12 Popular Summer Products That Are Back In Stock

First of all, I thought I’d do a re-cap of popular items from last summer that either sold out quickly & are back this summer — or just items that are popular again this summer/have look a likes!

So first off is THIS swimsuit. These suits are amazing – you adjust and tighten the criss cross straps in the back to control what the front looks like.. 🙂 This photo was from last June in Bermuda! (The blog post is here.)
Last May, Cait and I were in Cabo with this flamingo and it has since become VERY popular. The look-a-likes are HERE & HERE. The blog post from Cabo is here.

I wore this floppy hat a billion times last summer! No joke – I went through my archives and I had worn it weekly! It sold out quickly but is BACK in stock & is affordable! (This blog post is here.)

Okay this Happy Camper tee sold out quickly too but the company came out with a newer version of it and a sweatshirt version! (Random story but..I will never forget – I took this photo one morning and then was in a car accident that day and my car was totaled – I remember one of the firemen making a comment about this tee bc I was NOT a happy camper! Not gonna lie-  I think I gave this tee to my mom or sis! They are very great quality tees and are comfy, too, however.) This blog post is here.
Another shot from our Cabo trip… but the product featured here are my wedges! I got these wedges 2 years ago and they are STILL back in stores  but for great reason. They are the best ever because they are comfy, go with ALL outfits, etc. They sold out the past two years, too! (This blog post is here.)

The product in stock here is the neon top – it comes in a ton of colors and is under $40! I have multiples of these just because they are fun colors & easy to wear. (Also lightweight so they feel great in the summer!) This blog post is here.

 I borrowed this red blazer from my friend Savanah last July and I wore it so much! Luckily she was pregnant so I got to keep it for a while. 🙂 Anyway, she told me the other day it’s back in stores-  and the best part.. it has GOLD buttons! There’s this Balmain blazer w/gold buttons I’ve wanted for a few months but.. umm.. it is like $2,400 so… :/ This blog post is here.

These shoes were in constant rotation last spring! I loved them – and they did come back this spring but sold out. BUT there’s a look-a-like HERE. This photo is from a weekend trip to San Fran w/John last May – the blog post is here.

LOL – I saw this photo and immediately thought “what color nail polish is that?” bc I wanna get it again! However, I can not for the life of me remember what shade it was! Anyway, these tassel bracelets were hot hot hot last summer and they are back again! They come in more colors and designs now though! This blog post is here. *Linking all different colors and styles of bracelets in widget at bottom!

Okay so this dress is NOT back in stock – I wish! I loved it SO much! BUT.. there are tons of off the shoulder dresses all over the internet at different price points and then you can accessorize your dress with THIS which is identical to the pom pom / tassel detailing on my dress! This blog post is here.
I love this white cotton shirt dress – it is such a classic! You can style it a billion ways and get tons of wear out of it! Its back in stock HERE. This blog post is here.

Hopefully this was not too confusing – I’m linking all of the products in the tool below in case you are can’t find something! 

Hope you all have a fun weekend! It’s gotten pretty warm here in Tulsa so that’s… kinda nice! I’m leaving town tomorrow so I’ll be spending the day running errands and packing. 

Thanks for stopping by..xo.

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