DRESS: Felicity & Coco | PUMPS: Zendaya (obsessed, under $100 – run TTS) | HANDBAG: Valentino (similar style here & here) | WATCH:  Michele | BRACELETS: David Yurman | RING: David Yurman | LIPS: ‘Myth’ + ‘Hip-n-Happy‘  | SUNGLASSES: Celine (dupes here)
I got this dress at Nordstrom for an event I was going to and I’ve ended up wearing it a couple of times – overtime I wear I get to tons of compliments. It is simple enough that it would look good dressed up or down, but it’s also beautifully made and comes in a couple of brighter colors. Nordstrom also carries the white version in a petite size as well! 
In other news, my family spent the weekend with us in Tulsa and it was sooooo much fun. It was crazy in my house but seriously fun. John had to work nights so it was really fun having them around so I don’t get lonely! Elle stayed for a couple of nights before my family came..  I feel so fortunate to have friends and family who have made this medical school/residency journey a little easier, we couldn’t do it without them! 
Anyway, hope you all had a fun and safe weekend – would love to hear about it in the comments below!!
Sponsored by Nordstrom.
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44 thoughts on “Summertime Pastels (Perfect Summer Dress)

  1. I definitely get what you mean about having friends and family close to make the time that you're by yourself more comfortable. My bf and I are LD but I got to see him this weekend…Weather wasn't "4ht of July ideal" so we stayed inside from the rain and watched Netflix and got McDonald's breakfast. Looked like y'all had fun celebrating! You look gorgeous as always.

  2. Dress is cute! Love the shoes, but you can't tell me that you have worn that dress "a couple of times" and never bothered to take the tags off of it.
    I think it is deceiving to your readers to have something C/O and then return it after writing a review for them.

  3. No offence, but if you claim to wear this dress "a few times" why is the tag still on? If you're just posting this dress for a "photo op," and then returning it, you must think your readers are idiots, which makes you money hungry. And two, you should look over your posts before you publish them. Sorry, but not sorry.

  4. Oh my gosh! Ha, thank you for pointing that out! So embarrassing! It had a price tag & a brand tag and I didn't expect any others! Trust me, I wouldn't have posted photos if I knew there were a tag there. Also, this dress is not c/o – I purchased this with my own money and actually did wear it 2 times! A girlfriend is actually borrowing it this weekend so I'm going to take that tag off asap. Thanks again for letting me know! <3

  5. Absolutely gorgeous dress!! Looks very stunning on you. And I never saw the tag, who cares anyways!! Wish I could buy everything you post, but have to pick and choose. But I must say I have a BIG wish/Dream list because of you…HAHA!! I have purchased several of your beauty, skin/body care items. Wish you would do more beauty items, and videos. Also LOVE your house decor style. So glad I started following you!! I live in edmond,Ok and somehow feel like I know you since Tulsa is so close, wish I could meet you someday! Meet & Greet would be a dream come true!