Thursday, October 6, 2016

What’s On My Birthday Wishlist

First of all, thank you SOOOO much for the sweet birthday wishes! Seriously, all day long I kept getting them via Twitter, IG, Snap, etc and it literally made my day - I couldn’t stop smiling. You all seriously know how to make a girl feel special! I skipped yesterdays post as a gift to myself haha.

Moving on... I didn’t really plan on doing a ‘birthday’ post, I think I’m a little too late for those types of posts. BUT, I always love when YouTubers show what they got for Christmas or what they want. I was telling some of my friends like what I actually ‘want’ and laughed out loud bc you can tell my priorities are changing year by year! (Just wait you’ll see where I’m going with this!)

First of all, here are a few of the ‘WANTS’ that you see above^:

1. Stuart Weitzman Boots in the color ‘SKIN’ & here’s why..
I have the black and white version of these boots and they are truly amazing quality. They are also super flattering and make your legs look super long & leggier, if you know what I mean! I really like the ‘SKIN’ shade because they are super neutral and I think I’d wear them non-step since they’d match everything!

2. Louis Vuitton 2017 Agenda
I mean, it can’t be a surprise that I want a Louis Vuitton agenda... I want LV everything haha. It’s a problem, I know. Luckily, I found USED planners HERE and I can just buy the 2017 refills on the LV site. I haven’t caved just yet.. I’m trying to remain practical with my Target planner but ohhh when the 2017 refills come out... we will see. Sidenote, I really like THIS planner (the cover is gorg) & this one!

I have a few long gold necklaces that I wear quite a bit layered - and I really like this little chevron arrow one! This brand of necklace is pricy but I have 3 of hers already and they are super nice quality, don’t turn, and are the right length & gold color!

I really love this dress.. it has caught my eye OVER and over! I initially liked the white shade but the navy is so perfect for fall (think weddings, parties, church, events). I could even pair it with those SW boots I just mentioned... :)

I love love black or navy faces on watches... I think its the perfect ‘dark’ touch for fall!  

I have wanted a pair of these shoes for YEARS now. We always get my dad them for Christmas so I think it’s time I cave... or maybe I just caved and ordered them! Oops. Our house has tile & hardwood floors & you all know I’m constantly under a heated blanket so I figure I’ll get my money’s worth with these.

I’m obsessed w/this new Chloe bag! The tan + navy is spot on for fall - seriously, it would go with SO much! 

8. LV Carry On
Okay, I have had my eye on this carry on since it came out this summer... its got 4 wheels which I really like (most LV have only 2 so they don’t roll as well.) John is so practical about everything - like the carryon he bought me years ago I still use is so ugly but it is functional.. :) My LV Keepall duffel has been with me for a couple of years and still has no sign of wear or tear so I know that these are well made & great quality butttt... we will see.

How stinking cute are these? The red gingham screams fall and holidays!


Okay, now here’s my REAL Birthday Wishlist..
1. Car Detailing: I’m constantly on the go - literally if you saw how many miles I average a month on my car you’d fall over - I am always traveling for work and running errands so my car definitely needs a good cleaning!

2. Olive Garden: Need I say more!? It’s my favorite restaurant,  don’t judge!! I have never like ‘fru- fru’ food - only simple, basic foods! Nevertheless, OG is my jam.. that salad is my favorite! 

3. Olive Garden w/my whole family: Every year my family meets in a central location to meet for lunch or dinner. It’s honestly the best birthday present to me EVER. We have a big, very busy family so it’s tough to coordinate something but I’m always the happiest when I am with them all.. and we are eating OG salad. :)

4. QT w/ John & Fitz: John and I both share the love language of quality time. However, between my travel/work schedule and his residency schedule we hardly ever get any quality time. We keep saying “next year when residency is over we will make up for this!” But fall time is my favorite and I’d love to spend a day with John and Fitz out enjoying the weather!

5. Girl On the Train: You all know I’m a sucker for a good murder mystery book and if you read THIS POST then you really know how much I loved GOTT. Any who, every year around my birthday, I notice that books that I love are turning into movies being released in theaters! Like, two years ago we went to see Gone Girl on my bday which was so fun. This year I asked John if he’d go with me to see Girl on the Train in theaters (It comes out the 7th I think.). Keep in mind, we neverrrrrr go to the movies... it kind of has to do with #4^ soooooo if we end up going this weekend, you’ll know I am a happy camper!

Okay, that’s that! Now you’ve probably gotten to know me a little better, too. 

Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes - seriously you guys kept me smiling non stop!<3


  1. LOVE this post! I just saw the pre-screening of GOTT - SO GOOD. Happy birthday, Emily! <3

  2. Happy belated birthday, Emily! I don't care much about birthday gifts either now that I'm older. Everyone is so busy nowadays that all I want is QT with the people I love most!


  3. Happy Bday Emily, may God keep blessing you.. Love you tons :)

  4. Hope you had the best birthday! This list is awesome, but honestly, Olive Garden is the best! Growing up I wanted to go to OG every year and would get their fettuccine alfredo and vanilla milkshake! My boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow and all he really wants is quality time too <3 Have the best day :)
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  5. I love the Louis Vuitton suitcase! Happy belated birthday Emily! I love to go to the movies and we also don't go a lot. Love this post!

  6. What a great list! Love it :)

  7. Happy Birthday! Love the lists!


  8. Awww! Happy birthday, Emily! I didn't know you were an October baby! Sometimes, it's the simple things in life that make the best gifts. Glad you got to enjoy your day and your list is great. LOVE the MK watch!! xo

  9. Ah I'm SO excited for GOTT!! Seriously. I'm not a horror movie girl but I LOVE me some thriller!! It looks amazing! I haven't read the book so the whole thing will be a surprise to me - I can't wait!
    Also, I just got the Steve Madden emotions in color "camel" and they look JUSt like the Skin SW, and let me say - YES! I wear them with EVERYTHING! They go with everything and they're adorable!
    I hope you, John, and Fitz get some QT soon!

    xo, jess

  10. I'm sure I'll be seeing some of those birthday wishlist items soon missy! Hope you had a great day girl!

  11. Hey Emily! What program do you use to lay out the items and allows them to be clickable? It always looks so cute!

    1. Oh that’s part of the affiliate network I am with - I didn’t use it on this blog post but I use it on others!! <3

  12. Happy, Happy Birthday girl! I can't wait to see The Girl on the Train! I loved the book so much! Enjoy celebrating!


  13. Happy birthday. I told my boyfriend yesterday was your birthday. He asked how old you were. I told him and he was like she looks like she's in her early twenties.

  14. Happy birthday! Those OTK boots are definitely on my birthday wish list this year too. I hope you get to enjoy plenty of quality time with John and Fitz this weekend. Let us know what you think of the movie too!

    Fizz and Frosting

  15. Happy Birthday pretty! I love the cozy slippers and the cute pj's I hope you get what you wanted for your birthday!
    Xo, Kelsey

  16. I know that this is SO late, but happy birthday to you!!!! I hope that your day was amazing and filled with all of the things that you love. I also think that this is a great birthday list! :-)

  17. Love'n the birthday wish list!! Always like watching the YouTube videos of what I got for Christmas, birthday etc... So hoping, PRAYING that you will do a post in the sweetest thing about your birthday goodies!! Sounds like you had an amazing birthday!! ๐Ÿฐ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽ

  18. I love your "REAL" Birthday Wish List! There is nothing better than quality time with your husband and dog! Love your blog and style! #goals

    Sarah Bell

  19. Hello! Love the list! Can you tell me where to find the SW Highland's in "Skin"? I can only find buff, Topo and Praline. Thanks!!


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