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Last week at church I noticed my friend’s nails being super glossy & beautiful – I assumed they were Shellac until she told me she’d recently bought this kit at the drugstore. I’m totally loving my CND Top Coat but I paint my nails in the evening and most of the time I fall asleep and wake up with sheet imprints, lol! Anyway, while grocery shopping at Wal-Mart I decided to pick up this kit – I chose ‘Glossed & Found’ as my polish color. The total price was right around $12 for the set & the color itself.

So here’s my final review: I love it. Why? Because it dries in SECONDS. You apply the primer & within a matter of seconds it’s totally dry. You apply your color and BAM, it’s dry. I always apply a second coat just to reinforce the color! After I finished the top coat I probably spent 15 minutes total and it was fully dry – perfectly smooth. Not to mention, it does give the plumpy, glossy, & full effect that Shellac gives! So this is a highly recommend – especially if you are impatient with waiting on your nails to dry. 

The main reason I did this post is because a few months back I tried this (found at Walmart) and it was a huge waste of money. Avoid the Fuse Gelnamel Polishes at all costs. After the product would dry – within hours it will just pop off. :/

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18 thoughts on “Glossed & Found…

  1. I'll have to try this…I'm a sucker for new nail products. I have to say though, Seche Vite top coat is awesome!! I did my nails last night, slapped on that top coat, fell asleep, and NO sheet prints.
    $12 is a great price point for all those products.

  2. I have the same problem. Just last night I painted my nails, with Loreal polish actually, & fell asleep. I can't wait to try this kit!

  3. I also purchased this polish set a month or two ago. The high gloss is great but do you have a problem with the polish just completely peeling off after a couple hours? I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but it does that every single time! Lol

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