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Summer 2017 JEAN Trend..

TOP: old (similar HERE & HERE) | DENIM: Free People (love!) | HEELS: Tony Bianco (smaller heel version) | HANDBAG: Celine (love this one also!) | NECKLACE: Kate Spade, Revolve | BRACELETS: David Yurman, The Styled Collection, Hermes | SUNGLASSES: Ray-Ban 

If you saw the title, you may be wondering what jean trend I am loving right now… and it probably won’t shock you: raw hems. I’ve been wearing my jeans w/raw hems for a year or two now and they are finally in stores that way now! I always end up finding that certain jean are more flattering so I typically bring them home and pull out the scissors.. and hand them to John, lol! I like them to look a little messy and undone and he is better at it. I’m a fairly tall girl, but my jeans are always a little long and I like them to hit right at my ankle so it helps w/this also!

While in Dallas over the weekend I saw those dark denim jeans w/busted knees and fell in love… and they didn’t have my *current* size [aka what I hopefully won’t be wearing forever!]. They did have my before baby size so I got them and they fit but not super great bc I’m still pretty swollen in my lower stomach {ps when does that go down?}. Anyway, I got home w/them and realized they desperately needed a raw hem trim and I like them a lot better now. 🙂

OH and don’t mind my wild hair! Oklahoma has insane wind and I am not joking – every single photo my hair was flying through the air.. not cute.

*Winners of Kate Spade cases are Cassidy Stroud and Alyson McElvan!*

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16 thoughts on “Summer 2017 JEAN Trend..

  1. My mom always told me when I was frustrated, 9 months up and 9 months back. You’ll be back to pre-preg sizes before that, but it really does take the body time to get back to “normal” — not that it is ever the same. But give it time. 🙂

  2. Love the dark wash with navy top. Raw hemS are my favorite, too. Give your body time and the tummy will return back to normal. As you are peobably sick of hearing, it takes time.

  3. You look Fabulous!!! Your belly will go down within a couple of months.. I pUrchased a baMboo belly and worE it for weeks after my csection and it really helped to flaten my tummy back. Hope this heLps?

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