Before I get started, I wanted to explain that I am breaking this up into two separate blog posts all about beauty (hair, skincare, & makeup). The other half will be up on Wednesday! The past few weeks, I have had question after question (even more than usual) regarding makeup I’m wearing in my IGstories/blog photos as well as how I care for my skin + tons of hair questions. It can be confusing because I have more than one favorite foundation, more than one favorite highlighter, etc. so I am kind of going to break it all down for you today. I’ll talk about everything you see in the photos above & why I love it & how I use it! Lets get started..


I did an Insta-story post in early February showing how I use my interchangeable curling iron/wand to add voluminous, loose waves to my hair. It ended up turning into a full out blog post, HERE. If you don’t want to watch it or just want the quick version, I will link the products I use below:

Convertible Base [for curling iron/wand]

Wand [used in this post is the 1”]

Texture Spray

Volume Powder [warning: super powerful, use lightly!]

Heat Protectant

Shine Spray

Shine Oil [not photographed but what I use to get shine & smoother hair- in general it is SO good for your hair’s health!]


I have a full nighttime skincare [updated!] post HERE that covers some REALLY important products. I have found a few products the past 6-9 months that have dramatically improved my skin making it SO much better. One product is SO amazing [here] that if I go a couple of nights w/o it, I can tell a difference. My mom comes to town a couple of weekends each month and a couple of  weeks ago she came into my room one morning and I go “Mom!! Your skin is looking so good – what are you doing?!” and she was like “oh well I used stuff in your bathroom when you guys left last night!” and I was like “okay, show me!!” And of course it was this balm. It is sticky so it isn’t ideal for sleeping but I promise it is worth it. If you skin needs a hydration boost and you’d like to see it softer & plumper, this is a game changer. Makeup goes on much smoother and your face is ‘fuller’ in a way! I swear by products that say “plumping” because I like for my skin to be full as opposed to wrinkly or hollow, you know?! Anyway, all of that to say that I overnighted another jar of that stuff on Thursday because my mom was coming to town to help me with work so I had have a gift ready – she freaked out!

AT-HOME MICRONEEDLING TOOL: I use 4 nights per week lately – essential for getting that plumping affect.

JADE ROLLER: Not fully essential, I just find that it feels good and it tightens pores & reduces puffiness.

SUPERMODEL BODY GLOW: I love this for when we are somewhere warm & I’m showing more skin, it gives me a slight shimmer & looks so good on legs! Also it has a metal roller in it that de-puffs & cools. It is not something I’d say is a holy grail product, but if you are looking for a way to make your legs, chest look super pretty and glowy, this is so so good!

SUGAR COCONUT HYDRATING BODY BUTTER: Okay, this was a splurge really – considering you can get body butters anywhere for under $10 and this one is $26. However, it is really, really good and I will re-purchase. My skin is so dry in the winter & I spray tan a lot so I have to have body butters/lotions that truly work. I also prefer a really good fragrance as well since I typically sleep in them & I’m crazy about smells!! [Fun fact: I use a certain detergent for Luke’s clothing & our sheets/towels because I’m so weird about things smelling good!


UD LIPSTICK: I wear this in the shade ‘Stark Naked’ regularly – like every day since I got it! It is just a great everyday shade, really!

ABH LIPGLOSS: I have been wearing this gloss for 2-3 years now. The shade ‘UNDRESSED’ is my favorite because it looks good alone & looks good on top of other colors. The scent is SO good and considering this is a gloss – it actually wears pretty long term! I tend to wear it most days.

YSL LIQUID LIP BALM: Okay, first things first – this stuff smells dreammyyyyy!! It’s a medium coverage color in the sense that it doesn’t really show up as dramatically as another gloss. It feels so good on & actually works to moisturize your lips. Now, I do love it – but I wouldn’t recommend saving up to purchase it – if that is the case. I don’t find that it wheres very long term which is why I am not so sure it’s worth every dime. However, if you are really into a fresh, light look for summer – you may love this. You can wear it alone and it gives a beautiful shine & smells/feels amazing! I only wear it on lighter days when I am just running errands and want to have a little color / keep my lips moisturized. Its ideal for a vacation week or pool day!

YSL ALL-IN-ONE GLOW FOUNDATION: You guys know I’m go hard or go home w/foundations – its either full coverage or nothing!! However, as a mom, that has changed a little. I find myself having to run errands, get on calls, go to appointments, etc. all while having Luke in tow. If I know I’m going to have a busy day but I don’t want to full out get ready I use this foundation & set it w/powder and add a touch of bronzer. It’s just a quick and easy way to cover my pigmentation & even out my skin tone w/o going full glam, lol! I took it to Laguna beach, but typically I don’t travel w/it – so if you like full coverage this may not be your favorite thing. I just like it for lighter days. Not going to say its a ‘holy grail’ on the daily, lol.

CT HIGHLIGHT WAND: I’ve mentioned this on here a few times but this stuff is bomb.com! SO good, I don’t love the contouring so much but I adore the highlighting version!! I am on my second bottle and I try to use it lightly to make it last longer. I actually sweep a highlighting brush over the top and apply w/my own highlighting brush. It gives the most beautiful, wet glow! It’s a color that I think would compliment any skin tone as well.

CAUDALIE BEAUTY ELIXIR: Oh. em. Gee!!! I used this stuff a few years ago in a travel bottle and tried to savor every last bit of it – because it is insanely refreshing and looks/feels/SMELLS soo good! It’s a little on the ‘boujee’ side – in my opinion but I caved and finally bought a large bottle. It’s called and ‘anti-dullness complexion treatment’ [+ for men- based on the Nordstrom site] BUT!! I don’t use it for that purpose. I use it before I apply makeup and during and after I apply makeup. It tightens the appearance of pores, makes your makeup look smoother, & hydrates. I found out about it years ago because many celeb makeup artists swear by it so I caved and purchased a small bottle. If you are sticking with a budget, I’d just go with a Fix+ by MAC, it is so good also but I like the variation and mixing it up. I also really enjoy the scent of the Caudal one simply because it’s very minty!

LA MER ‘THE POWDER”: Okay, speaking of boujee… :/ I was mortified to buy this but my skin is on the dry side & I like it to look glowy – but matte. I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense but I don’t like full out dewy or full out matte just because of my pores/scarring. I caved and randomly purchased this because I’d heard some great things – and unfortunately I loved it from the start!! I was doing an IGstory about a new foundation I tried last week and I posted the ‘after’ video and got question after question about what setting powder I used – and it was this one! It leaves your skin super smooth / light / glowy. It’s just gorgeous – and obviously expensive. I’m not really a La Mer lover – I’ve found products that are cheaper and work much better so I can’t say I’m all about the brand! But I do love this powder. I wish it weren’t so heavy however – it is not easy to travel with since its a clunky, glass jar.

ARMANI POWER FABRIC: If you’ve been following my beauty posts the past 8 months – you know this foundation is my legit holy grail. Holy. Cow. Every single one of my close friends uses this now! My lash girl borrowed mine for an event and when I went in for a fill she goes “Emily! That foundation!!!” And I was like “I know, it’s worth every cent right?!” And she goes “it is so so good!”. What is crazy is that I have friends w/ all different skin types and they all love this foundation. My aunt Joyce who is 74 uses it, my mom, Elle’s mom, and then Elle (24) uses it and so do a lot of my friends my age. It’s SO good. I have another full coverage foundation that is great but I am going to save it for Wednesday’s post.

LORAC BRONZER: I love love love this bronzer – I get it in the darker shades (best for when I am spray tanned!) and I love it because it starts subtle but it is buildable. Right now I have no spray tan on at all – I bathed twice and used this scrub and an exfoliating glove to get my remaining tan off. Lol, I am so pale w/o a tan that I am like – blue!! Anyway, my point is that this bronzer is awesome because it matches me when I am w/o a tan but I can build it up to a dark color that matches my spray tan. I’m Native American and when I go out in the sun I tan super quickly so as a child I was always ‘brown as a biscuit’ (my mom said that!) but I am not much for going out in the sun anymore.


Marble Makeup Bag ($19)

My cream crochet sweater

AG Jeans


Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring todays post.

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12 thoughts on “Recent Hair, Make-Up, & Skincare HOLY GRAIL Products

  1. I’ve heard good reviews on that CAUDALie product but wasn’t sure if i should buy or not. BUt now that i have your opinion on it i know I can definitely buy it aha ! and i feel lucky because for once the product is cheaper in my country because it’s from it, which usually doesn’t happen with makeup (sorry if i do mistakes but english is not my LANGUAGE, just a little FRENCHie who enjoys your blog and instagram so much 🙂

  2. A few days ago, YOU had on your instastory some boxes of make ups that had been sent to you and you were going to try them but as you went through them you noted a few that you loved. Can you list what those were again? I was wanting to go try a few- i remember there being a Loreal tinted something and highlighter? I dont remember exactly but I believe they were mostly lower end brands in the bunch. Thank you!!!

  3. Emily,

    I left a comment on your instagram about your curling iron you use. You replied back saying it was in stock. I was interested in getting the curling iron with the barrels not the wand and it is out of stock. Do you have any idea if it will ever be back in stock?

    Thank you so much!