What I Packed For Las Vegas

 I received a few questions asking for recommendations on what to wear in Vegas and where to go so I thought I’d do a quick ‘what to wear’ post first! *I have some photos I am going to be adding to this blog post (my fave swimsuit ever!) but I am having issues with my iPhoto so I am going to get it fixed and then add those later today! So check back to see those this afternoon! (I’m over computers lately!)

If you go to Las Vegas for a weekend, make sure to pack light because you really won’t need much! Taking a couple of swimsuits, a hat, pool tote, dressy outfits, & a casual outfit was perfect for me. I recommend taking small cross body bags because it is very busy city and it’s best to have something small and very close to you. And I recommend a card holder just because they are smaller & you can keep a couple of cards in there and keep it in a small bag! Also, we did a TON of walking – almost as much walking as my family does at Disney so DEF take flat sandals! (Sidetone – we were shooting a lot of this trip so you may just be hanging by the pool more – or walking to go to shops/restaurants.)

1. Rose Gold Aviators (just ordered these!)
15. Dinner Party Dress (this is what I wore Sunday night!)

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20 thoughts on “What I Packed For Las Vegas

  1. Love the crochet bikini, but the bottom looks a little smallish. I've got a booty and im wondering what the coverage is like? I'm also in need of a coverup and love that option.

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