I wanted to take a break from Bahamas photos to share my make-up routine for the beach. (This outfit will be on my blog soon though!) Before I even begin, let me get this out there… yes, I wore makeup while on the beach in the Bahamas. Ha! As a blogger, I take photos on trips and trust me – you don’t wanna see a ton of photos of me sans makeup on here. (Not cute… between acne scars & some hyper pigmentation from accutane, etc. I’m choosing to keep that between myself (& John)… my personal decision.) *Sidenote, if you have watched my videos you can see me sans makeup in the beginning of those.
Okay.. so one day in the Bahamas I had to shoot a couple of campaigns in between breakfast, lunch, dinner, running around with John. This meant I needed my makeup to stay from 8am – 10 pm. I was so thrilled because while spending time at the beach, taking photos/changing clothes, & eating meals & just running around the island – my makeup wore flawlessly all day. I’m not one to throw the word “flawless’ out unless I mean it, but oh my stars, I mean it. I wanted to share this my makeup routine for those of you who are looking for products that stay put in general – or if you have a special occasion coming up where you’d like to avoid touch ups throughout the day.
This product was in my “HITS” post from last week. Holy cow.. it is not cheap, but it is totally worth every penny. I primed my face w/it after moisturizing (w/jojoba oil). (Also, try mixing primers to make on that does what you’d like it to do.)
So, the Tom Ford foundation is also from my ‘HITS’ post. Again, pricy but worth it. (A reader even commented that she justified buying it not only because it is amazing – but also bc a little goes a long way.) Because this product is rather pricy, I only use a little bit of it- focusing on places that need it. This foundation looks VERY natural on the skin – if you have awesome skin, you’d love this alone. Because I have a lot to cover up, I use a TINY bit of my Marc Jacobs foundation & mix the two. This provides CRAZY good coverage (that does not look cakey) & wears all day. (PS. I use THIS makeup brush – I will review it asap & explain why I travel w/it.. PSS. This exact brush is sold out most of the time so if you want one you have to order it when it pops into stock!)
*Keep in mind EL Double Wear is also one for full coverage all day – it just hasn’t been looking as good on my skin lately.
You all know I swear by this product. I set my foundation w/this powder! **If you are super oily, try setting your foundation w/ a powder like THIS one or THIS one. ALSO, for my oily sisters.. I recently was told that THIS moisturizer is a DREAM come true for oily skin. I have not tried it yet seeing as my accutane has banished my excessive oil, however, the minute it does come back I’ll be using it.
Step 4. Under Eye Products
Okay, I mentioned that I found a new under eye product that I love.. it is THIS one. Holy. Cow! This stuff not only covers beautifully, but it also stays there. My eyes water a lot due to dryness w/accutane so the wind made me ‘cry’ while on the beach. I thought for sure I’d have tear streaks down my eyes but – no way. This stuff truly is water proof. The formula is not sticky – and does not cake up at all. 
Bronze. (ha!) I use that same makeup brush (here) to apply THIS bronzer
Also, I purchased THIS while in the Bahamas bc it makes for a beautiful bronzy-pinkish blush that just looks like a glow from the sun! (shade is “cheeky bronze”)
Okay… so I’ll skip details on colors, eye shadows etc. and just share what eye makeup wore best through the day.
Step 6. Eyelids
I primed my eyelids w/my usual primer which holds you eyeshade in place. If you don’t like this primer – try THIS one. I sampled it recently and it-is-goooddd. I am going to buy it when I run out of my current.
I used THIS eyeliner on my upper lid and it wears really well. And I wear THIS on my lower – it also wears pretty well. My waterline is tricky bc nothing really stays put all day, but out of all I have tried this is the one I pack for travels. (PS. I am trying a new waterline eyeliner today – it’s supposedly going to be one of the best! I’ll review it soon, too.)
Step 8. Mascara
I used THIS mascara. It dries very ‘hard’. You may not understand that until you try it. But it does not rub off on your skin at all. 🙂


Ok thats it!!
Would love to hear your favorite sweat proof beauty products! Leave a comment. <3


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44 thoughts on “My Sweat-Proof Make-Up Routine

  1. Thanks for sharing all of these! It is always refreshing to know I am not the only one that wears makeup at the beach 😉 although I am sure you are gorg w/out!!!! xx, Barbie

  2. I'm checking out that foundation stick. I used to use a foundation stick years ago that Chanel made and I loved it. Then they discontinued it. 🙁 Thanks for sharing your reviews on all of these products and I hope that you have a great day!! 🙂

  3. I wear contacts and tend to have watery eyes as well and recently tried the hourglass 1.5 mm eyeliner and it is by far the BEST eyeliner for waterline i have ever used. Goes on smooth and dark and lasts even through 24 hours shifts at the hospital! Def worth it!

  4. My sweat-proof makeup tips are to not wear any. I grew up in Florida and live in Chicago now where summer's can be hot and humid. When it's hot I might just wear a swipe of bright lipstick and some mascara. My skin isn't flawless – no one's is, but I hate feeling like I'm wearing a mask or that my pores can't breathe because I've spackled on the makeup. Same goes for vacation. I travel by myself a lot and only ever bring under eye concealer (Bobbi Brown has one that I like), mascara, and one or two bright lipsticks. I travel with a carry-on only and want makeup weighing me down.

  5. Love this! Your makeup posts are always some of my favorite, I love learning about new products! I've been seeing that oval brush everywhere, I'd love to hear more about it!
    -Angela & Amy

  6. I have been loving all of your recent posts, maybe it has something to do with longing for some turquoise waters and sand between my toes too! Your product reviews and recommendations are great. Everytime you try a new type of post your blog keeps getting better and better. You are my favorite daily read! Keep up the awesome work and great tips!

    xo Sarah

  7. Thank you so much for listing these! I have the hardest time finding products that will stay on when I am sweating. I also wonder if you noticed that your skin was irritated or felt like your makeup was clogging your pores during the day? It may sound crazy ha but I get that feeling sometimes when I wear makeup all day, especially in the heat. Thanks in advance! 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole

  8. Thanks for the great product reviews! Question…what types of face wash or makeup removers do you use to make sure these products don't clog your pores? I don't often wear makeup to the beach only because a few days later I'm stuck covering up blemishes! Any advice would be appreciated 🙂

    PS I absolutely loved seeing the pics from your trip and was cracking up at your snaps about buying a toy for your pup!! HAHA

  9. I love your blog, I looked around for you while staying at the Cove Atlantis but I'm guessing you were there last week and left before my family and I arrived on Friday. Our weather for the last five days was not the weather that you have been posting! lol Glad it was beautiful for you! Keep up the great posts and inspirations!