JACKET: old (similar HERE) | DENIM: Paige (on sale) | TURTLENECK: Trouve (highly recommend) | SUNGLASSES: Prada | PUMPS: Christian Louboutin (similar here) | LIPS: ‘Lady Danger’ | HANDBAG: Gucci (similar here

Thought I’d quickly share a few shots from our time at Central Park last week. It was nice and sunny, and so dreamy there. After we shot these, I grabbed a nutella waffle from one of the stands in the park and it was OH-so-good. Later on this day, we went ice skating in Central Park before it got too busy. I am a terrible skater and John is so good so I basically squeezed his hands for the two laps around! After that we went to do some shopping (I wanted to go to Prada but the store was blocked off by protesters!) so we ended up going to PJ Clarks for dinner. PJ Clarks is a restaurant near where Fashion Week used to be and it was always a favorite of mine. John and I ordered 3 appetizers and he was agreed it was his favorite meal in the city. Finally we ended the night with a carriage ride around the park. It was a perfect little Christmas/NYC date night! John and I started dating around Christmastime and our first date was actually to a Christmas function for my ‘social club’ (private Christian school versions of sorority :)). After the function we drove around looking at Christmas lights with Christmas music going and every year since -we still do it, it became our favorite tradition! I always get cheesy and nostalgic this time of year because it reminds me so much of our first dates together. <3 Okay, I’ll wrap that up bc I could go on forever haha. 

I mentioned last week that I recently purchased these black Louboutins from Nordstrom for the holidays (& more!). I wanted to share a few other great party shoes from Nordstrom in case you’ve got a work party or somethign special to attend. We are actually going to wedding for NYE so I am currently on the hunt for something sparkly to wear! I am trying to wait until closer to time (bc of the growing stomach) but I have my eye on this dress & these shoes from Nordstrom. (PS. These are a great dupe for Manolos.)

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring today’s post.

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29 thoughts on “Our Christmassy / NYC Date Night

  1. Hi Emily,cute outfit! Is your jacket by chance from Zara? I was wondering because I have one that looks just like that and I was wondering if it was the same jacket. Your NY trip sounds like it was a lot of fun, thanks for the great ideas of things to do and places to eat!

  2. Oh my goodness! I used to live in NYC and we would eat PJ Clarks all the time. Right after I had my son, I'm pretty sure we used Seamless at least once a week so I could order the mini cheeseburgers from PJ Clarks! SO good! We live in Atlanta now and I still think about the great food we had in nyc. lol

    LOVE the shoes! Total perfection!