Blow Dryer Blues

First off, TGIF!
I treated myself to a blonde roast this morning. Don’t worry, it’s full of creamer + Splenda. I feel most caffeinated when I drink blonde roasts.

Blow Dryer Blues:
So long you hot, purple hair dryer…  

The past month or so I have noticed that when I blow dry my hair, I smell jalepenos. Don’t get me wrong, I love jalapenos but the smell of jalepenos in the morning is not ideal. Nor is it ideal when I’m fresh out of the shower! Okay, so this morning I thought “I should tweet about how my hairdryer smells like jalepenos.” A few seconds later my blow dryer just shut off and my hand suddenly got really hot. I dropped the blow dryer because I realized it was literally smoking. Smoke was coming through the crevices and the smell of jalepenos was gone – it smelt horrific – like rubber and plastic burning.

I tried to film it to send to John (in an effort to convince him I need a good, quality dryer next!) I tried to screen shot the video as smoke came out but you really can’t see it in the photo. Anyway, I posted the following photo on IG asking for recommendations on hair dryers that:
 A.) are affordable 
B.) are powerful enough to dry my thick hair, quickly.
So evidently, I have the best Instagram followers ever. 
I received tons of recommendations, which has proven to be both good and bad.
Eight different brands were recommended. The top 3: ConAir Infiniti Pro, CHI, & Hot Tools. Now I’m at a loss… the Conair one had the most recommendations & it’s the cheapest

1.      Conair Infiniti Pro
2.      CHI
3.      Hot Tools
4. Babyliss
5.      Bedhead
6.      Rusk Speed Freak
7.      Paul Mitchell
8.      Solano

Here’s where I need your help, if you are familiar with any of these, give me the scoop! I want one that gets super hot and will dry my hair very quickly!

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21 thoughts on “Blow Dryer Blues

  1. I have to admit, I never blow dry my hair…I literally let it air dry and fortunately, it dries stick straight!
    I do OWN a hair dryer though, it actually sounds a lot like Morgan Neal's cheap-o con-air! My bf loves it, haha.

    Good luck shopping around!

  2. I have the Babyliss and love it. I have very thick naturally curly hair (that i get permanently straightened but the curls grow out and its a major pain) and i can get my hair dry very quick with it. It came free with a straight iron and i have absolutely loved both!

  3. I recommended the Rusk Speed Freak. If you follow Kate from The Small Things Blog this is also her go to blowdryer. I previously used an Andis brand that I loved. But I am in love with my speed freak. I too have long thick hair and I want heat and to get the job done. My friend has that conair blow dryer and I felt that all it did was make a bunch of noise. Once you use a professional blow dryer it is so hard to go back. I know Ulta sells the speed freak. Good luck. Let us know what you decide. Signed off, a fellow Emily with long thick hair that needs her hair products

  4. Hot tools for sure. Their products are great. I think as long as you get anything that's at least 1875 watts you'll be golden. I've used Conair before and I liked it, but I didn't think it was anything special. I know the CHI one works great, too. I have a friend who's a stylist and although she will never tell you to buy a CHI flat iron she WILL tell you to get their dryer. I would suggest going to your local tj maxx and seeing what hair dryers they have. You can find really expensive ones there for around $30. Trust me, you won't regret it.


  5. I have the CHI and love it! It's expensive upfront, but totally worth it! Mine has lasted for years. I also have long thick hair and it dries mine pretty quick.

  6. I have the Baybliss and think it works really well. It definitely gets hot (sometimes I need to pause from drying my hair because I am sweating). I have a lot of naturally wavy hair and thinks it works really well. I bought mine at Harmon (which I am not sure if you have) but Bed Bath and Beyond also sells them and you can you Bed Bath 20% off coupons at either store (they also have a great return policy if it turns out it isn't for you just make sure you save the receipt).

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