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Mixing High & Low Price Points

I thought I’d share a little outfit inspo – and I really, really wish I had this outfit now that I’ve made this little collage. I’m going to use it as motivation to get my baby weight off.. :/ Anyway, I’ve always loved dressing up a white tee – even w/heels and fun accessories. It has an effortless look to it! Also, I tried to mix some low and high prices into it.. you all know I am all about mixing price point. Just because you are carrying a designer handbag doesn’t mean you have to wear all designer. It’s all about saving and splurging on the right items.


#1 Distressed Dark Denim [$135]

How cute is that wash of denim?! They always catch my eye when I am shopping but I’m not but I am not buying new jeans just yet. I just love the fit, the wash, and the super dark, rich blue color.

#2 Tan Fedora

I had someone recently ask me about wearing hats like this during the spring & summer which took me by surprise! I guess I don’t think much of it – but I can see why you’d question a wool hat during hot months. I wear mine all year round- but I just don’t wear the darker colors. I adore THIS ONE – the color goes with so much!

#3 Gold Watch w/ Green Face

I wanted to share this watch because I have the version w/the black face and LOVE it! I really want this olive color next. It doesn’t have the hefty price tag of a Michele and it’s a little bit less expensive than a Michael Kors soI thought I’d include it. This brand is wonderful quality so it is worth the money – plus it is so different- not many girls are wearing these!

#4 White V-Neck Tee [$32]

One thing I feel like I can’t have enough of are white v-neck tees! Over the past 3 years I’ve found 3 that I just love and wear quite a bit. You may remember this post where I raved about this white tee or this post where I raved about a Lush tee – well this version is their new v-neck and I recently got the lavender color in and love it. It’s a little less casual since it doesn’t have the pocket, but still the same soft material and cute fit.

#5 Strappy Nude Heels [$99]

During the spring and summer I love a good, strappy nude heel! There’s just something about tan feet and a strappy heel that looks so chic and also elongates your legs.

#6 Gucci Belt

Oh my gosh, this belt. When we were in Aspen in October, I tried this belt on in their Gucci store and wanted it SO badly. John even agreed how good it looked on but I felt bad buying it and knowing that I would only be able to wear it for a couple of months, if that. Anyway, back in March I told John that I’m going to use a belt as a motivator to get my baby weight off. I absolutely adore the color of this one.. 🙂

#7 Layered Gold Statement Necklace [$49]

You all know I mainly wear dainty gold necklaces layered a lot these days. It’s simple and not overdone, but still gives the look of being put together!

#8 Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick

I love this lipstick formula – one of my favorite colors is ‘Penelope Pink’!

#9 MAC Lip Liner in ‘Stripdown’

Seriously the best lip liner there ever was… or one of them at least! If you’ve followed me for a while you know this is my jam. It goes with all lip colors (except pinks and reds) and makes your lips look fuller.

#10 Everyday Earrings [$38]

When I wear dainty, layered necklaces, I opt for diamond stud earrings. They have a simple, classy look and it’s just enough to pull your look together.

#11 Nude Crossbody Bag

Okay, I just laid eyes on this bag yesterday and I am obsessed!! I love the camera bag trend – and this is YSL’s version of it. The nude would go with everything and would be ideal for summertime when you are out and about and want your bag nearby. I’m SO tempted to get this one!

#12 Aviators

I have always loved aviator sunglasses- I like that they can be casual or you can wear them with dressier looks if you need to. But these, oh my gosh, they scream summertime. The cute bar across the top just makes these!

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10 thoughts on “Mixing High & Low Price Points

  1. Ive been looking for a good white tee! I also lovE mixing high and low end price points. I Almost always go for affordable pieces but i think 3 things are worth the money.. sushi, tattoos, and denim! Ha!

    Kim .. favorite florals!

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