SWIMSUIT: Splendid (bottoms HERE) | HAT: Nordstrom | SUNNIES: Prada | BEACH BAG: old (similar HERE & HERE) (how CUTE is THIS beach bag?! Wish I had it for the trip!) | NECKLACE: BaubleBar | BRACELET: Styled Collection | SANDALS: Valentino (dupes user $100 here) | BEACH BLANKET: Nordstrom | SWIMSUIT COVER UP:  Eberjay 
Okay, really quick – this is one of my fave suits from our Maui trip! It’s got the cutest white stitching and is just too cute. I got my regular size in it so I can continue wearing it after baby.. the bottoms were a little snug (probably bc I over ate at breakfast every morning!!) but otherwise it is true to size!
Moving on – I have to share this fake tanning fail.. first of all, I am getting a TON of ?s about my self tanner so I’m working on a full post to cover that! But no, I am totally not tan at all w/o self tanner. It’s a long story but I’m not one to sit in the sun for long, ever – so I am SUPER white. Like, scary white w/o self tanner! Anyway, before I go on a trip where I am going to be wearing shorts or dresses, I always go by my local mystic tan place to get sprayed. WELL! I don’t know what happened but the night before we flew out, I went to get sprayed and I got the darkest color.. and when I woke up for our flight I was still strikingly white. I don’t know if there was something wrong with the machine or what but I had zero color. I kind of freaked out because my theory for this trip was “if you can’t tone it, tan it”… bc lets get real, girlfriend needs to get back to the gym after baby! But really, I am far from tone and being tan always flatters, if you know what I mean. SO, I packed my favorite tanning foam and as soon as we got to our resort I made sure to tan my whole body. Well, the night before I wore this swimsuit I showered and added another layer of self tanner BUT the next morning I forgot to rinse my body off before I got dressed… :/ SO before we took half of these photos I was walking into the ocean to cool off.. and the waves would come in and splash and it felt really good. I went to look at the camera to see if the photos were good and I noticed my thighs have huge white stretch marks in the pictures that I didn’t know I had (!!) so I look down and and my thighs have a zebra stripe look – aka the self tanner that I forgot to rinse off was dripping off and making it look like I had extreme stretch marks on my legs and a little on my stomach. SO, as I am uploading these photos I had to delete 80% of them bc it looked so bad. Anyway, lesson learned – if your self tanner says to rinse it off before getting dress… definitely follow the rules if you are planning on being near water! 🙂
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