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My dress  (TTS) & lipstick: ‘Ruby Woo‘ || Plaid Blanket 
Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!
I thought I’d share a few photos from our Christmas card photoshoot we did a few weeks ago. I really, really love these pictures so much – mainly because John and I don’t have a lot of photos together w/his residency schedule – and of course, we needed a family pic w/Fitzy! Also, I’m not a super mushy person, but I do get very nostalgic around Christmas time because it reminds me so much of when I first met John. And because I mentioned it, I have to share our little love story.. 🙂 
John and I met our senior year of college in Bible Class. We attended a private, Christian university where you are required to take a Bible class each semester – this class was called Youth & Family ministry. I first noticed him in October when we were doing a class activity & he and I were more or less were the ‘last two standing’. (Long story – it requires lots of details.) I kind of (secretly) had my eye on him after this day but I like to keep to myself so I didn’t try to get to know him or talk to him or anything. And if we are being completely honest.. I may or may not have dressed a little cuter on MWF’s………. Okay, so fast forward to the end of the semester – our professor asked us to break up into groups of 5 for a project and we couldn’t be in groups with our friends. My group formed rather quickly, but last minute the professor required us all to be different majors so suddenly John approached my group and asked if he could join. I remember thinking “UM YES!” but remained as cool/calm as I could be. Anyway, he joined our group and we had to meet 1-2x per week for about 3 weeks to work on this project. Over that period of time we got to know each other… kind of. I never felt like John had any interest in me though because he was always so quiet. At this university we had ‘social clubs’ (aka sororities) and John’s sister had just pledged my club. I told her I had a class with her brother and one night at a meeting she suggested I invite John to our upcoming Christmas semi-formal. I told her I was not so sure if he even knew I existed and she assured me that he did! (lol, apparently I had been mentioned while they were home for Thanksgiving break.) When I asked him to this function (it was soooo awkward!!!!), he answered ‘yes’ very quickly and then he asked if I wanted to go out for coffee later that week. The coffee date was a lot of fun.. but neither of us got anything to drink! Come to find out, John didn’t even drink coffee and I was too nervous to get anything (y’all know I love my coffee!). Then we went to the function together and I wore a navy, sequined dress – after the function we drove through one of the nicer neighborhoods in town looking at Christmas lights and listening to Christmas music. Then we went to this park that always went all out with Christmas lights & decor to walk around. We ended up having the best time ever and eventually John admitted he had noticed me the very first day of class, but claimed I seemed intimidating (something about always wearing heels?!). Ha! Ever since that first date, each year we make it our thing to drive around looking at Christmas lights & I always end up wearing sequins at some point! (E.g. Last year’s Christmas card!) 
Hope you all have a great Christmas eve… and sorry for the novel!



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56 thoughts on “Sequin Dress Christmas Card

  1. No apologies for your "novel", Emily! It was a great story! Doesn't love usually start out that awkward in the first place?! You look stunning in these photos and I am in LOVE with your dress! Merry Christmas to you and your sweet little family! xo

  2. Gorgeous photos and such an adorable story!! My hubby and I met in college too and had noticed each other for ages but neither of us got up the guts to talk to one another for so long! haha. So thankful that the Lord finally brought us together at the right time! You guys are so cute, and I love that you share about your life on your blog!


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