete the rest of their work. I try to answer as many as possible or I feel guilty. Answering questions is only 20% of what makes up my job - so I have loads of other things to do during the day to ensure I get my work done for the week! And by broken record, I don’t want to annoy loyal followers who have to sit through the same questions being answered over and over. I have people tweet at me often saying “didn’t you just talk about that product on here last month??” - I hate to annoy those who already saw that product or whatever! :) It’s totally part of my job but I pour hours into my blog to make sure all questions can be answered here so that I don’t have to ignore anyone! <3 That you for tactfully addressing this & for the feedback.

  9. Thanks so much for this post! I am so happy you put all your favorite products in one place. I bought the Neulash and I think I am going to invest in the Lip Maximizer and Bobbi Brown Mascara!


  10. I think what will help is if you just link directly to this post on your sidebar! Or maybe include a section under "about me" or "FAQs". That way when people visit your blog it'll be easier to find :) Thanks for the post and all the great info!

  11. Great roundup! Wish I could try the Dior Maximiser! x

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