New Bobbi Brown Palette + My Trick For Easy Application

 PAJAMAS: Ralph Lauren | MAKEUP BRUSHES: Sigma (this set is best for eyes!) | PALETTE USED: Bobbi Brown | BRONZER: Hourglass | FOUNDATION: Tom Ford | BRONZER BRUSH: Tom Ford | PRIMER: YSL | HIGHLIGHT: Laura Gellar

Bobbi Brown has a new palette out that is exclusively sold at Nordstrom. Personally, I love traveling with a palette – ti is so much easier and more convenient to pack. The new Bobbi Brown palette is relatively simple, while I like. It has on glittery shadow and the rest are matte. It’s pretty self explanatory, too. The colors are arranged with numbers and there are brushes that go along w/it. (I.e. the #1 is for highlight shade, 2. is transition, 3. is crease!). I wanted to use my own brushes since I had already packed them and I am comfortable with using them. However the Bobbi Brown brushes that come along w/the kit are simple and easy to you – also more convenient.

I think this palette is best used at night since it has darker colors, however, you can skip the dark shades and create a natural subtle statement eye for daytime. My trick for creating a perfect look on your eyelids is using Scotch tape. I saw it on Pinterest years ago and I always, always have tape in my makeup bag. I stick it to my hand first to make it less sticky and then angle it by my eye to the tail of my eyebrow (seen in photo!). This creates a nice, straight line and also helps make my eye shape appear less droopy. Does that make sense?! Try it out and you will know what I mean… sometimes if you eyeshadow comes out too far or down too low it brings down your eye shape!

I’m linking this Bobbi Brown palette below as well as the other products I used!..

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post.

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16 thoughts on “New Bobbi Brown Palette + My Trick For Easy Application

  1. I love your blog – i have bought a few of your recommendations and everything I've gotten has been great!! Thank you! Do you think you'll ever post a diet/fitness routine?

  2. Love your makeup, it's always so perfect!

    Do you think you could post a video (or link) to a video that would show that scotch tape trick? I'm really wanting to try it!

  3. That palette is SO pretty!!! I also love the instructions inside of it, perfect for me haha. 🙂 I have seen a lot of Tom Ford makeup at Nordstrom and other stores and I'm so curious about it! How do you like it??? Thank you for sharing too!! 🙂

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