This sale is one I look forward to EVERY year! I stock up on a lot of my favorites when it happens because it’s hard to find any of these things 25% off… or on sale at all! I’m rounding up the best of the sale and some of the things I have that are part of the sale (that I love and recommend!).
Also, for expecting mamas, I get a lot of maternity from Shopbop! It’s a good time to invest in a good pair of jeans or robe. 🙂
 1. Turquoise Earrings (have these and wear them ALL summer!)
5. Ripped Knee Skinny Jeans (I have 3 pair of these exact jean bc they are so good!)
12. Tory Burch Tote (love this bag!)
14. Hair Stuff Pouch (aleady in my shopping cart!)
16. Carrera Marble iPhone Case (one of my favorite cases I own!)





^^AG Jeans w/Ripped Knees (my personal faves)


^^6 Shore Lane One Piece (another classy option)




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