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I wore these red flats around the 4th of July and then.. lost them. Okay, maybe I didn’t lose them, but while I was in L.A. John (sweetest thing ever) got this pretty decent sized shoe storage thing and my closet looked 110% better – and I was finally able to see all of my shoes. (insert celebration hand emoji here.) John and I shared a closet our first 2 years of marriage and he told me that he will never share one w/me again.. oops!
Monday pick-me-ups.. beautiful pink roses & a skinny caramel macchiato. I usually don’t get ‘fancy’ drinks – I typically drink just a plain iced coffee (people ask on IG often) – but I decided to try this one and I don’t think it is worth the calories, lol. 
I wore this outfit for the flight home from Los Angeles – and it was perfect airport attire. (PS. My bag is the Celine Phantom in Beige.)
 National Dog Day – my sweet Fitz Gemma (also referred to as by our friends & family Fitzy-Cray-Cray)
PS. My favorites (comfort wise) are 1, 3, & 4! #4 is super good for wearing now until mid October!
John has had a couple of Sundays off lately so we do lots of errand running after church! The above outfit is a go-to for me – I own that tee in several colors and wear them A LOT! Actually, when John and I were in San Francisco a few months ago – we found a huge selection of them & he was like “you better stock up!” 
I order this sweater intending to save it for fall – and when I put it on, I got comfy in it so wore it around the house – and then had a ton of questions ab it on IG so voila! I definitely didn’t leave my home in this!
Ps. I ordered a few of those little jewelry dish/trays as gifts! Initially I thought they were a little small but Caitlin talked me into to keeping mine – you’ll love it for rings.
Mcalister’s Date night, lol. If you watch my snaps you know I like – LIVE – at Mcalisters. It’s an issue, but John likes to as well so we are good to go.
 Henri Daussi sent me a 3rd band to add to my wedding rings. I literally screamed when I got the package in the mail – I couldn’t believe it. John was like yessssss – because I told him I wanted to add a third band one day (in the distant future) and I’m pretty sure he was as thrilled as I was ab this gift.
 Details: Handbag | Similar heels
OOTD: Sweater | Heels | Denim | Handbag (literally one of my faves I own!)
Okay, I hope this helps answer any questions you had regarding Instagram outfits & such! You can see my last 2 Instagram round ups HERE & HERE. Have a great Wednesday!
One more thing – if you are watching my snaps, the pink lip shade I wore yesterday is HERE in ‘Snob‘.
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21 thoughts on “Instagram #OOTDs (& more)

  1. I am a total sucker for distressed jeans! And I think it's a true sign of love when the hubby gives you your own closet! When we first moved into our current out we only had one walk in closet and since my husband is amazing he told me it was all mine!

  2. Love that Valentino bag, your striped dress, and that outfit in the last picture. SO cute. I don't get fancy drinks at Starbucks either. If I do, I use a reward (if you have a Starbucks card). I also only do one pump of the syrup and non-fat milk. That's my way of making them healthier haha. Anyway, thanks for sharing your fab outfits and I hope that you have a lovely day!! 🙂

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