Learn About FITZ GEMMA here. He is our new little angel pup!

Where do you live?
John & I moved to Tulsa, OK in June (of 2014) for his residency. Prior to that we were in Virginia for medical school. I am actually from Arkansas & he is from Columbus, OH.

Why/How/When did you start your blog?
In the spring of 2013, after receiving many questions about hair, makeup, clothing etc., The Sweetest Thing evolved into more of a beauty/style blog as I answered questions & filmed tutorials. I am from a very small town with no malls or great shopping nearby (and just 2 restaurants!) so I was not ever exposed to many learning opportunities that related to fashion or beauty. That being said, never in a million years did I dream that I'd be given the opportunity to share my interests in style, make-up, & what not. 

As for the beginning of blogging, I started during John's second year of medical school as a way to document what we were doing/wedding planning/etc while I was living so far away from my family. It was mainly for my Mom & Dad to read and see what we were up to.

What is your/John's education & background?
I have my Bachelors in Professional Sales/Marketing and my Masters in Business. I've been getting more & more questions about John's education lately, he went to an osteopathic medical school but is doing an allopathic residency (best of both worlds!). 

Where did you get your blog name from?
As I mentioned, this blog was started as an online diary for John & me... The Sweetest Thing is a U2 song that has the line "a blue eyed boy met a brown eyed girl, Oh! Oh! The Sweetest Thing." Not to mention I think John is the sweetest thing ever & I do love his blue eyes!

Who takes your photos?
John takes my photos! We are slowly but surely learning more and more about photography. Bear with us!

*Hair & Beauty FAQs on the Video/Beauty Tab
Because of the number of e-mails I receive about hair, makeup, jewelry, clothing, etc. I try to keep my blog very updated. The sidebars have the products I am asked about the most. I keep tutorials under the 'Videos' tab. And there's a "search" box if you are looking for something in particular just type in the brand or keyword and that should help you navigate.


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