The Best of Dry Shampoo + How I Use Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo… it really is a girls best friend. You all know I am a hat girl – I wear hats at least 2 day a week – but typically only when my hair is getting a little dirty (or traveling). I try to wash my hair about 1-2x a week so the only way to make that stretch is w/hats & dry shampoo! Anyway, I find dry shampoos to be kind of tricky – some leave a white residue, some make your hair feel sticky, some help create volume, some create texture, some smell horrible and some smell wonderful.. I could go on – I am really picky about dry shampoo, obviously! Anyway, I snapped a few weeks back that Sephora sent these 5 dry shampoos over and I decided to test them all and let you all  know how I felt about each of them! 

These are the 5 I tried out..

First, I wanted to share a few tips for dry shampoo..

-If you are brunette and you are using one w/a white powder, try applying it at night before you go to bed – the oil will be absorbed over night and the white residue will be gone!
-Always always use your CLEAN fingertips to rub the product in to get it activated. I have to really work it into my hair to get it absorbed & working!
-Don’t over do it / or use too much, it will leave your hair dirty feeling & potentially weigh it down!

I think overall, this may have been my favorite. It smells so fresh & clean, leaves no white residue, & it absorbs oil SO quickly w/o having to really rub it in! I think this is best for those of you looking for a product that will leave your hair looking natural & clean. I didn’t find that it helped with volume really or created any grit or texture! So for me, I’ll be using this on days when my hair is dirty & needs a little refreshing. OR on days when it is kind of clean – but needs a little refresher!

*Also, my Snapchat friends sent TONS of messages saying this is their favorite! 

I really, really liked this product – it promotes volume so that is always a good thing in my book! 🙂 There’s no scent really & the powder is pretty easy to get activate but I do recommend teasing w/a comb if you are looking for volume w/ this! This leaves your hair clean & roots lifted – and it doesn’t make your hair feel sticky! This product claims to help extend a hairstyle and I can attest to that it does do that. I work this powder through the top half of my head at the roots while my hair is flipped over use my fingers to work it in – when I flip back up it looks like a fresh blow out. 

*The only downside to this is that it isn’t a spray – it comes out in a powder form so you kind of shake it over the area you want it to go!

Not going to lie – I love the packaging of this product best. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging though! This product is  good – but I would prefer the Living Proof over it. Technically it does the same thing as the Living Proof one, but I do think this one has a really nice smell! This one is VERY lightweight – so it doesn’t weigh down your hair at all if you over do it & it can add texture more so than the Living Proof. I like to have a Dry Shampoo on hand that creates textures bc that helps if you are doing a braid or a fun ponytail. The texture helps to keep the style in tact and keep it looking ‘alive’ if you will… haha! I use this when I want my ponytail to be extra perky and not flat!


 I don’t have photos for the last two & I really wasn’t AS crazy over the last two really… But I’ll review those also!

I think this one is best for someone who wants to really dry up oil. Other than that it was just ‘okay’ for me – I like a scented dry shampoo and this doesn’t have any scent. (SO if you like a scentless one, you may like this – bc it does a great job with soaking up oil!)

This one is actually pretty good – and it claims to do everything, absorb oil, increase volume, extend hairstyle, & cover any oder. I will say that it does do all of that – but I didn’t feel like it helped with my volume as much as the Bumble & Bumble! I will say that this truly leaves no white residue which is always a plus if you have darker hair! If you are looking for ONE dry shampoo that can do it all, this could be the one! 

Ok, let me know if you have any questions!!

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36 thoughts on “The Best of Dry Shampoo + How I Use Dry Shampoo

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Klorane's Dry Shampoo. I get the tinted one which is great if you have dark hair like I do. It also comes in a smaller travel size version that I take with me on trips. I can't believe it wasn't one of your favorites! I have tried so many and I feel like this is the BEST one to really soak up all the oil and make the hair look clean. I guess I should try the Living Proof one soon to compare since it's your fav. 🙂 Thanks for the review!


  2. My favorite budget friendly dry shampoo is Batiste! Its AMAZING and even has a great product for dark hair (praise the lord)! The only down side is it gets the dark residue under your finger nails if you mess with your hair throughout the day like I do. Seriously though, I can go at least 2 days longer without washing my hair if I have Batiste around!

  3. I'm with you, Emily! I didn't rely on dry shampoo as much until the last six months so this post is just on time, haha! I'm a sucker for packaging too and the Amica bottle totally stood out to me. I've been wanting to try Living Proof too. Love that you're teaming with Sephora. I LOVE their brand!!!

    What do you think of TRESemme? I just grabbed a bottle at Target and I'm not loving it. :/

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