Thursday, November 3, 2016

All About My Hair (Part 1)

The #1 question I consistently get is about my hair - its asked almost daily on my Instagram. I have TONS of blog posts about my hair - favorite items, how to do certain hairstyles, how to get certain curls, etc. but I wanted to quickly round up my go-to routine for the past few months. Today I’ll just answer the main questions I get that are pretty basic...

#1. What Shampoo & Conditioner Do You Use?

I have 3 that I rotate through... so when one bottle runs out, I switch to the next in the rotation.

For example:
1) Last fall & winter I only used THIS Shampoo & THIS Conditioner. (This is a brand I LOVE.. they send me their products in PR packages because I’ve linked them so much and I think their brand is one of the best all round.)2
2)In the spring when that ran out, I switched to THIS shampoo & THIS conditioner. This stuff is pricy... but I really like it. The downside is that it doesn’t last too long... 
3)Currently I am using THIS shampoo and THIS conditioner. When it runs out I’ll switch back to the first ones I mentioned. 

I recommend switching around and not using the same shampoo all year round or it won’t be as effective.

#2. What Products Do You Use To Grow Your Hair

I’ve only ever had longer hair - I tried short hair and boy, it was NOT cute on me! Totally not for my face. I love long hair but I also don’t like when I see long hair that is stringy on the ends so I keep mine at the same length pretty much. I use THIS spray when my hair is wet to prevent breakage & I use this oil before I blow dry and after I blow dry... and finally I use THIS heat protectant. Using a heat protectant is KEY. I dry and curl my hair so I have to really take care of it so it doesn’t break off.

I also take chewable Biotin from Target. 

#3. What Curling Iron or Wand Do You Use?

I love THIS curling iron. It’s my go-to... I like the wand also and have it in a few sizes but the curling iron gives me the curls you see in all of my photos. I use the 1” to get my daily curl.

#4. Tips For Growing out Hair

Aside from what I mentioned in #2... I have a few things I do..

1) Don’t use a blow dryer if you don’t have to..
2) Wash your hair less.
3) Do not curl you hair if you don’t have to..
4) Use a mask!! I love THIS one. I use it 1-2x per week. Moisturize those ends!!!
5) Invest in your hair. Don’t use cheap products.
6) Don’t wear your hair in a pony tail too much. I only use scrunchies - unless I’m actually wanting to style my hair in a cute pony. I like THESE silk ones best.  You will break your hair and wear it down if you use a ponytail too much!

 #5. How Do You Make Your Curls Stay?

1) Using a good heat protectant will lock in your curls. (invest in a good one)
2) Find a hairspray you like. I only use THIS one.
3) Sleep with your hair in a loose bun w/a scrunchy. (do not make it tight or it will crease!)
4) Get THIS pillowcase. I have THREE of these bc they are essentials for me. They are game changers!
5) My curling iron is why mine last so long I think... it gets very hot and the curls last for days.

#6. How Do You Get Volume?

This is a good question because there are a few things I have to do to keep volume... 

1) My hair is very thick so I cut really short layers into it. Not only does this give me volume but it makes my hair less heavy and makes the curls bouncier. The shorter layers on top are not weighed down so when I tease my crown, it stays teased. I have to get my layers trimmed almost every 4-6 weeks!!! My layers grow so quickly. I know when I see that I’m losing volume that my top layers are too long.

Also, try volumizing sprays! THIS one is pricy but WORTH the money. Smells like a million dollars and gives your hair body and life! Also, I always travel with THIS product - same idea and concept but it’s a bit more affordable.


I’ll do a second part to this to answer more questions later on!

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  1. Thanks for this informative post! I love Oribe, their hair products are the only ones that really work wonders for me + Macadamia oil hair mask!

  2. Hiii !! you said you only use THIS hairspray, but its not linked!! Would you be able to do that please? LOVE YOUR HAIR


  3. You have the BEST hair!
    Now I think I need to get some scrunchies because I ALWAYS have my hair in a pony or bun when I'm working or working out and I'm worried now about the damage thats been going on from that. EEK!
    Thank you!

    xo, jess

  4. Thank you! I'm in the struggling process of getting my hair healthy to grow out so this helps a lot. Definitely checking out your heat protector!

  5. Great post :)

  6. You have hands down the most gorgeous hair!!


  7. Oh my goodness this is so great !! I cut my hair short 2 years ago and currently kept it short but ready to grow it back out again so a much healthier growth. :D

  8. Beautiful beautiful Hair!! going to use these tips.

  9. I need to work on not tying my hair so much and use something that's less harsh on my hair. Thanks for the tip!


  10. Yay Im so happy about this post! Thank you for sharing all your hair secrets :)
    XO Janina

  11. Very helpful. You did have a few spots where "THIS" wasn't a link otherwise loved the info!

  12. Such a great post, Emily! Your hair is one of the main reasons you're my biggest blogger crush!! I have the T3 wand on my wish list, can't wait until that baby is mine one day!
    xx Tess |Sequins are the New Black

  13. I would love to know how short your layers are?? Your hair is gorgeous!!

  14. What hairspray and scrunchies do you use? The link wasn't up there. Thanks for the post!!!

  15. I wanted long hair so I stopped with everything that had heat. It only took me about 2-3 months to grow 7-9 cm and now I´m so over having long hair that I´m gonna cut it of next week xD But really, if you want long hair that go under your boobies. Don´t use heat at all and it will grow like crazy. Wearing braids is very helpful as well :)

  16. Your hair is absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the tips, I definitely needed them.

    Marta -

  17. Your hair is truly ahhhmazing girl!!! <3

    xo Vanessa from

  18. I just wanted to say that your hair is amazing! Those same tips you gave for hair growth is the same thing that applies to us black girls—we're advised to use as less heat as possible if we want our hair to grow. It's interesting to see that the same applies to caucasian hair. :) I guess heat is not that great all round.
    But once again, your hair is gorgeous and I love your blog :)

    Mich x

  19. YAY I'm so excited you're doing this!! I'm currently trying to grow my hair out and I'm obsessed with your hair, it's beautiful!!

  20. You really do have some of the best hair I've ever seen. It always looks so healthy and full! I'm definitely going to have to use some of your tips. Pillow case ordered? Check!

  21. Great tips girly! Always love reading your stuff!! And your hair is amazing!!!-Amber

  22. Hi,
    Your hair is gorgeous. What hairspray do you use? It doesn't link. Thanks!

  23. I know you've been getting LOADS of compliments for your hair - but I couldn't help it but express how gorgeous it is!

    instagram: @biancamecastro

  24. Does anyone know what silk scrunchies she uses?? The link isn't there :/

  25. Could you link the silk scrunchies?!

  26. Hello, what hairspray do you use? and do you ever tease your hair??

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  28. What silk scrunchies do you use please?

  29. Hi! Love your blog! I have Bellami extensions and they have been tangling like crazy. Do you use the Alterna mask on them? Or is there another deep conditioner that you recommend for the extensions? Thanks so much!

  30. The dead cells are compressed to form a protein called keratin. home remedies for hair growth REJUVENIQE The hair shaft that we see is the keratin emerging from the scalp.


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