GREY LONGSLEEVE TEE: Outdoor Voices c/o | GREY TWO TONED LEGGINGS: Outdoor Voices c/o (colors are ‘Dove’ & ‘Ash’) | SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban | GREY SWEATSHIRT: Outdoor Voices c/o | TOTE: Goyard St. Louis GM | EARRINGS: Nadri | SPORTS BRA: Outdoor Voices in ‘Lilac’ c/o
Oh em gee, I got a package from Outdoor Voices last week and quickly tried them on one morning and then.. I didn’t want to take them off! In fact, if you are a Tulsan – you will probably see me wearing this outfit a lot, lol. Like really, my body has changed so much the past week and I feel so good and comfy in this outfit + it is so cute! Any who, we spent last weekend in Branson (stayed at Tall Pines ‘The Refuge’) and enjoyed a fun weekend outdoors. We went out walking by the lake and also out exploring at Big Cedar Lodge. I was so happy I brought this Outdoor Voices look though because it really is a cute outfit & also so functional for {attempting} to chase/play with Fitz. Sidenote – Fitz LOVED the cabin!!!
Okay moving on… I thought I’d answer a question I’ve been getting a little lately about staying “fit” while pregnant. To be honest, I have had such little energy this pregnancy so I haven’t been to Zumba since before I found out I was pregnant. :/ My mom and sister warned me hardcore about weight gain during pregnancy because apparently in our family it – weight gain is a serious thing. What is funny is that my mom and sis are both thin and really fit, so I got nervous when they told me this!! My brother in law even whispered to me how much my sister gained w/her first (LOL) and I remember thinking “omgoodness, and all I do is crave Chic-Fil-A chicken minis!!” Anyway, I am sure some of you can relate to this a little, right?! All that being said, I stay so busy with work – sometimes behind a computer all day long and somedays I am running errands so I am constantly looking for ways to stay active. It is really hard because by the time I’ve finished my work day, all I want to do is take a bath!! 
So a few ways I have tried to remain active & healthy:
1. Taking Fitz on walks (if it isn’t too cold!). If I look at my health app on my phone and don’t have many steps, I take Fitz for a {speed}walk around our neighborhood – it is about a mile and a half. I know that probably isn’t much – but it works for me! Speedwalking burns more calories and I wear my watch that tracks my heart rate so I try to keep my heart rate at a certain level the entire walk. 
2. When we travel, we always try to walk extra or go the longer route. A lot of times, after a long flight of sitting down, John and I make it a point to do lots of walking when we get to our destination. So often when we travel I am literally exhausted {does traveling wear anyone else down so quickly?!} – but John knows how I feel about getting extra steps in! In fact, bc the Tulsa airport is so small, we always have to connect in Dallas- and the Dallas airport has SkyLink which is the train that takes you to your gate – well we don’t use it! We always walk to our gate which can be a lot of walking! We enjoy it though because no one really walks so it is just us walking and talking! (PS. USA Today did an article on airports w/the longest ‘hikes’ and Dallas was one of the airports mentioned – it has the longest interior walking distance! So that is basically what we take advantage of!)
3. Pregnancy work out videos are SO helpful! I do them in hotel rooms sometimes if I feel like I haven’t moved enough. Also, just the past 2 weeks, my stomach has grown so much and so have my legs and backside :/ .. seriously  so annoying! So I try to do these 10 minute workouts. I’ve noticed that I am not as strong as I used to be and so I am trying to get better about targeting muscle groups. I know I am going to need serious arm muscles after baby because those carseats + baby are not light!!
Other than that, I can’t say I do a ton of other fitness related things, though I wish I had the energy to keep going to Zumba!! I really hate that my energy levels dropped and never came back after the first trimester. Hopefully they come back or I’m in big trouble!! I will say, simply wearing workout gear motivates me to stay active and keep moving. Before I got this adorable Outdoor Voices outfit – I was wearing the same black leggings and jacket so I feel so much cuter now in the two-toned warmup leggingand soft grey top. PS. This is the sports bra I was wearing and I am obsessed!
Thanks to Outdoor Voices for sponsoring today’s post.


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One thought on “Fitness During Pregnancy

  1. hey there! Im dying to know – how diD you wear OV leggings through pregnancy? I am so in love wIth mine (im at 5 weeks now wIth my 2nd) but keep thinking the high waist wont work in a couple months. Did you roll them?
    I hope you and your little one are well! 🙂