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Yesterday I posted a photo on Instagram and got a few questions regarding makeup and mascara. I wanted to quickly update and recap the products I am still loving and using on a daily basis. I will try to film a ‘get ready with me’ video this summer.. maybe! [w/a baby around IDK if that will happen but I have it on my to-do list!] Anyway, I have TONS of beauty posts on my blog – all that contain info about my favorite foundations, primers, serums, mascara, etc. You can search through those posts in two ways, the first being using the “Beauty” tab up top OR use the “Search” bar in the left, upper corner! If you are new to my blog, I typically do one beauty post a week if I can, but usually there are 2 per month! I recommend scrolling through the archives because I do lots of favorites posts and updated makeup routines. I put my makeup and hair favorites on here monthly so I would definitely just scroll through the archives and browse because I always update it!


#1 Tom Ford Bronzing Brush

This brush is a MAJOR splurge, but trust me, it is worth it! Your bronzer will come out smooth and blended and super sun kissed/natural looking.

#2 Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Finish Powder

I wrote about this in my March Favorites posts. This powder is being used by some of the top YT Beauty Gurus so I gave it a shot and I love it! It’s a light powder so it just sets your makeup beautifully.

#3 YSL Primer

I’ve been using this Primer for a couple of years now – and I try ALL primers that promise to leave your skin poreless and perfect and this is the only one that I have really and truly loved. It is a bit on the pricy side, BUT it will last SO long. I am on my second bottle now.

#4 Kevin Aucoin Concealer

You may remember this concealer bc I talked about it in the under eye concealer competition post a few months back… this concealer is $48 for the tiny jar but boy! It lasts. You literally need the smallest little bit and it will cover all the flaws on your face! My under eyes are on the struggle bus every since accutane… and pregnancy… and now newborn so I swear by this! My mom is here w/me half of the week and I noticed her under eyes looking so great and bright so I asked about them and she goes “oh I use that little red jar on your vanity!”. I ended up ordering her her own so that she can use it while she is at home. We love this stuff – I promise you will get your money’s worth.

#5 Hourglass Bronzer

Okay, if you have followed me for long you know I just adore this bronzer – it is a favorite of mine for the past couple of years. The great news is that they introduced 2 new shades! I have always loved the formula – it shows up in a brown, bronzy way and doesn’t look orange or too glittery.

#6 Sigma F80 Foundation Brush

You guys know I swear by this brush and I have literally tried every foundation brush out there! This one is the best and that’s all there is to it!

#7 Stila Shadow

Right before I had Luke I started using this eye shadow and boy! I got more comments and questions than ever about it. You’ll notice it is on backorder so I recommend ordering ASAP – I had to wait ab 5 weeks to get mine in- but you will be glad you did! I like ‘Kitten Karma’ best.

#8 Brow Pomade

I have really thick, cray cray browz, lol. And they are not easy to manage – in fact I need to get them threaded ASAP. This is my favorite product for crazy brows – it stays put and fills in the sparse areas beautifully.

#9  Bobbi Brown Mascara

I remember when this mascara came out, I ordered it just thinking I’d give it a try bc I always try new products so I can review them. And the very FIRST time I tried it I loved it – and I’ve used it ever since. However, I also use the other one you’ll see linked below. This one makes your lashes super thick looking – easily the best for thick lashes!

#10 Plumping Gloss

Again, I’ve sworn by this gloss for YEARS and all my friends use it too bc they’ve seen how incredible it is – it really does plump. About 3 years ago, when John was in medical school I found an article online ab plumping glosses that really work and this was the one that had the best reviews. I was skeptical to splurge on it bc we were living on a small budget during medical school and I wanted to make sure it would actually work! I ordered it and literally used it every day for months bc I read a review that said if you use it daily it makes your lips fuller! Any who, I haven’t turned back or found anything better – this is still the best if you want to actually plump your lips. What is really crazy is that I used that same bottle for like a year and a half lol! I am sure it expired but it had a lot of meaning to me bc of the circumstances, haha! [not gonna lie – I still have the tube!]

#11 Beauty Blender

Not a lot to say here – but it’s the only way to do my under eye makeup! If I lost all my BB’s I probably just would not wear makeup because they are a necessity!

#12 MAC Eye Liner

This has been a HG product for years – and remains my fave water line liner.

#13 CT Mascara

This is the only other mascara that I think is truly worth the money and I constantly re-purchase. It is SO good! I have been using this one a lot the past few months!

#14 MAC Lipliner

I swear by ‘spice’ and ‘strip down’ – both go well w/tons of colors and also are great for creating a shadow around your lips to make your lips appear fuller!

#15 L’Oreal Primer (buy at drugstore!)

A long time HG product of mine – I buy ab one per month. I use the white end ONLY and I do one coat if I want longer, fuller lashes but if I wanna get crazy and have super full lashes – I do two coats and let them dry in between. Now that I have a baby, I have to skip using this just for time’s sake but I do try to use a serum on my lashes if I remember at night. I get TONS of questions about lashes – people ask if I wear the glue on ones and I definitely do not! I have tried and it always looks ridiculous on me. The ends pop off and stick up!! But I have naturally long, thick black lashes – so does my dad & Luke. I assume it is from being Native American – we all have thick hair as well. If you use a serum nightly and use this primer- it makes your lashes look crazy long. I have tried extensions before and I really like them – but it can be very expensive and a lot of upkeep! Also, they are not practical if you are like me and have horrible allergies and rub your eyes a lot! PS If you watch my Snaps – you may have seen I got a full bottle of Neulash FREE in a sample bag from the Nordstrom sale!!


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33 thoughts on “15 Holy Grail Makeup Products

  1. Hi Emily,

    love all your products, just had a quick question about the dior lip plumper. can you use it under your lipstick or gloss?

  2. I love your makeup posts! I’ve been wanting to order charlotte tilbury products for a long time and just might need to now. I was also wondering what you program you use to create the collage with all your makeup must haves. i’m an aspiring blogger and love the look of this!

  3. I just bought Neulash and it seems like nothing comes out onto brush on lid. Did you notice same thing?

  4. Agree with you on so many things here! The hourglass bronzer is gorgeous, beauty blender is an amazing tool! I also like the Charlotte tilbury powder and mascara. I haven’t tried that bobbi brown one but I’m tempted. With the Dior Lip Maximizer, do you just wear it alone as a gloss or do you wear lipstick with it? Also, l’oreal now sells voluminous primer on its own, i am addicted to it!!

  5. Hi emily! I love your blog so much, you are a huge inspiration! I just saw your insta-story and wanted to share that the exact same thing happened to me during pregnancy and after my baby. all of the breast-feeding and constantly looking down at sweet baby made my back and neck even worse! I wanted to encourage you because once i started going and got on a great plan with my chiro, i started feeling so much better! I still go because my baby is 22 lbs now and it can be a lot on my back. I hope you start feeling better and it helps! luke is beautiful!<3

  6. The loreal double end mascara is what i have used for years and years. I love it. not only does it do wonders for my lashes, i just love the way it stays on if you sleep in it, but still removes so easily with just warm water. just slides right of the eyelashes. great stuff. did you try the neulash? i use rodan + fields lash boost and love, love, love it. (i’m a consultant) my lashes were so pitiful and now they are great. my daughter who had decent lashes to start with now has the craziest, most gorgeous lashes you’ve ever seen. people comment on the all.the.time!!!

  7. Did you tjink thay the YSL broke your sKin out? I cant tell if it is or maybe my sKin is reacting from another item. I used to be on acutane also.


  8. Would you ever consider doing a makeup tutorial from start to finish? We would love to see that! Please let me know what you think!

  9. EMily; what shade do you usually buy in the kevin aucoin Skin perfecting concealer? They never have them in store and its super hard to try and skin match based on their online swatches…