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HOLIDAY CARDS: Minted c/o (20% off today!) | RED SWEATER: BP (only $36) | PLAID PUMPS: Lauren Lorraine  | MONOGRAM: Love Always | WATCH: Michele
I am usually late on Christmas cards, but this year it was much easier / less hassle since I ordered with Minted (I’ll go into that in a second.) When we got back from Paris, I decided to use THESE photos for our Christmas cards. And then, I got to thinking that was rude to leave Fitz out (I’m crazy!) so I decided to split them up this year! I’m using THESE photos as Christmas cards too and I’ll do half and half. 🙂 I was laughing out loud yesterday because I sat on the ground in our living room to put the stamps on these envelopes and Fitz would come over and lay across them! It was almost like he was saying he didn’t approve of the card!
On a different note, I loved ordering with Minted for a few reasons… First of all, I find it kind of overwhelming to order Christmas cards each year. It is a little intimidating going through all the designs, selecting your photos, font, etc. On Minted it was super easy because you can just select ‘Holiday Cards’ and then you filter what you want either by landscape/portrait/square, price point, font, etc. It basically narrows down your options so it is less intimidating. I wanted a gold foil text on ours so it was easy to narrow it down to this one! I think I spent under 10 minutes (I can be indecisive so thats a big deal.) Anyway, I also love that you can upload your address spreadsheet and it prints your addresses on your envelopes for FREE! I almost died when I saw this. I started a spreadsheet for our wedding years ago and I still use it so it was amazing just adding that in and our envelopes coming addressed. Also,  you can order your stamps from Minted as well and add a photo or design. We just stuck with a “G” for ours but maybe next year the babe will be on the stamp. 🙂 Okay, I’ll try to wrap this up – I am really just a huge fan of Minted!
Also! They are still running their Cyber Monday sale today so the site is 20% off – definitely don’t want to miss that!
Thanks to Minted for sponsoring todays post.
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26 thoughts on “Our 2016 Christmas Card (20% Off Today!)

  1. When I was a kid everybody was sending christmas cards but now nobody do it anymore 🙁 Super sad! Next year I hope I get the chans to do some christmas cards to send out because I think it´s really cute 🙂

  2. Hi Emily! Such beautiful photos and Christmas cards! I have a question! Last year you said you posted a video of trimming your tree with the ribbons and how to do it on snapchat however I don't do snapchat. Would you be able to post it again on your blog or somewhere where I can view it? I always put up three trees for Christmas in my home and would love to try and replicate your tree from last year.

    Blessings from Our Home to Yours,

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