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I seriously have SOO many new beauty products to talk about today – I actually had to narrow it down to just ‘make-up’ so this post is not too crazy long though. I did a poll last week on Twitter asking what you all would prefer for this post and the options were #1 Recent Beauty Favorites, #2 Best of Foundations, #3 Best of Bronzer, or #4 Skincare and the most popular was the ‘Recent Beauty Favorites’ SO here we are… I went to Nordstrom a few weeks ago and purchased a ton of new make-up and just recently placed an order online at Nordstrom and discovered more favorites! I also have a few items that I have boxed up to send back so I felt like this week was a good week to share some of the recent products that I am loving & using regularly.

#1. Jouer Blush Duo in ‘Coquette’ || These are BEAUTIFUL and very pigmented! I really like the packaging – especially for travel.

#2. Vita Liberata Body Blur || This stuff is SO good if you are looking for a way to make your legs look more tan & also more smooth! It’s almost like a ‘make-up’ for your legs, arms, chest, etc. but it isn’t heavy at all. It is light and just blends in perfectly. It just evens out your skin tone making it look super soft, smooth, & flawless. [It says it hides blemishes, too!] It just gives a beautiful, natural sun-kissed look!

#3 Le Labo Rose 31 Oil || You may remember in my last Recent Beauty Faves post I talked about how I purchased this perfume and ever since I shared the story ab it on my IG stories, I have had TONS of people tell me that they caved and purchased it also. I get TONS of compliments and my friends who spray it on are always texting me the next day like ‘I smell like you still!’.  Anyway, a girl who I’ve become friends with because she reads my blog also purchased it and was like “this is incredible!” and then a few weeks later she was like “okay I tried the oil and it is even better!”. SOO, I got the oil. :/ It is pricy so went back and forth deciding if I wanted to splurge but I caved. I actually really love it though because it is oil free and you can leave it in your handbag and just drop a few drops on your wrist and dab it on your neck, arms, etc. It is alcohol free which some people love but I like that it makes my skin feel softer! Overall though, I do find that the perfume does have the longer wearing power.

#4 Guerlain Primer || This is a little ‘boujee’ honestly. I have sampled it several times and never went back to purchase simply because it is not cheap! But each time I ask a person at Nordstrom or any beauty guru what the best primer is for dry, textured skin they recommend this one. It’s formulated to hydrate and smooth out the skin – and its one of the few that really does what it says it will do!

#5 MAC Fix+ Goldlite || This is not totally necessary but I was so excited to finally get my hands on this! I use Fix+ daily – and I use TONS of it. I probably go through a bottle per month! It is almost the same as the original formula but also helps the make-up to wear longer. I believe the claim is that it helps improve the wear of makeup for up to 12 hours! Since it does have the flecks inside of it, it helps give a radiant glow and illuminate your face!

#6 Smashbox Cali Contour Palette || This is the perfect contour kit if you are looking for a quick and easy way to contour after you’ve developed a tan this summer! I am ALL about some contour – and I try so many products and a lot of them never really impress me. I saw this one used on Casey Holmes channel twice and I finally got it. I have a hard time finding colors and shades that match my summer skin tone and this one is perfect. It has shades to contour, to bronze, to highlight, and a shade that I use to set my under-eye concealer. It is so perfect if you like to keep things simple or you travel a lot!

#7 Urban Decay Vitamin Infused Complexion Prepping Spray || I received this in PR and I already have so many sprays for setting and prepping that I didn’t try at first. And I was noticing that my skin was looking dull / drier than usual so I grabbed this and started using it and I LOVE it! It’s hydrating and feels SO good. It has lots of nourishing ingredients but also is an energizing formula so it just wakes you up and helps you feel fresh!

#8 Charlotte Tilbury Mascara || This is not new – but it kind of IS, lol. For some reason, it says Volume 2 now?! I used to be obsessed w/this product – her mascara was ALL I wore for a very long time. And then I tried a few new ones and here we are… back at square one! 🙂 I truly believe this is one of the best mascaras on the market – it is SO good. I am not sure why, but it seems like the Volume 2 is different – I feel like the product goes on a lot better now. But that could be all in my head.

#9 Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick in ‘Nude Kate’ || I’ve been debating about purchasing this shade of lipstick for a LOONNGGG time! I love her formulas SO much. I wear the KIM KW one – basically daily. I get so many compliments on it and all of my friends who wear it tell me the same thing. It’s pigmented and creamy and just looks beautiful. The KIM KW is a nude – but has more pink tone to it so I thought I’d try the Nude Kate and I love it!! Its more nude and skin like but I always use a liner with it to give some dimension.

#10 Bare Minerals Lip Gloss || This is not totally new – I have loved their glosses for a long time but I recently started using them again. I really like that they are full coverage glosses so they look good alone – but they also look good on your lipstick. They smell so amazing and are super shiny!


Do you all have any recent beauty faves for summer time?! I’m always up for trying new products! Let me know in the comments.

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24 thoughts on “10 New Holy Grail Beauty Products [Summer Time]

  1. The Body Blur is sooo good! I actually mix a tiny drop into my foundation to match my summer skin tone and give it a little extra boost. It’s so flattering and doesn’t mess up my skin at all. Also, love your headwrap! is it just a folded scarf?

  2. oh i love this post! i don’t have twitter, but i would have picked best foundations lol probably wouldn’t have won that one! but it’s okay.

    i am hearing great things about the smashbox contour kit too that you purchased. i don’t have a contour product/kit and just use a darker shade bronzer to contour. but once i am out of bronzer and powder, may just get this one or the other step-by-step contour palette by smashbox.

  3. My new favorite beauty find is the summer fridays jet Lag mask! I use it under my makeup and it is very hydrating

  4. I KNOWWW You’ve told us bEfore, but i cant find what the Name of your current nail Color is. Is it tHe dip powder? If so, what color!? Im obsessed. But i know when i got white before i Found id stain Them with my self tanner or founDatIon.

  5. Will you be doing a post about the microblading? It doesn’t even appear to have scabbed? I really want to do It too.

  6. Love ALl the new beauty products!!! But you didn’t say what the color of the lip gloss was or in your insta stories you showed a lipstick that you said was a new shade of the CT? but I didn’t find it on your blog today….. can you please share both?


  7. I tried the sand and sky australian pink Mask and its a total game changer for me! I don’t have a lot of aCne/ breakouts but it makes my skin so smooth and is the only thing that has made my pores on my nose smallEr, other than professional treaments.

  8. Hey Emily!
    my comment is more of a question. I’ve used nars concealer for a couple years now and like it, but feel like my skin is so used to it now. i don’t like what it looks like or the coverage anymore. i’ve tried changing what i set it with and same thing. i’m over it! lol is there a concealer that you just love and cant live with out?