Shirt, Target // Scarf, Brina Box ($11) c/o // Denim, Hudson Jeans // Bag, ALDO // Sunglasses, OASAP c/o // Lips, Rebel by MAC

There’s nothing like a good pair of flared denim… Since I was very young I’ve always preferred the flared look, they tend to be more figure flattering for me personally. When I found these jeans I was thrilled – they are part of the new Hudson collection. I was so thrilled that instead of getting them hemmed first thing… I just wore them (and they are clearly too long!) Yet another wardrobe staple crossed off the list for me! Also, the Brina Box scarf is another fall/winter closet staple – new to their site! Jenna Lyons said it best, “leopard is a neutral.”  

Some of you may know, I have been spending a majority of each week with my mom & dad because John’s schedule is so busy. I am trying to have a good attitude about it, but I absolutely loathe not being with him on a daily basis! Anyway, yesterday afternoon I was sitting with my mom in the kitchen and we heard the front door open. She walked over to the door – thinking it was my dad, but she kind of squealed. It was kind of dark and I couldn’t see who had walked in, but I kept staring thinking “goodness that looks like John”, then telling myself “no, it can’t be, he is working.” Anyway, after a good 10 seconds of staring, he started walking towards me and of course I started crying! He is not very good at surprising me, actually no one is good at that, but I was literally in shock! He had gotten off work “early” (at 3pm and went in a 6am), so he booked it to come spend the evening with me. Made. My. Week! No pair of shoes, bag, or jeans can make me as happy as seeing that boy in the middle of the week when I was missing him so much!

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22 thoughts on “Spotted

  1. So sweet that he surprised you like that! And I have an honest question….. how long does it typically take you to put a simple look like this together. Hair, makeup, the whole thing? You ALWAYS look fabuous!

  2. Ugh, loved this story! My boyfriend has been working 15+ hours in the hospital for the past month – life of a resident. Tomorrow is his last day of these hell shifts, so I'm going home to surprise him! Keep your head up, it will all get better soon 🙂

    xx Dana
    Pink Champagne Problems

  3. Aww that's so nice that he surprised you! My husband travels for work and I spend a lot of time at my parents' house too when he's gone. Your hair looks absolutely incredible in these photos! And I love your scarf and bag! Gorgeous look!

  4. What a sweet surprise!! That's great. Love the jeans. I hardly see flares or boot cuts any more these days. Skinnies seem to have taken over but I think the wider legs may be making a comeback.

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