JACKET: Trouve (also love THIS & THIS faux fur jacket) | TURTLENECK: J.Crew (recommend!) | DENIM:  AG | BOOTS: Callisto (Mine are Chloe dupes!) | BELT: Gucci | BAG: Louis Vuitton (Montaigne GM – buy used HERE) | EARRINGS: Argento Vivo | SUNGLASSES: BP ($14 -these are designer dupes!) | WATCH: Michele | LIPS: ‘Big Spender’

It has been SUPER cold here in Tulsa for a couple of weeks now – I mean unusually cold! I absolutely looooveeee it. I had purchased a few new jackets/coats in early December and was so excited to get to finally wear them! This shaggy faux fur jacket being one of my favorites – hands down! The reason I love these is because they have such a fun, glam look but they are under usually under $200 (mine is $149) & can be thrown on top of SO many basic outfits. I just went with a turtleneck & jeans but they are great for going over the top of dressier looks or simpler looks. I’m linking a few of my favorites in the widget below but I am considering order THIS one because I really want a black one (it’s under $100)!

Also, I was in NYC in early December and was out shopping and noticed that all of my favorite designer brands are coming out with some really, funky-fun round sunglasses. I can’t pull many shapes of sunglasses off well so I didn’t want to spend the money on them. Fortunately, I found the ones in the photos above for $14. I added a photo to my Instagram and I think many of the color options sold out but the pink & dark green are still available. If you have the type of face that can pull off any shape – I’ll link the designer options in the widget below to look at – they have better color selection.

So, I am working on a 2017 year in review post right now. It is SO long and is taking forever because you know me… chatty Kathy. :/ But I am excited because it has a fun look at the year as a whole! I am so curious to hear what all you guys want MORE of.. I have been doing more travel posts & beauty posts and I want to do more home – but my house is always a mess! lol! Right now our living room has neon baby toys everywhere! Anyway, I’d love to get an idea of what type of content you get most excited about & want more of – leave your ideas in the comments if you don’t mind!!

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25 thoughts on “Simple, But Extra Winter Outfit

  1. Happy new year emily!
    This jacket is everything! Stealing this look <3
    I would love an Updated post On ‘holy grail products’. I usually buy everything you recommend on these Kinda posts 🙂

  2. Love The house posts you do. I also get so excited When you post videos or tutorials. You always say your not a professional when you do videos, but i think you do a Fantastic job and love watching them! Happy new year!!

  3. I would love to see date night ideas. My boyfriend is a Police Officer and we have a hard time having days off. John is probably so busy with his work too so I would love to see what you guys do to spend time together and ideas for dates. please and thank you!

  4. New Years resOlution: actually engage with the blogs i follow! I love that shaggy coat! It’s so gorgeous. Too bad i live in South Texas—I’D be able to wear it like…3 times lol. Also, i’m looking forward to a reView of your Recent lIquid lipstick buys! I’ve been using the YSL TatouagE for the past few weeks and i love it—matte yet non-drying. I can’t do the super drying ones because they ruin my lips. But i really hope you do the review! I’d love to know of other products tO try!

    P. S. I gOt my very first LV bag for Christmas this year! My mom said she bought iT for me because she “never wants to have to enter another contest by The SWeetest Thing!” Lol ???

  5. Oh my gosh, I love everything about this outfit! Your post title is so perfect because it really is so simple and chic but still extra and fun! That jacket is just beyond – think i might have to snap one up too!

    Want to know where to find designer pieces for less? Check out my newest post now!  http://blushandbordeaux.com

  6. I love your bloG and enjoy all the content, but i would love to see more life posts, mom, everyday life etc…or even sharing the messy house because we are all huMan. Wishing you a great 2018

  7. Im always excited about when you share some about luke. While i dont have children, i enjoy Watching lUke On IG stories. Also do you clean your own home or do you have Someone come out to clean it like a housekeeping service?

    1. I clean it mostly! We have people come quarterly to shampoo the carpet upstairs and occasionally have help with getting the house deep cleaned!

  8. I would love to see more vlogging! I find myself spending a lot of time on youtube trying to catch up with “my people”! I was so EXCITED to see your NYC vlog!