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What I Wore Traveling Home From Paris + 10 Tips For Long Flights

SWEATSHIRT: Adidas | LEGGINGS: Zella (I have 3 pair - the best leggings!) | TENNIS SHOES: Nike (size UP, these run small!) | TOTE: Louis Vuitton Nevderful GM (used HERE) | LUGGAGE: Louis Vuitton Horizon 55 (used HERE or how cute is this baby pink carry on?) | BASEBALL CAP: BP (I wear this hat ALL the time!) | EARRINGS: Nadri | BLANKET SCARF: Love Always | JACKET: purchased in Paris (similar HERE & HERE)

Okay! During our trip to Paris I was hit with SO many questions about our trip - how I endure the long flights, how we schedule flights, how I traveled pregnant & sick, etc. so I thought I’d share 10 of my personal tips for long flights as well as answer those questions!

10 Tips For Long Flights

#1 & #2: Be A Strategic Packer
John and I were very thorough with our packing. For example, we used little jewelry bags (i.e. those little Yurman or Baublebar bags) and stored our headphones in those separately so they’d be easy to grab and not get tangled. My carry on always goes over head, so I keep everything I’ll need for the flight in my tote bag. Inside of my tote I had THESE face wipes (I sleep on flights so I don’t like to have makeup on), my nightly moisturizer & eye cream, this spray water for my skin, my passport/ticket, a blanket scarf (always take one as a blanket/pillow), my laptop, Tylenol PM, allergy meds, TUMS (pregnant girl probs), baby wipes/germ-killing wipes, travel size Kleenex, snacks/bottled water, etc. The list could go on but these are the things that I like to have near me. 

*Totes are WAY better than your typical purse, btw. The biggest the bag, the better. Just make sure it will fit under the seat. My LV is a GM and was perfect. I really like THIS tote for travel! Also, I’m dying over these marble looking carry ons!

#3 & #4: Buy The Right Flight
Okay, a few things belong under this category. If you can, take an overnight flight. We left Atlanta at 11:30PM so we took Tylenol PM and slept until we got to Paris. It was a 6-7hr flight there so it was perfect. When we landed we were excited to go explore so we felt rested enough. Also, we don’t buy flights in advance which is tough. Most of the time we buy our flights last minute due to my schedule and John’s residency schedule, we don’t have the luxury of being able to plan well... However, flights are so much cheaper if you do them in advance (everyone knows this). BUT, since I’ve been pregnant I’ve been on over 22 flights and I quickly learned that if it doesn’t break the bank, first class is worth every cent. My girlfriend justified it for me by saying “you are flying for two, don’t feel bad!” But it is so true. John and I had a flight in September where the plane was hot, we were in the back and I was against the window, and we were stuck on the tarmac for 30 minutes after landing, and I got very sick at my stomach and tears were rolling down my face. I felt trapped bc we weren’t allowed to get up and I just knew I was going to throw up at any point under those conditions. Anyway, after that I started trying to book flights earlier and buying first class if they weren’t crazily priced. Anyway - the point is, going to Paris was a long flight and we booked the flights two weeks in advance so first class was 11k (!!).. thats 22k for both of us. Luckily, we found a flight that preferred seating, which are closer to the front, with more room and space and those seats were not too much more than a regular seat. My point being, if you are flying overseas - spending an extra $100 is worth it (depending on your situation). 

#5 & #6: Wear The Right Clothing / Think Ahead
I’m not one to travel in PJs but I don’t think I could wear jeans on a 8hour long flight! (especially w/ how my jeans are fitting right now) For both flights, I wore leggings, and loose fitting tops/cardigans, and I always take my coat so I can use it as a pillow or blanket also. Also, SOCKS. I alway pack extra socks in my tote because I will usually take my shoes off and wear just my socks for most of the flight. Also, I wore jeans on the flight from Tulsa to Atlanta so I packed leggings in my carry on so that I could change before boarding the ATL-Paris flight. Basically, what I am saying is think through what you wear - you will for sure want to be comfortable!

#7. Pack Smart Accessories
John and I both used eye masks to sleep on the plane - they come in handy because people around you may have their lights on to read or maybe open their windows. Also, pack your own headphones! (PS these cute rose gold ones match my phone and tennis shoes!) We both have the new phone that requires special headphones but we knew the plane would require the old headphones to watch their movies so we packed both. If you are on that needs a pillow try THIS one, it attaches to your luggage so you don’t have to carry through airport. Oh, also - typically you can charge your phone on these flights, but we always take our Mophe or extra charger w/us!

#8. Entertainment
I always keep my laptop nearby in case I can’t sleep and want to work. We got lucky and had WIFI on our flights to and from Paris. I only used it for work on the way home however. But, many flights overseas don’t have WIFI so make sure you have entertainment downloaded and ready to go ahead of time. Personally, I download a few new books to my Kindle app on my iPhone before ever taking off. (I’ll share my good reads later - a ton of you have asked!) Or if you have movies or shows on your iPad or games on your phone, make sure they are DL’d and ready to go before takeoff. Okay, don’t judge me for this - but I packed Belly Buds. Honestly, I am not so sure if this babe could even hear during this point, but I bought Baby Mozart and played it for the baby the whole flight home. 

#9. Plan Accordingly
Going into Paris, we didn’t have to fill out any forms but every time I go into another country, I typically have to fill out those forms on arrival. I always try to keep a blue or black pen in my purse to fill that out and keep my passport and ticket nearby as well. I hate getting off the plane and having to search for a pen and being the last to go through customs because I wasn’t prepared! 

#10. SNACKS (John’s tip!!) 
For the last one, I asked John and he goes “either Snacks or Tylenol PM”. He makes a good point though, I don’t love airplane food so I was glad we had snacks of our own and extra water. From my point of view, chugging water on a flight is great because it will help your skin tremendously! I loathe having to get up on the plane to use the restroom but John said it’s smart to drink a lot of water because it requires you to get up and walk around and move a little. I am glad he mentioned this because I’ve had some back issues with this pregnancy and I think getting up and stretching and standing to wait on the restroom helped a lot.

Phew! Ok - that’s it! I hope this is helpful for you all! Let me know your tips below in the comments!

And I’m sorry this is so long! 


  1. Dont apologize for it being long, its always helpful to know someone else's tips for travel! I'm with you on the entertainment, I can't tell you how many movies I purchased but forgot to download on my laptop and I couldn't watch it because the plane didnt have wifi! Wah!

    Xo, Nina
    Law of Fashion Blog

  2. We're doing London and Paris next year and that's the longest flight I will have ever been on! Definitely taking your advice!

  3. Love reading peoples travel tips!!!! These are great - will definitely be using in the future. Looks like I have to start planning a trip to Paris :)

  4. Hi! I was just wondering what nighttime moisturizer and eye cream you use? I seem to always have the problem of dark circles under my eyes

  5. Fantastic post, Emily. We're heading from South Africa to Hong Kong, to San Fran and then LA all in three weeks so I'll definitely be making use of some of these great tips!

    Arum Lilea

  6. Love when you do long posts! Not sure I'll ever make it to Paris, but I love reading about your tips and hearing all yours and John's adventures! Thank you for sharing your world with us!

  7. These are great tips! My husband and I also went recently went to Paris & I fought to get an aisle seat so that I could get up and walk around. It really helps with circulation which is important during pregnancy.

  8. Awesome tips!! I recently went on a flight from Newark to Mumbai (Direct flight about 15 hours) and upgrading your seat is soooo worth it!! Loving all the travel tips.


  9. You look so gorgeous! Snacks are for sure a must <3

  10. Love your style!

  11. A comfy outfit is a must for long flights! You look stunning Emily!


  12. I'm obsessed with this Adidas sweatshirt, love this.


  13. Great tips! And, love those rose gold sneakers.

    Lauren xo // The Right to Remain Fabulous

  14. Love your sneakers! Thanks for sharing your advice.

    Nicky Zeeb xx

  15. Obsessed with the sneakers! Lots of great tips!



    A Queen City Girl

  16. Obsessed with this Adidas sweater! Looks so comfy :)
    XO Janina

  17. This is good basic advice for just about any flight. I have also found that packaging my small electronics (e.g. kindle, ipod, headphones) together in a zipped tote or bag that I can pull out easily from my carry on (in case the overhead is full and I have to either gate check or put my bag way from my seat) is a convenience. And I package my dry snacks that I might want during the flight in a zip lock so I can put that in the seat pocket in front of me without having to fish around for them in a a bag during the flight when I’m buckled in.

    Kim -

  18. Loving this, such fab tips! x

  19. These are great tips thanks for sharing! Paris is such a beautiful city.

    Xx, Fatima

  20. Great recommendations, Emily! First off I'm drooling over that marble suitcase and love those sneaks (I just bought them myself a few weeks ago and had to change sizes up almost 2 sizes up they run SOOO small!!) Love this post and hope you're feeling well <3
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  21. Looooove your rose gold shoes! I hope they're re-stocked soon! They'd be such a great Christmas gift!

    Brooke du jour

  22. Love your hair!

  23. Thank you so much for this post and for everything you do Emily! This was so helpful because I will be flying next month and it's been a few years since I've flown and I tend to get pretty anxious so these tips are great! I've been following your blog from the very beginning and I am thrilled for you and John with the news of your pregnancy! Congratulations ��!

    I also entered the giveaway for the monogram necklace. I don't think I've ever been so excited for a giveaway before! I have wanted that necklace for years, but just can't bring myself to buy it because we are building a house and now Christmas is around the corner again, so thank you so much for doing the giveaway and for everything you do!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ❤️

    Katelyn Childers

  24. I love your outfit and I so agree with the last point. SNACKS ARE EVERYTHING!
    - Charmaine

  25. Great tips Emily!

  26. Yes! Thank you for this! I'm so excited to head overseas for the first time in March! This blog post helps me out so much!

  27. This outfit is perfect for a long haul flight, big fan of your matching bags and passport holder haha X

  28. like your way of travelling.


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