Baby Gemma Bumpdate #3 (FAQ about Residency / Pregnancy)

OUTFIT DETAILS: Tulip Hem Cardigan | Tank (only $12 – highly recommend) | Necklace | Similar Booties | Jeans (I always wore this similar pair pre-PG.) | Watch | My gloss is “Naked”.

(I made John get in on a selfie last week bc it was National Doctor’s Day!)

I can’t believe this is my last bump date! Woohoo! Spring is here and Baby Gemma’s debut is right around the corner. John and I could not be more excited about this precious baby – we just talk about him non-stop! You guys know we have Fitz on a pedestal so we constantly talk about what Fitz is going to do with Baby Gemma. Will he be protective? Will he be jealous? LOL. So funny. And every night we talk about what this baby will be like – will he be like John or me [please Lord let him be like John!!]. John and I were both great babies and kids, I was the dry, serious, but funny type of child and John was just sweet and low maintenance. The world needs more (kind people) like John so I’m just praying he will be like John. 🙂

Anyway, I’m breaking this up into categories since I have a LOT to cover and don’t really know where to begin..


If you’ve read my other two bumpdates, you may know I’m hesitant to be super ‘real’ about how I am actually feeling for a couple of reasons. Basically, I don’t want anything to be confused as a complaint. I consider myself so fortunate and blessed to be able to experience pregnancy. However, I will say that I also love when people are honest and real about pregnancy. I have not had an ‘easy’ pregnancy per se, and I naturally compare myself to my friends- and almost all of them have had or are having only the basic pregnancy symptoms like nausea in the beginning or a few aches and pains here and there. Anyway, there were times where I was nervous to admit how sick I was or how much pain I am in because I know that not many can relate (two of my girlfriends have been a saving grace!). Luckily, as we go to each doctor’s appt. a lot of it has started making sense, which I will explain now. SO, you may remember Bumpdate #2, I was throwing up 5/7 days a week… that went on for about 3 months. I was having very severe heartburn – to the point of tears daily. I’ve always had acid reflux but this didn’t even compare! The heartburn caused me to throw up quite a bit just bc of the acid building up. It was horrific! Luckily, John finally put it all together and realized I have GERD and tried out some medicines on me and one worked phenomenally. [Because I get asked a lot: I don’t share any of medications bc I don’t want to put anyone at risk – if you have this issue, definitely ask your Doctor! My Dr. gave us the thumbs up on the medication that worked!] Soooooo, the medication worked well and I had some relief for about 4-5 weeks. It was the only time during my pregnancy that I felt normal, aside from fatigue/typical symptoms. Unfortunately, once the baby started getting really big, the heartburn got worse again. It was as if the medicine couldn’t compete with the baby’s size, lol! I wake up at least 2x per night sick at my stomach/chest because the medication has worn off. Luckily, I can chew a Tums and get temporary relief so that I can fall back asleep for a couple of hours. Also, now that I am nearing the end of the pregnancy and the baby is huge, I am throwing up again because of the acid building up. It isn’t fun but I know that is just a sign that it’s almost over so I don’t mind it!

Also, the baby has been measuring anywhere between 2-4 weeks ahead based on his size. 😮 Honestly, I kept thinking that maybe he would slow down in growth as we neared birth, but so far he hasn’t. Each appointment we leave in shock when we are told his estimated weight. However, it makes a lot of sense because I have lots of rib, back, and pelvic issues. The rib issues are probably the worst. My entire rib cage at this point is completely numb, in fact I can touch my skin and not even feel it. I can’t sit on bleachers or on a wooden/hard chair for more than a few minutes. Just riding in the car for 5-6 miles is bad. I have to do lots of standing and walking to get some relief. Right now as I am blogging this- I have to stand up and walk in between each paragraph I type. This started around week 28 and progressively got worse. I mentioned it to my friend who had a 9.5lb baby and she explained that it is normal for the pain to be excessive when the baby is so large.

There are a few other things going on but I don’t know if they are worth mentioning because they aren’t as rare, but I will say restless leg is NO joke!! I even have it in my right arm. If I get tired in the least my legs start jerking around randomly. I feel for the women who have to deal with that the entire pregnancy. It is really annoying! Poor John is always getting kicked at night!  But that’s the least of my issues right now.

Overall, feeling-wise, I am lucky that I have a demanding job because it keeps me so busy that I don’t get a lot of time to think about it or dwell on it. I literally schedule each day of the week so that I have SO much to do that I don’t get the chance to sit down and let any of this bug me. That’s my one piece of advice if you are super sick or having issues – just try to stay really busy and power through it. It also makes time go by much more quickly. Also, another piece of advise: baths! Oh-my-goodness! I take one EVERY single night. No matter what. Usually around 5pm, my rib pain will be at its worst and I just force myself to finish up my work so I can take a bath! Baths are like my reward for a long day! They take all of the pressure off your body and give me complete relief.


As I mentioned before, this baby is measuring way ahead based on estimates. At around the 20wk mark an US tech said “I don’t think your due date is right, this is a big baby!” and then each appointment after that he continued to shock everyone with his weight estimates. It wasn’t until around 30wks that I started believing the estimates more because my body was feeling all of his weight. 😮 John and I make a bet before each appointment and it is really funny because I always win! At one of the last appts. the baby was supposed to be around 4-4.5lbs. So John bet that he weighed 5lbs or less and I bet he weighed more than 5lbs. He was almost 6lbs! The PA knew about our bet and giggled – she was like “Mom is right on this one!”. Our doctor usually does the US but I love his PA so she comes in too. She is really sweet and takes a ton of 4D pix for us to have!

Other than that, everything looks great thus far. Baby Gemma is a chunky little thing with big cheeks which crack me up! According to his US pix, he has my nose, plumpy lips, and a little bit of hair. I’m guessing he will resemble John based on the hair part. When my mom was delivering me, her doctor’s first words were “we gotta get this baby to the barber shop!” because I had a head full of thick, black hair! So I am thinking this babe doesn’t have my hair gene – unless it grows in soon! He moves a TON. I’m talking anytime I sit down, he starts jumping around and moving! He’s primarily on the right side of my body so I constantly feel his feet and legs and arms moving and I can see them sticking out, right under my rib cage. Everyone says it is painful and no fun when they move and kick your ribs at the end, but I personally love it! It doesn’t really hurt me at all, but that could be because I’m used to the other stuff I mentioned. Sometimes I catch myself smiling or laughing at him already – just wondering what he is doing in there! I can’t wait to hold him!

Last night not least, I have received a lot of ?s and comments about the fibroids I mentioned on Snapchat. If you aren’t aware, fibroids are benign tumors. My doctor saw them at my 8wk appt. He literally brushed it off like it was nothing, and so did John. It wasn’t until my 20wk appointment that I started getting nervous because one of the tumors had already grown to be 2” around! There are a few of them – and they grow with hormones. Right now, they are fairly big. The one that you can see and feel from the outside is about 2-2.5” and looks large from the outside. I’m sure the others are way larger by now if they were 2” a few months back. They haven’t really been painful until the past 2 weeks. I think the combo of the baby being potentially large AND the multiple fibroids being a good size are just starting to take a toll comfort wise. My PA told me that some women have 6” round ones and that makes them absolutely miserable. BUT, the great news is that they aren’t harming the baby or making him uncomfortable. I kept feeling so guilty – like that poor baby has to share a room with big, hard tumors! But everyone says it probably isn’t hurting him – it is like he has a twin!


John has 3 more months left of residency! Woohoo! He will finish residency, study for boards, then start his job. It will be a whirlwind spring and summer for us. Residency has what I call ‘good’ and ‘bad’ rotations… as an intern they are all bad! Intern year was tough- hence why we waited until the end of residency to have children. Anyway, John had two bad rotations left – one was ICU which he finished last month. Now he is on another ‘bad’ rotation. By bad, I just mean it is 6 days a week and he leaves the house at 530am and gets home around 7pm. When he comes home, he is usually mentally and physically exhausted which is understandable. It just means we have to manage our time really well and I’ve learned to be very, very independent. I did the nursery on my own – with exception of him hanging a couple of things. I joke with him because he has NO idea what is even up there or what anything is for!! I have a feeling there will be a large learning curve for John when the baby arrives. Obviously it will be a lot of learning for us both, but he really hasn’t had a chance to even know where I’ve stored diapers or what different items or clothing are for, lol! Oh well!

Any who, he doesn’t get any leave from work when the baby arrives – that is just residency for ya, though. Luckily, he has only ever used 1 sick day over the last 3 years so I think he may use a couple of them if he can or if he needs to. He and I are both crazy people who don’t like skipping work! Like I said, I am very independent and prefer to do things alone or on my own so I’m mentally prepared. My mom has been really sweet and saved all of her sick days for us (she and my dad live 2.5 hours away). I am sure I will be grateful to have her around when I am sleep deprived and could use a nap. We aren’t making a lot of plans really, just playing it by ear and lots of  praying that delivery goes smoothly and baby is healthy. 🙂

His nursery is almost complete! We have to have a curtains and a couple of other things. But he has many of his necessities already. It’s been fun working with all the different baby brands and PR companies – he has everything! I washed all of his swaddles last week and realized we don’t have storage for them all so I have been giving them to my friends who are expecting. (Sidenote: we LOVE the cute prints on THESE swaddles– the are our favorite, so far!)

So far we have 3 strollers and we love love love all three of them! The first one was THIS carseat and THIS stroller. I purchased it the minute it was available online, before I even knew the gender! I loved the tan leather detailing and the white. I’d heard great things about Maxi Cosi carseats and John loves the Quinny strollers! (PS. The RZ/MC team saw that we got this stroller on Snapchat and sent this adorable matching diaper bag!) Each stroller has its pros and cons, however. Like,the stroller I linked doesn’t have a lot of storage so when Nuna e-mailed to see if we were interested in stroller we were all for it and we’d heard great things ab the brand. We got THIS carseat and THIS stroller from Nuna and absolutely LOVE it. It is a smooth, sturdy ride w/room for storage and I love the magnets on the carseat. Also, just yesterday we got THIS stroller from Stokke (also a smooth, sturdy ride!) w/THIS bassinet. John laughs at me because I constantly change my mind about which one I like best and I haven’t even had the baby!! I really love the Stokke though – and he says I only like it because of it’s distinct look! It is very sharp and modern looking. However, it feels so good and smooth to push around and is very practical.

His nursery is upstairs so I don’t think we will be using it much for the first few months. Halo was kind enough to send over one of their ‘Bassinest’ bedside swivel sleepers. And boy! It is nice! It has lights built in, does vibrations and other movements, plays mothers heartbeat/white noise/rain, and it has a nursing timer. I love how easy it is to use! We already have it sitting right next to the bed. It literally just swivels from the side to side which should make it easy to nursing during the night. I will say this – it is huge! I had heard it was big and it wasn’t until I put it in our room that I realized how big the base is on it, but I think it will be worth it. When we purchased our home one year ago, we knew we wanted a master bedroom that was large and had extra room for baby ‘stuff’ so it isn’t too bad considering we prepared to be sharing our room with a babe! They also sent over their popular Swaddles – which I am sure we will be need desperately!

We also got him a Dock-A-Tot! I ordered it a while back because for quite some time they were on backorder. I got the all white one – but I love the other prints that are available now. A couple of years ago, a girl I follow on IG had a baby (she’s not a blogger or anything – I just loved her baby!!) and she always posted photos of the baby in the Dock-A-Tot. Since then, they have become so popular and a lot of my blogger friends swear by them!

Oh! I love love love the smell of THIS baby wash and shampoo!!! Dying over it! I was checking out at Dillard’s w/Jordan (grabbing some sweet baby clothes) and I put some on my hands and it made me SO excited to finally have him in my arms. I love the smell of babies with lotion on AND dog breath, haha. Two of my favorite scents! Also, I’ve had a few PR companies send out different brands of bottles – so I will be trying those out and letting you know what we like best / what works for us. However, my friend Katey recommended THESE so we registered for them. Speaking of, Katey got him THIS Burberry footie (and I love Burberry on baby boys) and I am obsessed! I’ve already washed it and steamed it and have it ready for him to wear. I’m Burberry obsessed when it comes to kids clothing – my sister made me this way. She used to find Burberry consigned or marked way down for her son and he always looked SO adorable. She told me she’s never regretted it. (People are quick to tell you all you need are onsies bc the baby grows too fast and she was quick to tell me that’s silly and I can dress him however I want!) My good friend Jean (I call her Extra Petite) surprised us with this cute jacket last week and I about died! I’ve been told that the jackets are great for boy or girl and you can just pass them down and get lots of wear out of them. He will have to wear that to Boston in the winter to visit Jean!

I could go on for days with all of the products we registered for or received, but I think I’m going to wait until after baby to share what we really love and use a lot. I will FOR SURE do a stroller review – that’s been one of the most requested posts.


I get asked a lot if being pregnant has changed my blog or if it will change my blog and so far it hasn’t so much, aside from posts like this. Now, I will say it is REALLY hard to be big and pregnant and write a fashion blog because only 1/10 things I order online fit me. I feel a little guilty because I know I probably bore some people since all I wear are oversized tops, but I am hopeful to go back to normal after I lose the baby weight. Also, I have very little energy so my posting schedule is way off but I still try to have my regular 5 posts a week. I’m so thankful for each of you who have been patient with me, spelling errors, late posting, splotchy spray tan feet, and all. :p It means a lot to me and reveals so much about your character and how kind you are.. Between blogging full time, running my social media, migrating to WordPress (this new blog layout which took months to do and is not done yet), renovating our master bathroom, single handedly doing the nursery, I have had a lot on my hands and I am so grateful for those of you who have been understanding and supportive (and shown me grace!). You’d be surprised how cruel/critical the internet can be!

For those of you who are expecting I link ALL of my outfits in each blog post and indicate if its is maternity or not and how it runs size wise. I don’t wear much maternity AT ALL. I mentioned before that maternity clothing is not my favorite. I think it is really hard to find cute maternity clothing and the things I do love tend to be pricy. I try to shop smart and buy things I would have purchased and worn BEFORE and simply size up to fit over my stomach. That way you guys are able to re-create the looks as well. A friend of mine gave me a piece of advise at like 26 weeks, she said “keep wearing jeans – if you wear leggings you will let yourself go!”. I kind of laughed at it at first but I get what she was saying now – it is what John says about scrubs! Scrubs are comfy and big and adjustable so its easy to gain weight if you are wearing them – you never realize you are gaining weight! But that is harder to do if you are wearing jeans – it kind of keeps you in check. I try to follow her rule… it is hard though bc jeans can be so uncomfortable while pregnant. I have people ask me daily “how are you not wearing maternity jeans” or “how are you still wearing heels” and both of those are my attempt not to get too lazy, haha! I do wear sweatpants and house-shoes a LOT!

Okay, wow this is LONG. If you have any questions – just leave them in the comments and I can try to update this as the day goes on!! <3

*Edited to answer a question: Will we be private or share the baby? I have NO idea. I’ve heard horror stories of course but I also feel like so many of you are family and close friends now that I hate to not share him! I think it will be something we decide once he is here and we have peace about it!*

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64 thoughts on “Baby Gemma Bumpdate #3 (FAQ about Residency / Pregnancy)

  1. Ummmm…. Can I just say you are a rockstar of a person? I didn’t realize until this post how a little more difficult than normal your pregnancy is yet you still look absolutely stunning in every single post, instagram, etc. and your blog is still running full time like it aint no thing. You make it look so easy! Can’t wait for Baby G’s arrival 🙂


  3. Great post, I love your bumpdates. I’m a long time blog/ig follower and I’ve been enjoying following along on your baby journey. thank you for still posting regularly when I’m sure you’re probably worn out. we appreciate it! hoping that your last few weeks go smoothly and you have an easy/smooth delivery!! 🙂 praying for you girl!

  4. Love this post so much, you’re giving me lots of ideas for when I someday (way down the road lol) have kids. I am so excited for you and John, and I can’t wait til Baby Gemma makes his grand entrance!!

  5. I can’t wait for this baby to get here! Everything looks so beautiful! So excited for you and John! xoxo

  6. oh my goodness! I loved every minute of reading this. I cant wait to have kids and I love seeing you so happy and excited. I cant wait for all of the reviews on the products and clothing yall use and love for it. Its going to make my registry so much easier one day and i thank you in advance for that!!

    p.s you have great taste & style – thanks for being so open and sharing!

    xx, b

  7. Hi emily!
    I just wanted to let you know that i had fibroids with pregnancy also. My largest was 10 lbs and i was put on bed rest for a few weeks sInce it was so painful. It didnt impact my beautiful daughter in any way and i had it removed 5 months later. They are so common, and i just wanted to say- i feel ya girl!!!

    Keep cooking that babe ?

  8. I laughed when you said JOhn was making fun of you for favoriting strollers before he’s even born– because i have that Stokke stroller on my Pinterest for when I have babies and I’m not even engaged yet!! I seriously love that you share all your baby experience and what has worked for you. Your transparency is greatly valued! Also, can I just say that you are ALREADY supermom?? You have so much on your plate and still manage to produce a consistent and meaningful product– please know that your dedication is noticed and appreciated!!

  9. On maternity pants. Did you mean you are still wearing your regular jeans? Do you do anything to adjust the waste bands? I am newly pregnant and think this is the thing i worry about the most lol.

    Also- for what you are buying. Do you size up 1 or 2 sizes? I’m wanting to order some clothes to wear for the majority of my pregnancy but worried i will get them too small. Thank you in advance for any tips! Dressing is quite challenging these days.

  10. hi Emily! I really loVe reading your bump updates. You shouldn’t have to worry about sharinG unpleasant parts of your pregnancy and be concerned about People thinkIng tHat you’re just complaining. If you said everything is easy, they’ll say you’re rubbing it in and being inConsIderate to people that experienced difficult pregnancies. I’m a mom to a 15 month old and sadly I’m useD to the constant mommy judging. Just do what’s best for yOu and your family! 🙂

  11. So exciting! Seems like you guys have pretty much everything you need except for your little guy at this point! Hopefully, you can get good use out of your infant carriers- but sounds like he’s going to be a big boy so he might grow out of those quickly! I’m curious to see how accurate their measuring will be. Sounds like you’ve been hanging in there though- you’re one tough mama!

  12. Love this post!And I have to say I hope you share pictures of him:)
    I’m also so impressed with you! For working so hard and for looking so amazing while being pregnant and having a lot of pregnancy issues. You’re amazing!

    xx rapunzel

  13. If you can check and see if you can get a extra cover for your white cAr seat. We have a white and black car seat for one of our boys and i am always cleaning it. Anything that gets on it looks yucky! Yes, they get sick, drop things, sweat, oh boys. 🙂

  14. You guys are the cutest! So happy for you and can’t wait to see pics of little baby gemma! I also love how real you have been about this pregnancy. My husband and I are just getting to the point of moving away from the craziness of nyc to buy a home a couple hours north of the city. Once we get settled we will be trying to get pregnant. I love hearing what has been going on with you, I feel that just mentally preps women, hearing from others.

    thanks for sharing and good luck!
    (not sure why this is typing all in caps-can’t get it to change lol)

  15. I love reading these! I’m so obsessed with all of those strollers and the Rachel Zoe one is beautiful and I will ordered ASAP when I find out I’m pregnant ( aka in 5 years) haha! I also love the advice about the jeans and heels- you look so glam and I haven’t noticed a difference at all with weight gain so it’s working!! You’ve looked gorgeous this entire pregnancy and I’m so excited for you and John and can’t wait to see this precious baby boy!
    xx Tess | Sequins are the New Black

  16. Congrats Emily! I loved this post and can’t wait to see baby boy gemma and all of his adorable outfits. you have delt with the social media critics with such grace throughout your pregnancy. good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and birth! sending love and prayers!


  17. Loved reading this so much!! I can’t even rememeber how long i’ve followed you on instagram, but i’m so excited for you and Your family and so glad you’ve shared this entire jOurney! You’ve made pregnancy look so perfect i never would have guessed all of the issues you’ve had! Congratulations!

  18. So, i have been folowing you for a couple of weeks now, and wow!!! You are so inspiring!! I love your heart, its nothing for someone to Blog about the easy things, but you get real!! So many of my Friends were the most alive in their pregnancIes, that i just was so hard on myself, maYbe i wasnt greatful. But then i ran across your blog. Thank you for being honest because so many people need to know its okay to feel this way sometimes, its not complaining or being ungreatful, Sometimes its just A hard season. Another reason you inspire me so much is because you are always you, in every video, every picture you genuine. YOur home and fashion is on point and you make things so easy to stay on top as well. I do pray a lifetime of happiness as this baby will bring you, your husband and puppy so much joy! Thank you so much! You have inspired me in more ways thaN you know!! God bless. ❤


  20. Love reading these posts 🙂 i have a four month old baby boy and have really enjoyed following along on your journey! I wish you the best of luck as you near “D day” (i know the last couple weeks can be rough) – the end is in site! <3

  21. Have you done any shopping for nursing clothes yet, or have a plan for what you’ll be wearing? I’m due in a few weeks (in may) so it will be warm and i have no idea what i should have on hand! I don’t plan on going out too much the first few weeks but i also want to look presentable when guests are over or if i just want to feel good about myself for a minute. i know you’ve said before that you’re not a big fan of maternity clothes, and nursing clothes are even uglier! I’d loveeee to see what, if anything, you bought that is nursing friendly! please share!!

  22. This was such a sweet post! I absolutely love your fashion posts, but posts that are more personal are always fun to read! I can’t wait for more of these when the baby is borN! Good luck through the rest of your PREGNANCY, we’re all so excited and happy for you 🙂

    Lauren Lindmark

  23. What kind of pants do you wear since you have gotten further in your pregnancy? I am expecting and i have really struggled to find cute pants (jeans, black pants, white jeans) that fit and feel/look good.

  24. ( for some reason my phone is only typing caps. Lol ) im not yelling? Anyway i hope you dont take this as Un wanted advice because Its not advice at all?

    When you said your life hasnt changed at all, your so right when your Preg things are pretty much the same. Your ganna be surprised at how when moms say you dont get sleep, its not that the baby is up its that you love that baby so much, your pretty much always on gaurd making sure there Okay . also I used to rip and run everywhere all the time and now i dont because it scares me to have her in the back seat alone. Its little stuff like that. That Can change you so much! Being a mom is literally pure bliss. Your ganna be such a sweet mom.

    Also with the clothes um i Dress my baby up all the time! Of course you Want Them comfy at homE! But going out to lunch going to church ovbiously you want him to look cute! After all he is your baby, he can be dressed up 24/7 if you wanted him too?

  25. ( for some reason my phone is only typing caps. Lol ) im not yelling? Anyway i hope you dont take this as Un wanted advice because Its not advice at all?

    When you said your life hasnt changed at all, your so right when your Preg things are pretty much the same. Your ganna be surprised at how when moms say you dont get sleep, its not that the baby is up its that you love that baby so much, your pretty much always on gaurd making sure there Okay . also I used to rip and run everywhere all the time and now i dont because it scares me to have her in the back seat alone. Its little stuff like that. That Can change you so much! Being a mom is literally pure bliss. Your ganna be such a sweet mom.

    Also with the clothes um i Dress my baby up all the time! Of course you Want Them comfy at homE! But going out to lunch going to church ovbiously you want him to look cute! After all he is your baby, he can bdressed up 24/7 if you wanted him ?

  26. Thank you for keeping it real 🙂 I am expecting my third in a few weeks and I loved taking this journey with you!

  27. I had a 10 lb 2 Oz baby
    The numb ribS, not being able to tolerAte car rides, terrible acid reflux is all so true when your baby is Big!
    Luckily this all goes away !
    Good luck and prayers sent for your delivery !
    I am obSessed with your blog!
    Love it !
    Little boys are amazing !
    PrepaRe yourself to be over the top in love with him
    My little boy is the best ever! He loVes his mommy!

    Congrats and so happy for you !
    Xo – jf

  28. Have seriously loved following along your Journey!! Cant even imagine how youve contInued to work as hard as you do & be so on trEnd while pregNant lol! Prayers for your growing family girl!

  29. Girllll. I had a 1o lb 13 Oz baby. Near the end and I cried alot. However she came out in 2 hours, so it will be ok. Love watching your life on IG and SNap Chat. You seem so sweet and ready for parenthood. Good luck to you, John and Fitz?

  30. Find out from your doctors if you are measuring large because of your fibroids. I have several and they caused me to look bigger then what i was. everyone thought i was gonna have a 10 lbs baby but he was about average coming in a little over 6 lbs. my fibroids caused me so much pain and anxiety. i was super nervous that it was taking away important things from the baby.but they werent it was just more pain that i had to deal with. once i had my son they decreased in size.

    Good luck

  31. This blog is so relatable minus the sickness part. My husband and i welcomed our soN in february. He took off a week of work but unfortunately he works very lOng hours, so i have learned to be independent and fill my time friends and family. I decorated his nursery on mY own too. You will be a great mommy! Also, we have the nuna line stroller, car seat, and uppa baby stroller (love them both.) best of luck with everythiNg <3

  32. Thank You for sharing so much “realness” with us. I live in the tulsa/owasso area and I have Enjoyed following you on social media for a couple years now. Love seeing all your posts. Thank you foR always posting suCh cute clothing and home decor. Godspeed in the delivery of baby gemma!

  33. i’m truly sorry That people dont have anything better to do than say ugly things especially since most likely they have never met you. I think you and John are a cute couple and excited for your new family life to begin. You have done a wonderful job on your blog: Fashion, stories, and all. As bad as you have felt, i am amazed you continued. It goes to show we can all do what we need to do if we have discipline and determination. Bless you sweet girl. Praying God’s blessings on your next days and delivery!

  34. I just had my 5th baby last Week. Its the best! I had awful reStless leg with my last 2 pregnacies. I DISCOVERED low magnesium was my trigger. I started 400mg Of chElated mAgnesium 2 Or 3 hours beFore bedtime and found a huge improvement in my sYmptoms.
    im a PA And did a 1 year surgical reSidency after graduating PA schOol. I hated ICU too! It was so stressfuL. The patients tHere are so medically complicated.
    Good luck to you! LaBoR and delivery are tough. I hope everthing goes well for you!

  35. I love when i hear stories about pregnacY not being sun and roses !!! I didnt have a good pregnacy ! I threw up all the wY up to 31 weEks,and my heart burns where so bad i would go to the hospital hahahabecause of “chEst pains” Just to be told it was heart burn ? I wish more women would be honest about pre and post baby becAuse then women wouldnt feel so bad to aDmit pregnancy is hard ! And being a first time mama is just as hard ! But i just had to remind myself Everyday that my body is making a whole human ! And nothing worth having comes easy ! Congrats and hang in there its almost over haha !

  36. i don’t have a baby but i do also have an obsession with baby burberry clothes.. they are so precious. i always say when i have a baby i will get their burberry outfits off of rue lala. you will be a great mom!

  37. Emily! love this post. I’ve never commented on your blog before – only social media (yay twitter convos!) – but I just love your candidness. I love how you mention spelling mistakes, etc., because I feel so many blogs have become so business-like – and while I know this is your business, it still feels like I’m reading updates from a friend. I’m so happy for you and john and I can’t wait to be able to see how your style/blog/etc. evolves with baby! you go, girl!

  38. thank you for sharing your entire pregnancy with us! I am not currently pregnant or anywhere near that stage, but I love following your blog and thus, your baby journey. sounds like the little man is close to coming out — sending well wishes & good thoughts your way as you prep for his arrival! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE HIM AFTER HE IS BORN (BUT UNDERSTAND WANTING PRIVACY AS WELL :)) XO!

  39. I loved this post so much! Thanks for taking the time to put this together for your readers. so many exciting things to come! ps the quinny stroller is so pretty! i’ve never seen one like that. baby gemma is going to be riding in style for sure. 🙂

  40. HI! i noticed you wear a lot of non-maternity jeans, which is great. Do you typically go only one size up and are they mostly low rise? i’ve noticed that some of the ones you link are mid-rise and i’ve wondered how you can wear them comfortably. what are you biggest tips in looking for non-maternity jeans?

    i’m in my first trimester and have been looking for inspiration for myself as my belly starts to grow, AND i LOVE YOUR STYLE! good luck with everything! sorry to hear that you’ve had such a rough pregnancy at times! you are already practicing your superhuman mama skills for when baby arrives. xo

    1. I actually write about that in each post as a I wear the jeans!! Definitely check my posts from the past few weeks!

  41. My husband is in his 3rd year of medical school and we having been trying to family plan with residency in mind. your advice is really helpful! Love your blog!

  42. Love the update! it is so exciting that john will be finished with his RESIDENCY soon and will be starting the next chapter of his career. with you posting just as much as you always have, i didnt even realize all the pain you’ve experienced throughout this pregnancy. thanks for continuing to post and update us. you’re going to be a great mom! we love you!!!

  43. Love this post! You look amazing! and i am sorry to hear you had some ups and downs with this PREGNANCY — you have a great outlook and you will have the best reward at the end! love your blog and social media!

  44. I love reading all of your posts emily and i dont think your blog has changed at all since being pregnant! Still as gorge as ever! I love your style and think you have mastered making wardrobe basics glam! and im excited to read all you baby posts in the future. good luck with becoming a mummy xxxxx

  45. Hi! Just recently discovered your blog, and just LOVE it!!!! I love your maternity style and ideas, as well as your fashion in general 🙂 And my goodness….I have to tell you – you totally changed my life regarding concealers! I have very dark purple circles under my eyes. I found your old post on the concealers you tested, and the kevin aucoin used with the beauty blender (also new to me) is amazing!! Thanks so much! Good luck with your sweet baby!

  46. hi emily!

    i read the majority of this blog post and all i can say is, bless your heart! I’m only 22 and I’ve suffered from restless leg syndrome for a few years. It’s no fun! Also, reading about your rib cage and the pain you have while sitting—I can’t even imagine how that feels! I’ll be praying for God to give you some strength and peace of mind!!! The best is yet to come!


  47. Emily! This was one of the cutest and most sincere posts i’ve read about pregnancy preparation and clothes, etc. Thank you so very much!! i love your blog and this “mini series” about the baby is incredible.
    Please keep doing these! it’s great to see how people work around life changes like growing their family and your honesty is so appreciated!!

    Lots of love and prayers for you and your adorable family!!

  48. Thank you for sharing and being so personal, emily! its great to hear about your experience. i adore your pregnancy style!
    Im so excited for you and john!

    best wishes


  49. I would love to read a post about your experience migrating to wordpress. I just recently started a blog and have been debating doing this myself.

    Also, Congratulations and thank you for sharing your experience! My husband and I are planning on starting a family in the next few years, and it is nice to read some honest posts about pregnancy! Love you & your blog & can’t wait to see baby gemma! <3

  50. Congratulations again on the little blessing thats coming soon your way! I cant wait to see how you include your fashion sense with the baby! He will be as fashionable as his mama!?

  51. You and John should consider buting an owlet for your little buNdle of Joy! all the best to you both! <3
    -Sarah Elizabeth

  52. THAnk you for being so honest! I’ve also suffered from fibroids that came out in my uterus. couldn’t imagine being pregnant, but i really appreciate people like you being so honest. You are still the only fashion blogger i follow and buy anything i can afford ;). Thank you for saving me time and money from doing what you do! And I’m so so happy for you, john, luke, and fitz

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