A few weeks back I posted on Instagram that I would be collecting all hair questions to compile & answer on my blog. There were so many questions that I decided to break it up into hair care // hair extensions. Today I am answering all the hair extension relation questions.

 What brand extensions do I prefer?
I wear Bellami Hair. I have tried a few other brands and nothing really compares to my Bellami extensions. I’ve tried a couple of sets that do come close – but their clips are not as high quality which is a deal breaker. (Use code ‘EMILY% for $5 off your extensions.)
 How often do you wash hair extensions?
I have 3 sets of hair extensions, and I learned quickly that washing infrequently is the best for making them last longer. I washed my first set of Bellamis 2x and it doesn’t necessarily ruin the hair, but I felt like they weren’t quite as smooth. I try to avoid washing mine at all cost, but if/when I do I am careful them. Your extensions will last much longer if you take care of them!

 How do you wash hair extensions?
I always use a Sulfate Free Shampoo / Conditioner. (Pictured above is my favorite.) I use warm water – do not get too hot. After conditioning the extensions I lay them on a towel & spray It’s A 10 on them – then using a Tangle Teaser, gently brush through them. I avoid blow drying them at all cost, so if I am washing them, I do it at night so that they can air dry over night. Before applying any heat (i.e. curling iron/wand), I spray with TRESemmé Heat Tamer.

Do I wear hair extensions on a daily basis?
No. My hair is naturally kind of long / kind of thick, mind you the day I took these photos I had my hair trimmed and  I had the layers thinned out quite a bit (it holds curl better this way). That being said, I don’t need hair extensions badly. I do love wearing them because I like longer hair! I have 3 sets of extensions – 20 inch, 22 inch, 24 inch. The most frequently worn are my 20 inch extensions because they are the exact same length as my hair. I take only TWO wefts & clip them on to each other and then I clip it into the middle of my head. This adds a bit of full ness to my bottom-most layer. Keep in mind that a SET of extensions comes with 7-9 wefts – and you can definitely clip ALL of them in.. I choose not to because it is overkill. When I got my 20inch extensions in, I curled half of them, and straightened the other half so that I can just pop in which ever I prefer to wear that day!

How do I keep them from showing through?
Depending on your hair length / hair cut, this will vary. For the most part, you’ll start clipping them in at the base of your neck and work your way up. I would recommend not clipping too high up on your head to avoid them showing. If you do clip them higher, always make sure there’s a layer on top of the clip – and TEASE that layer to make it fuller. Using a teasing brush / comb to backcomb that hair is really important in disguising the clips.

Do I like Bellami extensions or is it a business deal?
As I said before, I’ve tried other brands (they will go unnamed, but I have tried the ones at Sally’s!). Not many hair extensions are as high quality as Bellami’s – they are crazy thick – and you can decrease or increase the gram to get thicker or thinner. I’ve tried competing brands and the hair was nice, it was the clip quality that didn’t impress me. I have never had a Bellami clip come loose or fall out – whereas that is common in other brands. Just FYI, if a clip falls off the weft, then you can’t use it anymore. 🙂 On the business side, they do offer $5 off to my readers with code ‘Emily5’. (This post was not sponsored – I did this because the crazy about of hair questions I get!)
How do I put hair extensions in?
Well, I have a video from a year and a half ago HERE you can watch. Or you can check out the following pictures. Putting in hair extensions is super, super easy. They are just little clips! (Putting in 22inch extensions here.)

Can you do up-dos with hair extensions?
Yes! You may have noticed that’s what I did in THIS post. Also, any time I am wearing a braid, I always use extensions to make the braid puffier!

Upkeep cost?
For the most part, having hair extensions is not too expensive aside from the initial purchase. Of course I recommend buying the products I mentioned earlier to wash them & using a heat protectant before curling / straightening them. I have 3 of THESE brushes – one in my bedroom, one in my bathroom, and ONE IN MY PURSE. Anytime I wear hair extensions, I use the one in my purse to brush through them every so often. My main issue is WIND. When you are moving your hair a lot or the wind is blowing your hair, that causes them to tangle so I always brush them when I think about it. Also, it makes them look softer. 🙂 The better you take care of your extensions, the longer they will last. Mine have lasted as long as a year and a half!

Do they feel weird?
Ha! No! Yes, when you first get extensions and clip them in, you will notice that your head is heavier, but there’s no pain involved if you are clipping them in correctly. I personally do not like to clip TOO many in because I don’t like to feel weighed down. The most I clip in at once is 5 (when I wear 22/24 inch ones).

What curling iron do I use on them?
Any curling iron is fine to use – I have used a variety of brands and they all curl them just fine. I like the T3 curling iron a lot, but I have also used Conair for years.
How does your hair look without extensions?
There’s a recent picture below or you can check out THIS post.

What color extensions do I wear?
I wear Mochachino. It is close to a perfect match. The ends of my hair match with it really well!

What color is my hair?
I do not color my hair (yet). It is a dark brown – not black though.

How should you match your hair color?
For me, it was a lucky guess. I would definitely go through all of the Before / After pictures on the website of wherever you purchase your extensions, that is what helped me the most. You can always have your hair dresser help you, too! When you receive the extensions in the mail, there will be a TESTER clip that you open FIRST to make sure the color matches. If you open the whole set, you void your warranty. 

How many do I wear at a time?
Bellami extensions have 9 pieces (I think!). So, there are TWO four clip pieces, TWO 3 clip pieces, TWO 2 clip pieces, and 4-5 one clip pieces. Most frequently, I clip a 3 clip onto a 4 clip (called double wefted) – this is what I do when I wear a 20 inch. Other wise, I clip in one 4-clip, one 3 clip, and two 2-clips (for the side of the head.) If this sounds confusing, I am pretty much saying I only use between 2 – 5 of the 9 pieces.
Do hair extensions damage your hair?
No. If you are clipping them in correctly and wearing them correctly, they will not damage your hair. I am not sure why but people believe that extensions damage your hair or make it fall out, but that is not correct. 

Do I wear extensions while traveling?
I do wear them while traveling sometimes – ti just depends on the day (or how early I am traveling!) If I do wear them, it is usually just two wefts – and yes when I go through TSA it does show that I have metal objects around my head. They usually just touch the clip and let me go on. 🙂 (I do not get embarrassed about wearing extensions – when people compliment hair’s length I always volunteer that it isn’t all real.)

Do I cut my extensions to make them blend better?
No. I have not done that before, but I know plenty of people who do – do that! Sometimes, if the hair is not blending well, I will move the clips to different spots. For example, when I wear my 20 inch straight pieces (I use a two 2-clips), I place them on the sides of my head, as high as I can to make them blend. You can do the opposite as well – clip them all in lower on your head. (You can see the 2 straight wefts in the image below)

How do I store them?
For Christmas last year, John got me one of THESE (lol). It gets tons of use so he is proud of himself. Otherwise I just use random, but large jewelry pouches/clutches! I was going to link to an example but it is currently sold out! Store them neatly, though! 

(John and I are obsessed with Maroon 5’s ‘Sugar’.. oops!)
 (See pic below – Fitz LOVES extensions as much as I do… I have had to throw some away because he went to town on them.)
Photos by Jessica Lynn Tucker Photography. (If you are in the Tulsa area, check her out!)

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  1. Thanks so much for this post! It was so informative. One kind of crazy question – have you worn yours while traveling? I am preparing to take a trip and wanted to wear mine but don't want to set off metal detectors at the airport. That could be a little embarrassing. Have you had any experience with this? Thanks again for the awesome post!

  2. I'm so glad you posted this! I am getting married in May and I'm highly considering buying extensions to get a fuller look. I'm really interested in Bellami, but I've just read SO MANY horrible, horrible reviews that say Bellami sends their non-affiliates really poor quality hair. I'm nervous! But maybe I'll give them a shot 🙂

  3. Wow. this was such a comprehensive post!! I, like you, have very long hair and certainly don't need extensions for a daily basis – but my hair stylist for my wedding thinks I should look into them for styling purposes, if I need to get them – i'm getting Bellami for sure!

    x. Sabrina // Simply Sabrina

  4. Very interesting! I kind of get the feeling that a lot of people who do wear extensions want to shove it under the rug a little but it was really interesting to see how it works. And you are definitely lucky in that you don't really need them. It just adds to what you already have; which is gorgeous hair.

  5. Wow thank you so much for this very useful post! I also have naturally long and thick hair but I still want hair extensions for added volume and length especially because I prefer to curl my hair on a daily basis and it tends to make my hair look shorter than it really is. Whenever I tell my friends I want hair extensions they think Im crazy cause they think my hair is long enough but its more about the added volume for when I curl my hair haha. Thanks so much for all the useful info, will definitely refer to this post all the time 🙂
    XO Janina

  6. i'm obsessed with your flats in the second pic. Can you please share the brand and / or where you purchase them. I'm looking for a new pair for spring and those look perfect. Thanks in advance 🙂
    Love your blog!!!

  7. I have read those reviews also and I don't necessarily think that is true. I have met readers who have them and theirs look just like mine! Also, I think so many people don't care for them like they should! As long as you take care of them they will be great!

  8. Your photos are beautifully done! Have you tried "My Fantasy Hair" clip-in extensions yet? A lot of people are getting them now, and they're amazing. I got dark chocolate, which looks just like your color shown here. They're really THICK and ship fast too. http://www.myfantasyhair.com If you do an update on clip in hair extensions, please do a post! I love how you clip in your extensions, your photos are really professional.

  9. What a well written and laid-out blog. Loving your style, Dani Marie! I wanted to bring up the term "virgin hair." Some new extensions customers may get fooled by synthetic fibers being passed off as real human hair. I little trick is to pinch several strands and roll them in your fingers next to your ear. If you do this with your own hair, you can distinguish between real hair and a more plasticky sounding synthetic substitute. Virgin hair comes in several grades which determine how long the piece will last and also how far you can take it with dye from its natural color, 7A being the highest. Someone looking for a more permanent install, hair replacement therapy or just wanting to save some money can shop online and take the extensions to a certified installer for color matching and styling. Just make sure to chose a hair origin that has a texture to match your own (straight, curly or wavy). Keep up the good work!

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  23. Love that you wash yours with gentle shampoo and conditioner! I just use conditioner on mine and also only wash 1x-2x per year. I started my own line of double drawn (super thick from top to bottom) clip in human hair extensions last year and it's amazing how much longer you can make extensions last by taking great care of them – xo, Molly girlgetglamorousHAIR

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