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Spring Dresses Under $50



DRESS: Amuse Society (wishing I could fit into THIS and THIS, both under $50!) | HEELS: Steve Madden (highly recommend) | HANDBAG: Prada (similar HERE) | WATCH: Michele | BRACELETS: David Yurman | LIPS: ‘Om’ | SUNGLASSES: LeSpec (under $60)

Y’all, this bump is out of control! I can’t help but laugh because nothing fits me. When I find a cute dress that fits, I literally wear it over and over and over, lol! Like this cute midi dress I found at Nordstrom [warning: the striped style is selling quickly]. My friend Jordan who stayed w/me last week was with me when I got a UPS package from Nordstrom and she was cracking up at me trying to fit into some dresses. This dress was one I ordered and had high hopes for, however, it didn’t even come close to covering my bump. I decided to hang on to it though because it was only $45 and I am hoping I can wear it later this spring / summer!

I’m loving how Nordstrom has so many cute, summer dresses to wear that are at affordable price points. I’m all about finding dresses or tops under $50 that are good quality and can be worn a ton. I always gravitate towards simple, loose dresses that I can easily throw on and run errands or dress up for a special date night. I’m linking a few of my favorites in the widget below – most are right around the $50 price point, too! 🙂

Oh! And sorry I missed yesterday’s post. You won’t believe how bad this ‘pregnancy brain’ non-sense is… So my BFF, Hillary, from Ohio was flying in this weekend. Well, yesterdays was John’s day off and we had a long to-do list… I woke up and had a snap from Hillary being like “on my way!!” and I am like “huh, she doesn’t arrive until tomo?!”. I look up her flight and sure enough I had completely written the wrong date down! This actually happened to us about a month ago too – a friend from undergrad was staying with us and I didn’t write it down correctly and he came when we were out of town, so embarassing. Is this normal?!?! Will it go away?! Please say it will! We are fortunate that my friends are all very understanding and so kind. Hillary was such a good sport and ran errands with us and helped us get stuff done.

Thanks to Nordstrom for sponsoring todays post.

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22 thoughts on “Spring Dresses Under $50

  1. Haha, I’ve been having the same pregnancy brain moments. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve put food that’s supposed to go in the fridge in random cabinets, lol, and go crazy looking for them. Anyway, the dress is too cute and I’ll have to look at your selection as I near the end of my pregnancy; I’m so happy it’s dress season at least, so much easier to dress a bump! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend!



  2. Omg momma prego brain is so normal. Undort for me after having teo boys 16 months itbhas never really come back fully. BOys are now 3 and 2 and my brain is not as sharp as it used to be 🙁 they are worth it, but man its cray cray how it happens. My BIL laughs that u used to be so smart, i so agree.

  3. that dress on you is amazing…You are such a beautiful mama to be inside and out. I loooove your style so much and look to you and your blog for inspiration. way to go for rocking your heels while prego…you are awesome!

  4. Hi Emily! Random question that has probably been asked many times before – so sorry if it has!. Do you still use NeuLash? You have the prettiest lashes! i’ve been thinking about getting lash extensions but a little nervous about it.

    Thank you!

  5. I FEEL for you! I had pregnancy brain so bad! Sadly for me it never completely disappeared, I’m always doing ridiculous things and have my husband double check every date I write down!

  6. When i was preggo, i put my tupperware contaiNer into my toaster oven Thinkingit was a microwave. Plastic and ovens Don’t mix. Anyways….my son is 10 months And now i have mom brain (sorry, it Doesn’t get better)

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