What’s in my Sephora VIB Shopping Cart

My VIB Picks

#1. Marc Jacobs Fluffy Bronzer Brush

I love love MJ brushes. They are thick & fluffy and do a great job at evenly distributing product!

#2. Too Faced Natural Palette

This pallette is perfect for DAILY looks. It has all the best colors and you’ll need nothing else! The shades are all very pigmented and wear well!

#3. Tom Ford Bronzer

I love trying out new bronzers and finding natural, beautiful ones. This one is HUGE and comes in gorgeous packaging. BUT it is a a little on the bougie side – the price point is up there. :/ I thought I’d splurge since it was 15% off!

#4. Josie Maran Foundation

I snap chatted a couple of weekends ago that Hillary and I sampled a new foundation and were OBSESSED. It was this one! It is seriously SO good. It’s not super thick but it provides great, natural coverage. It wears well throughout the day and keeps your skin looking smooth & alive!

#5. DermaBlend Setting Powder

I’m trying this one out because many of my favorite YouTubers have raved about it and said it looks amazing on the skin and especially for setting the under eye area. (I’ll report back on it!)

#6. T3Micro Wave Set

This is the curling iron I use and LOVE. Anytime my girlfriends try it – they end up going to buy it because it is THAT good. I use the 1” curling iron barrel mostly but I have all of the wands in this set. It is nice to have wands and other size barrels just so I can pop it on and try different types of curls and hair styles.

#7. Sephora Beauty Sponge

I haven’t tried it out but I was curious bc many of the dupes are pretty good! I loved the unique shape and figured it would be great for reaching and blending hard to reach places.

#8. Dyson Blow Dryer

The best time to buy pricer items is during this sale! I already own this – but just letting you guys know it is part of the sale. 🙂 (I do plan to review it soon.. just don’t wash my hair a ton, lol!)

#9. Beauty Blender

I love the bubble gum pink blender! I can’t get ready w/o a damp beauty blender so I try to stock up on a few when I can get them on sale!

#10. Chloe Love Story

One of my top 3 favorite perfumes! Mine is totally out as of this week so I am ordering more!

#11. Natasha Denona Star Pallete

Okay.. this is obnoxious. It is like $169?! BUT, holy cow it is GOOD. It has all of my favorite shades and more. The shades are HUGE and there are 18 of them. The glitter pigments are gorgeous and the mattes are beautiful and blend so beautifully. I do recommend splurging on this!

#12. Kat Von De Lip Liner

Kat Von De makes some of the best lip products and this is one of them! There’s a huge shade range and these help make your lips look fuller and the color stays put all day.

#13. Pores No More Primer

I had been sampling this the past couple of weeks because I’d heard amazing things about it. I really like it – it smooths out pores and kind of fills them in so they aren’t AS noticeable.

#14. Josie Maran Finishing Balm

This was another product Hillary and I purchased to try w/the foundation and it is SO good. It brightens your face before you apply the foundation and smooths out your complexion. You can use this daily alone – or use it as a primer.

#15. Luxe Waffle Towel

I will literally do anything to cut drying time in half – or even shorten it all. My hair is on the thicker side so when it comes to washing and drying it – I have to literally plan my week around it. [I’m serious.] I have heard great things about these towels so I figured it was worth the try! (I can report back on this, too!)

#16. Touch Del Sol Glitter Pigment Eye Shadow

This was a repurchase bc I LOVE this stuff. Just like my curling iron, any time I’m w/my girlfriends they all wanna go to Sephora and buy this after seeing it. Its so gorgeous and looks striking on the eye. I like the gold color best!

Okay! That is it for now – sorry my image is a little blurry! I’d love to hear what all you guys got!? Anything I missed?

EDITED: The first images is from a Sephora Haul last spring – all of the outfit details are there! <3

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20 thoughts on “What’s in my Sephora VIB Shopping Cart

  1. What color Do you wear in this foundation? I have been waNting tO try it and i seem tO be the same shade as You im other foundations. ThaNks!!

  2. Great recommendations! Is tHere a men’s cologne yoU love? My two favorite colognes are ones my dad wears, and i don’t exactly want my husband smelling like my dad! Lol! Thanks in advance!

  3. Hi Emily, can you share what cokors you got for foundation, lip liner, etc? Everything is sold out in stores so i was just going to order online. You and i have pretty much the same complextion- thanks so much & happy friday! ?

  4. I just tried a samPle of the Josie maran foundation and love it! It does have a really weird smell to me thoigh, is yours like that?

  5. What is your dry Shampoo recommenDation for brunettes? Love reading your posts! Always so cute and helpful!!

  6. You tried the Josie Maran foundation!! I left a comment about it on one of your posts a while back…isn’t it amazing! The argan oil is so good for you skin because it helps produce oils….which prevents aging! Such a flawless finish too, eh!

  7. Where did you get the leopard cardigan from it’s beautiful! And the white tank too please! I love you styled this. Also congrats on your baby boy can’t wait to see him if you decide to post pictures. Much Love <3

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