Sunday, November 20, 2016

2016 Christmas Gift Guide

2. “If You Love Me Let Me Sleep” Eye Mask (love these for long flights)
4. Kate Spade Winking Beanie (how stinking cute!)
5. Gold Statement Earrings (THE perfect Holiday earrings!)
8. Valentino Perfume (I love the packaging of this perfume.)
9. Carrara Marble iPhone Case (I have this one.)
10. Beanie with puff  (I have this on & love it.)
11. Stila Lip Stain Kit (these are my favorite - I love these.)
12. Gucci Crossbody Bag (*on my wishlist*)
13. Lip Print Makeup Bag (ordered this for holiday travels)
14. Tiffany Blue Nikes (and these are on sale!)
15. Classic (faux) Diamond Stud Earrings (I have a few pair of these.)
16. Patagonia Pullover (I wear mine every week when I run errands.)
17. Tory Burch Tote (I love this print - reminds me of Goyard & under $200.)

I thought I’d round up a few gift ideas really quickly - and all at a variety of price points. Some are simply stocking stuffers, while others are true Christmas gifts. As someone who often hears “you are hard to shop for”, I thought I’d include a few ideas for your friends who may be hard to shop for.. i.e. if they like to travel, a cute eye mask is perfect & won’t break the bank. Or a cute beanie or fun iPhone case.


  1. Such cute ideas! I'm totally getting these PJ's!

  2. These are great gift ideas! The pom pom hat is so cute!

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  4. Love the top and winking beanie! Great ideas!

  5. I definitely have been needing a phone case! Love the PJ's as well!


  6. Love it!

  7. That winking beanie is so cute! And I'm definitely getting a couple of those BP ones they look so comfy! Such a cute gift guide! :)

  8. #10 & #12 are my favorite. I love this gift guide!

    Blonde in Cashmere

  9. The PJ looks so comfy plus I love the prints! Those cool pullover looks fantastic too. Love it!

  10. The beanie with the pretty lashes is so cute!


  11. I'm on the hunt for a new beanie. I also have a marble phone case and love it. Adds a bit of flare.

    xx, Fatima

  12. I love this! Am so getting the marbled phone case and Nike shoes for myself.
    - Charmaine

  13. I LOVE your choices and I kind of want some for myself! Especially that eye mask <3


    michenn Chanel Slingbacks Review

  14. Cute Christmas gift ideas!

  15. Gosh girl! That Gucci bag is $200 less in Switzerland! No joke! Loved these ideas ... and your blog on rental, especially the way you write! Keep it up

  16. Hey Emily,
    Thank you for a great guide! Wondering if sometime you are going to talk about, like, what to ask for yourself from your husband or parents! I basically have few things on my mind and not sure what to choose! That might sound awkward actually but thought there might be some tips of how to prioritize the things you want! For example; I'm liking TB purse and TB boots, LV scarf and LV bracelet, LV cross body bag and some more things and obviously can't get them all together.. so any thoughts?

  17. Dying over the "but first, presents" shirt-that sounds just like me!

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style


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