Hello from the Dallas airport…  I’m heading out of town today and wanted to share my travel #ootd & a few of my travel must-haves! We found out that this flight was delayed at like 1am so I woke up early and we shot this as I packed & got ready so it is as real-time as possible, lol! 

Pillows are here & here. | White hat is here.
I almost always travel w/my LV Neverfull – the GM & MM are my favorites. Today I have my Prada tote inside this Neverfull just so I don’t have to pack the Prada in my main luggage. Just a tip if you ever find yourself in a pickle like this! 
^look how sad Fitzy looks! 
Leopard X Bench is HERE.


Mara Hoffman makeup case is HERE. I really like this make-up bag bc it fits all (which is a lot) of my makeup perfectly. The top has a small compartment which is where I store my makeup palettes… The palettes I always travel with are HERE, HERE, & HERE (new to me & I love it!). (for eyes, contour, & blush!) They have some really cute smaller size bags, too – I really like THIS one!
You may have noticed I almost always wear a hat when I travel.. its the way I feel most comfortable & it doesn’t hurt that I don’t have to mess w/my hair… lol wait, that’s actually the main reason, lets be honest. 🙂 I usually sleep on the plane – so I like being able to cover my face w/ my hat.. there’s no telling how goofy I look w/my mouth open asleep on the plane haha.




Leopard print baggage tag w/my initials is here.


John always insists on getting to the airport early – its a constant fight bc I like to get there right on time, hehe. We typically meet in the middle, aka, kind of early but not too early… so I usually get a coffee and a table and catch up on work in case before I board.
I almost always use a cardholder when traveling as opposed to a wallet, just to keep my ID & credit card handy & for checking in & all. 
All other details below:
Grey oversized sweater (very lightweight) (part of NSALE) *more photos in Fridays blog post – its oversized & long!
Shoes (NSALE)
Grey Hat (similar from NSALE here)
Okay! We are about to take off so I’m going to put my laptop up but if you like posts like this, let me know and I will do more!! 


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57 thoughts on “Travel With Me

  1. I wish I looked that cute when I travel. I'm going to start doing it more often, so I love seeing your outfits and tips and tricks. Also, your hair and make up are gorgeous ��
    Kisses, Yara

  2. Ok my dear. You are high maintance just like me. You should see my toiletry bag. Lol. Do you check? If so I'm just curious you're lastest packing situation. If you carryon being high maintance how do you do that? I'm on a plane every other week. Thanks so much. BTW. You're coverage of the Nordy sale was probably one of best. And yes Fritzy did look sad. Poor baby. Take care.

  3. I saw on Snapchat this morning that you were going to post this! Good for you girl, being all productive at the airport! I like the idea of wearing a hat at the airport, but I worry since I am short I will look stupid hahah! You look adorable though!

  4. Really loved this post! Have a safe trip! Are the jeans you're wearing the same ones you linked? The ones online look shorter but maybe it's just me.

  5. That's a great idea to put your bag in a tote, Emily! I have a few trips coming up so thank you for that! Just when I thought I didn't need another makeup bag, you bust out with the MH one, lol! I saw it on your Snapchat and love that top compartment for palettes so I'm going to go nab me one! Can't wait to follow your upcoming adventures on SC!

  6. Love love love this post!! I always love looking for new travel inspiration, and your look is perfect! I'm going on a trip to California next week and I can't wait to put together my travel outfit. Always love your looks!! Safe travels!


  7. Love this whole outfit! I have an upcoming family trip and my sister and I were recently discussing our airport outfits haha. 🙂 I like to wear a scarf but wearing a hat is a good idea too. I also admire you for putting on makeup for an early flight. That is like the last thing that I want to do when I have an early flight haha. Safe travels to you and I hope that yo are having a good week!!

  8. Emily, I am so desperate for your help!!

    I am going to purchase the neverfull in the white and gray (just like yours) but I keep hearing about color transfer and how hard it is to keep clean. I was about to purchase it and got cold feet because the associate at lv told me there's no way to clean it. How do you keep yours so clean? Do you notice color transfer on yours when you wear denim or dark colors? You're the only person I know (hehe sort of) that has the bag so any advice would be so helpful.

    Thank you!

  9. Great tips and ideas! I always struggle with what to wear when traveling especially in the midst of summer. But this look is chic yet comfy and the perfect ensemble for any flight.