What color is your hair?
I don't color my hair... yet. :)

What color extensions do you wear?
I wear Mochachino by Bellami Hair. (Code: emily5 will get your $5 off!)

What length extensions do you wear?
I switch - sometimes I wear the 22" and sometimes I wear the 20". There is a BIG difference for me. The 22" are very long & dramatic... the 20" blend into my hair perfectly. I have the 20" Lilly Hair.. which is ridiculously thick. I only clip in 2-3 wefts though - which makes my bottom layer thicker! 

Hair Care & More...
Visit the Video Tab to see videos of How I Curl My Hair, How I Care for my Hair, & More...

What foundation do you wear?
Currently I swear by this Chanel foundation. (ITS AMAZE.) I also love Mac's Studio Fix.

What mascara do you wear?
I currently wear Better Than Sex by Too Faced but I use a serum to keep my eyelashes long & thick.

Liner: Soar | Lipstick: Fleshpot | Gloss: Dior Maximizer 


  1. Lovin' these tutorials! You're a pro! I have never been able to master the sock bun but I may just give it another whirl ;)

  2. You should definitely do a post giving more details on what kinds of makeup you use- love the tutorial but I wanna know what you use!!

  3. What shampoo/conditioner do you use?

    1. I use L'Oreal's Sulfate Free Shampoo & Conditioner!

  4. I love your tutorials, they are simple methods for the every day, "untrained" girl to use! I officially use your curling, teasing, and bun method's now and they are so much simpler than what I was attempting before!

  5. You have THE most amazing hair ever! I think I asked this somewhere else but couldn't find the answer- do you have hair extensions? Or are you an angel?! It is gorgeous! I live in Dallas and am considering getting extensions again. If you have an opinion please post it here and I'll check back!

  6. I love that you asked the lady to shape your brows like Aria from PLL. I am 30 years old. I love PLL - in part because I always like to see how their hair and makeup are done. ;) And, I'm with you on the mascara. I think so many people would truly love their lashes if they learned to just put more on, and never miss the tips! :) Enjoyed your tutorial!

  7. what color are you in the channel concealer???

  8. Just read one of your updates about your chemical peel and had to see the pic! Would you recommend to anyone else? Where did you have yours done? I'm interested in getting one done because I do have some scaring from acne during high school (boo!) and was interested in getting your thoughts!

    Love your latest post lady!

    XO, Jessica

  9. That Kat Von De foundation is the holy grail of foundations. Love it.

    Guilty of Glitz

  10. I bought these extensions and absolutely love them! My hair is already long, so I use them to create fullness. Every time I wear them I get compliments <3


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