My Go-To Fall Hairstyle | Messy, Low Ponytail

(Grey sweater outfit is HERE.)
After TONS of requests for a video tutorial on my low, messy pony, I’ve finally got a video on this hairstyle!
It’s super easy to re-create – it takes me about 5 minutes max! I think the important parts of the videos are the little tips & tricks & a couple of products that I absolutely swear by!!
You guys know videos aren’t my forte so bear with me – I am practicing & hopefully I’ll catch on soon enough. 🙂 As I was editing this video, I laughed because you’ll see that John brought me a Diet Coke in the beginning and then he left and came back with a coffee before I filmed the intro.. he’s a good man! It took a little longer to film bc because my camera died towards the end & I had to backtrack but honestly, it was fun to film. 
That being said, if you have any video requests – let me know! 
White Long Sleeve Top (wearing sz small)
Monogram Necklace (3XL on 16″ chain)
Plaid Scarf (linking more plaid scarves at the bottom!)
Lipstick worn in intro (‘Lolita’)
& my holy grail product... Triple Sec (the dry shampoo/texturizer I mentioned)
Curling Wand (I used the 1″ wand – I use THIS curling iron if I don’t want loose waves.)




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45 thoughts on “My Go-To Fall Hairstyle | Messy, Low Ponytail

  1. You did a wonderful job!! Love the Diet Coke next to your shoes too haha. What a sweetie your hubby is bringing your beverages. 🙂 Love seeing Fitz too, he is SO cute. But clearly he doesn't want any product in his hair hehe. Anyways.. thank you so much for sharing. I wash my hair once a week and this would be a fun pony tail to do. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for doing this video! Without much stuff to work with I was able to restyle my hair at work and have it turn out similar. Can't wait to try it with product and teasing!
    xo, Lee

  3. good morning!! 🙂

    Lovedddddd this video!!!! Excited to try it today for work! 🙂 Thanks for posting it! 🙂

    It was a bit hard to hear you because the background music is a bit louder (maybe it's just my computer?!) other than that it was AWESOME and I can't wait to try it out!

    -Ginger (Instagram handle: GingerStephanyM)

  4. Emily, I know you feel self-conscious about doing videos but really, they turn out wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to make this even though you don't feel the best at it. We think you do great! Keep it up 🙂

  5. I had to see the video after your posts/snapchats about it and I thought it was great! I will definitely be trying this pony. Please do more of these! I would love to see an everyday makeup tutorial from you. Thank you for the inspo!

    xo Katelynn

  6. I love this!! Where are your extensions from? I want to try it because my hair is not very long but I don't want them to look fake. Yours look amazing and natural!! Thanks for this video 🙂

    Keep Sparkling!

  7. Loved this video and all the tips you shared! I'm going to try out this tomorrow and see if I can finally get a low ponytail with volume! And seeing Fitz at the end was too cute! I really enjoy following you on here, insta and snap! You and your husband get to spend a lot of time together. I tried dating a resident and he just never had time I can see the love you both have for each other 🙂

  8. Loved the video and I agree with others, you have the BEST hair ever! I know others mentioned the music was too loud but I actually enjoyed it. Is that an acoustic mix you have?? I would love to get a hold of it!!

  9. Loved the video. I have really long and thick hair so I loved the tips. Can you do a video on how you wear your scarves? I know it sounds silly but I never know how to wrap those blanket scarves so they lay right.

  10. I am going to try this! I need easy styles that look put together, but also up and out of the way. I know you always tease your hair, so what do you do about not washing it daily. My hair tats so easy! its long, thick, and slick, but at the back of my neck it especially gets tatted. do you brush where you teased every morning?

  11. Thank you emily!!! I have been following you since last may & i probably purchase way too much that you post. I feel like u are a personal shopper for me & we have the same taste. Cheers to you & your adorable family! ?

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