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Last week I did a casual look with a few of my favorite basics and a new handbag [SEE POST HERE]  and asked if you all would like a dedicated post to a review on this handbag. I don’t do many handbag review posts but I get asked for them on a regular occasion so I decided to just do it! I received so many comments and e-mails from tons of you with a ‘yes! Review the bag!’ so it was clear I just had to do it! I actually really enjoyed doing this so I would be totally up for doing it again if you all have a specific bag in mind you’d like to see me review or compare. [I compared my LV Neverfull sizes/Goyard on here before!]

Okay so really quick – this handbag is called the Marignan Messenger. I got it as soon as it was put on the shelves at Louis Vuitton a couple of weeks back and I literally carry it ALL the time! I am probably going to get on your nerves w/ how often I carry it – but I love the nude [sesame] color on it & the olive strap. I also adore the very vintage look of it with the dark brown handle & lock! I think the first thing that grabbed my attention was that it had a vintage-esque look since the top handle is rounded and dark – unlike most of their bags. Not to mention, the gold, chunky lock which is actually magnetic and makes it easy to get into the bag and also closes easily.

It can be carried with or without the long strap which is nice, though I tend to always leave the strap attached just because I like the option.

A couple of years ago, I purchased a Pochette Metis [featured compared to this bag in the photos^].  At the time, the bag was being discontinued and no one really carried it – especially bloggers. I loved it because it was different and I also loved the cross body. As soon as I got it in the mail, I carried it SO much w/everything – casually, dressy, & even to Disneyland! Louis Vuitton ended up bringing it back – though there tends to be a waiting list sometimes so I do see it more frequently now. When I was purchasing this one, it crossed my mind that the bags were  too similar but I really wanted something that was different since the Metis is so popular now. I actually prefer the Messenger because as you can see it is larger & suits my body well & I just like to have something different! I am almost 5’7 & wear a 27 in jeans if that helps you get an idea. I don’t think super small bags look great on my frame but I adore this size. The only thing that I like better about the Pochette Metis is that it does look better with less casual looks – as in –  I don’t think I’d take the Messenger to Disneyland. 🙂

As a mom, I adore this bag simply because it is great for my wallet, phone, keys, diapers/wipes/paci, & still has some room for extra. When I am out and about with Luke alone, it is easiest to just have something cross body that I do not have to think about or worry about so that I can carry him and quickly grab something out!

Okay! I hope that covers it all – if you have specific questions let me know in the comments and I’ll come back and answer them or update them in this post! 🙂 We are in Norman, OK today for a fun work event and then have to drive to Dallas! 🙂

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34 thoughts on “New Louis Vuitton Bag Review / Comparison


  2. Love this review! Side note, where is this hot pink chair from?! i am in love. i looked through your “home” tab and wasnt able to find it so i apologize if you already answered this

  3. I LOVE this bag! I saw it when i was at the north park mall, right before i went up to the neiman’s lv. I took some pics on my phone and loved how it looked on my frame compared to the pochette metis.

    you give great advice, Emily. i totally agree each person should think about their height, etc. when purchasing bags.

    great review!

  4. Great post! I love a really great, unbiased review and this one is totally that. The bag looks amazing but to really hear about what it’s like to style and wear is super helpful. I really love it and it might just be on my shopping list too after reading this!

    Stumped by a midweek dinner invite? Your easy desk to drinks outfit formula is right here…Blush & Bordeaux

  5. Can you also review the prada first column third DoWn. Im a mom on the go looking for something to fit a few nesessities!

  6. Hi emily,

    I was wAtching your instastory, i saw luke was in a suPer cute Blue airplane sleeper. My husband and i just had a little one and he is a pilot. I would love to get this for our little one. Could you tell me where to got it. Thank you. -andra

  7. Love this bag! Its sooo unUsuall and stylish! LOve the bag rEviews as im obSessed with bags myself!! Can ypu review ur Ysl collection. And please please please do a wHats in my bag post or video!! Xxx

  8. Thanks for doing this review, super helpful as I go to pick out my next bag purchase. I’m curious, seeing as you have a large purse collection, which one is your all-time favorite, a must get?

  9. I love the handbag but alsp love the furnishings in your room shown . Could yoh tell me where yoh got the rug , shelving , stool . Im planning ti re-do my dressing room
    Thank you! And ive loved your blog … you have amazing style

  10. Great review. very insightful. would you kindly create a blog post regarding the bags you sold and why. i watch youtube videos about it so many times but after seeing your bag review which i find refreshing and different, i hope you can give your opinion on the different bags you’ve sold.

    thank you!

    1. I just sold them because I wasn’t getting enough use out of them! I always love the handbags I purchase but if I notice they aren’t getting much use I just can’t justify keeping!!

  11. Hi Emily,

    I love this bag and I’m happy you did a review on it. i have the metis and you are so right…i never used to see the metis on anyone and now it seems as if i see it everywhere.

    p.s. luke is absolutely a doll!!

  12. I am considering purchasing this as my next LV. Love the brand too! How heavy is it? I have 3 “lukes” and I can’t handle their things a crossbody that’s too heavy. Great review. Thanks!