Since our Maui trip, I’ve had so so so many skin issues! I literally have tried a gazillion products (moisturizers, foundations, serums, oils, etc.) trying to ‘fix’ my skin. They say when you are pregnant with a boy you will ‘glow’ (insert eye roll emoji) and have better skin. Sadly, I’ve had mainly more ‘girl’ symptoms (acne, dryness, etc.). My skin has been a living nightmare some weeks during the 2/3 trimester. I think the long flight(s) to Maui are what did it in (or change in climate). I drink water like it is going out of style so I know that is not part of my issue! BUT, the great news is that I finally found a combo of products that really work well with my skin and I’m just praying they continue ‘working’ until baby time.

The Sweetest Thing has been partly a ‘beauty blog’ since the get-go really, mainly because I’m a product junkie and spend wayyyyyy too much time in Sephora/Ulta. I thought I’d do something a little different today and kind of share a huge round up of beauty products that I’ve picked up and have been testing the past few weeks. Yesterday, I went to Sephora and had to return like $250 worth of products. :/ Since February I have found several amazing products that I love and use daily & also a ton I didn’t love. {I can do a hits and misses post on that later?!} Anyway, I wanted to touch on something really quick before I jump in – I’m working on categorizing ALL blog posts so that you can easily find them by using the ‘beauty’ tab above or on the sidebar! SO if you are looking for something hair related or makeup related, make sure you use that tab above and it should be pretty easily to navigate around and find what you are looking for.. 🙂 Okay let’s jump in!

[I’m sharing everything I’ve purchased lately, including RE-purchases and a few items I didn’t like!]

^Isn’t my driver cute?!?? <3 {When I open the garage, he runs out bc he has figured out how to open the door so when he hears my car he goes into the garage until it opens. Then he jumps in while we unload stuff w/hopes of going somewhere with us!!!}

^My flats are available HERE. I wear them so much – half of the time they don’t match! They are just so easy to slip on!

^The acrylic tray is available HERE. This thing is amazing if you are like me and do your makeup in a different place everyday!  


ExfoliKATE Intensive Exfoliating Treatment: This has been a saving grace for my skin lately. I can do a full post on the products that saved my skin after Maui but this is definitely one of them! My friend Melissa (she’s a resident w/John) recommended it and I’m so glad.

Tata Harper Beautifying Oil: Oh-em-gee. Best stuff ever! I will seriously do a dedicated post on it later. But I recommend it – I tried 4 other oils before I found this one and this was hands down my favorite.

Radial Dragon’s Blood Eye Mask: I purchased these prior to our flight to Maui. I knew I’d need all the help I could get because of the time change. I thought these were good… they are made to hydrate, decrease puffiness, and brighten the under eye area. They are not too pricy considering you get 8 packs for $39. I think I will re-purchase these when I use them up. (and I’m sure I will after babe!)

Buddy Body Coffee Scrub: This is an all natural body scrub and I am obsessed!! I use it in the shower and it leaves me crazy soft and gets all of my fake tanner off!

First Aid Beauty Caffeine Matcha Make-Up Wipes: I am obsessed w/these. They literally wake up and tingle your skin but not in a bad way – it doesn’t hurt or anything. They feel SO good and I use them in the AM before I get ready!

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream: One of my YouTuber friends told me to try this when she saw me talking about my skin issues on Snapchat. It is a little pricy but it’s a pretty large jar and I just use a little! So far it’s been my favorite moisturizer out of all of I have tried.


Dior Diorskin Forever Perfect Foundation: I saw this on Jaclyn Hill’s last couple of YT videos and she totally sold me on it. It’s supposed to be long wearing, full coverage, matte, with special technology to hide pores (oh hiiii!!). I tried it yesterday for the first time and I liked it okay – I am going to try it again today and see how it wears.

Tom Ford Bronzing Primer: I purchased this in Dallas a few weeks ago and have really loved it. Not sure I would pay $70+ for it again, but I think it will be great for this summer. I don’t expose my face to the sun and I also don’t fake tan my face so I need all the help I can get to bring some life into my face. I use it before foundation just to give my skin some glow and boost the color.

Charlotte Tilbury Blush: A long time favorite of mine – I got a new color, Love Glow.

Charlotte Tilbury Mascara: This was a re-purchase – this is my favorite mascara the past 6 months.

Smashbox Under-Eye CC Cream: This was a re-purchase. I’ve loved this stuff for years now and it kind of slipped off my radar the past few months. Now that I have it back I remember why I love it so much! It wears SO well and doesn’t crease or crack or dry up.

Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lip Gloss: I purchased this in Dallas a few weeks ago and have been obsessed! So I ordered a second color! My favorites are ‘tawny pink’ and ‘naked’. It leaves your lips crazy shiny  – I get SO many questions and compliments ab it when I wear it!

Bare Minerals Matte Lipcolor: omg(!!) Easily my FAVE matte lip color out right now. This formula is too good. I have been wear ‘Om’ a lot lately. If you love matte lips, try this!!! It isn’t drying or anything.

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder: This is a re-purchase for me. I’ve used it for years and the past few months I tried out the RCMA powder but I’ve noticed it is a little too drying for me, so I went back to this one. This is the ONLY powder I use on my face – it sets my makeup beautifully.

Make Up Forever Bronzer: This was a re-purchased but sadly enough, I don’t love it compared to my other bronzers. I think I’ll be returning this one.

Anastasia Brow Pomade: Another re-purchase. This is hands down my FAVE eyebrow product. I love this stuff os much!

Tom Ford Bronzer Brush: This isn’t new – but I thought I’d share bc I love this brush so much!

Chanel Blush Brush: I had to re-purchase this bc I’d used and washed my other one like crazy and it started sounding rattly. lol. I use this for all blush application – but is can be good for foundation application as well!

Sigma’s 3DHD Blender c/o: I love their new sponge – it is perfect of setting under eyes and contouring! AND for foundation application.


Dyson Blow Dryer (let me know if you want a review in the comments!!!)

YSL Black Opium Perfume: I love this perfume – I switch between this one and this one!

Living Proof Thickening Mousse: You guys know I love their Dry Shampoo and their texturizing spray. They smell amazing and work really well! I had to give the thickening mousse a try – I will report back!

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58 thoughts on “Coming Shopping With Me! [Beauty Product Edition]

  1. Hi! Im also pregnant and struggling big time with my skin. so do you not use any acne products to “dry up” the breakouts? Ive researched left and right for what’s “safe” to use for acne while pregnant and am somewhat lost on what to get. any recommendations for this would be awesome! I’m ordering the exfolikate right now though!

    1. I don’t really have any breakouts. Just a small blemish here and there that isn’t noticeable and only lasts a day or so. The reason my skin got so bad was bc it got very dry and looked lifeless!! It just looked porous and old! haha!

  2. Ooh I love beauty hauls! I really need to start using up the stuff that I already own though! I am interested in the beauty oil. Love that charlotte tilbury mascara too, and the blush!

  3. I own the dyson blow dryer now for a few months and it’s the best blow dryer… it drys my hair in 15’s amazing.. my hair comes out nice and silky and smooth and the best part is that I don’t sweat. it’s DEFINITELY a good invest in if you have long hair and want to literally cut the time in half. I’m curious to hear anybody else’s thoughts on it… xoxoxoxo

  4. Love thEse beauty round up posts! I am also A product junkie 🙂 I didnt know you could return things to sephora that you’ve tried!? This is life changIng!! My skin was a mess when i was preggers too!! Thanks for the post ❤❤


  6. WHERE DID YOU GET THE LIPSTICK STAND!! I am obsessed! Love this post! I always love product review posts.

  7. Please review the dyson!! i have been wanting to talk to someone who has tried it out! is it worth the money?

  8. i’m curious about the eye masks. I always find eye masks are hit or miss, but i love trying new ones. They’re great after long haul flights.

    and as for the hair dryer, I can’t imagine spending that much moneny on a hair dryer no matter how well it works hahahaha.

    have a good weekend!!

  9. Living proof iS good but you’ve gotta try the wella eImi root shoot. I got samples of both from ulta around the same time and the eImi Blew me away!

  10. yes id love a review on the dyson. probably never spend that much on a hair dryer.. but loved to her you’re thoughts.

  11. I would love a review on your dyson blow dryer! Ive been thinking about getting it, but because of the cost, id really like to make sure its worth it. Id love to hear your thoughts! Thank you!


  13. Loving the new site look, pretty! also, i’m obsessed with the matcha wipes, too. Really everything matcha! haha. and I would love to know your thoughts on the dyson dryer – i’ve been thinking of purchasing but it’s pricey, so i need to see some love for it first lol.

  14. Definitely would love to hear back on the dyson blow dryer!! Ive been trying to decide to buy a t3 dryer but im not sure so i would love To here back! Also would love this Same kind of post with hair products too!!

  15. Please do that review! i have read really good and bad things. i don’t trust the reviews on the store websites, but i trust you!


  16. Hi emily!!

    Can you please review the dyson?!
    I have been wanting to buy, but want to know if its worth the money.

    since you have so much hair, your review would be the deal breaker:)

    Thank you so much!!

  17. I love this post, and your blog!! a couple of months ago I decided to start my own blog, Ive been inspired so much by your blog. I am not too far from you, northeast texas, so i enjoy shopping in dallas as well. I especially want to try that coffee scrub. Thanks for posting these.

  18. Cannot wait for the follow ups for these products!!! yes, please do a review on the dyson hair dryer. I’ve been wondering if it’s worth the investment.

  19. Emily,

    Please review Dyson hairdryer! IM in hot flash h*ll! I Need faster and cooler alternative to blow drying. Im sorry this is typing in Caps! You look beautiful, hope you feel as good as you look! thank you for the blog- I really enjoy it.

    sincerely, Jyll

  20. I would love a review on the Dyson hairdryer! It has been sitting in my Ulta cart for months and I have not been able to make up my mind if it is worth the purchase.

    1. It is a hard trigger to pull… I have tried to use it twice and got too tired! HA! I am going to review it before and AFTER baby. I’ll keep you guys informed!

  21. I would love for you to do a review on the dyson blowdryer!! do you love it?? we have the vaccum & It makes me like to clean- so thats pretty amazing! but $400 for a blowdryer seems a little steep!