Okay, wow! This is part 2 of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Beauty Review (see the first post HERE). I purchased a lot of beauty items because a lot of them are exclusive to the sale – so if you want to try one don’t hesitate to order it! I have a couple of ‘misses’ that I am going to have to return bc they weren’t worth the money. ANYWHO, I am going to jump right in with the hits & let you all know why I love them (misses will be at the end.)

If there are ** by the product – it is a MUST have!

HITS from the #NSALE

#1 Charlotte Tilbury Lip Duo (Wearing the ‘Nude’) **

#2 NARS Blush Palette (includes a bronzer & a highlighter + all the blushes – so great if you want to not have a ton of stuff in your makeup bag!)

#3 Laura Gellar Highlighter Kit (Wearing this in the photos above)

#4 Charlotte Tilbury Blush & Bronzer ** (SO good!)

#5 Beauty Blender Set w/Bag & Cleaner (I love this cleaner.)

#6 Stila Stay All Day w/ Liquid Lip **

#7 Hourglass Palette w/ Bronzer, Blush, & Highlighter **(already own the bronzer – and love the other products for a natural, dewy, fresh look!)

#8 Sigma Cleaning Mat & Foundation Brush (this mat is so great!)

#9 LED Vanity Mirror (I use this thing daily!)


#1 Tom Ford Golden Rose Kit (It is $91 – and I didn’t like any of the products inside – I really didn’t like the mascara!)

#2 I have tried this lash serum a couple of times over the years and it does not work for me at all!

I am dying to try this tho – I have heard this mascara makes your lashes grow!

Outfit Details

Cardigan | Shorts | Booties

**To see a full round up on #NSALE outfits see THIS post!**

WINNER OF THE LOUIS WALLET IS CASSIDY GALLEGHER – please e-mail me! emilysweetestthing@gmail.com!

I just want to say thank you to those of you are are always so kind and supportive! There were over 27k entries for that wallet so I am going to do an additional giveaway later this week for a Neverfull MM. Make sure to check back to see how to enter to win it.

Also, there are 2 $100 gift cards being given away in yesterdays post.

And I’m going through the entries of the wallet today and sending a few little surprises to some of you via e-mail! 🙂

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58 thoughts on “Nordstrom Sale Beauty Hits & Misses

  1. Emily thank you for doing this post i found the beauty products super overwhelming but now i feel i definitely need to purchase that lip duO! I love The color!

  2. I always trust your beauty tips and products! Can’t wait to try the hourglass palette. Love those Booties btw<3

  3. I have a question. if we select something from your blog or liketkit and then put it in the cart for nsale and something different from another blog and put it in the cart are they both linked to each INDIVIDUAL. Or would have have to do two SEPARATE orders for it to work in both parties favor? Love that LEOPARD tray also!

  4. Hi Emily. I’ve been following you for a couple of months now and I look forward to your blog posts, ig posts, snaps, daily!! you’ve totally re inspired me!! I was in the beauty industry for over 10 years and once I left I kind of lost my spark for it all, so thank you for bringing me back to life!!! I’ve purchased many items you have suggested and absolutely love them all!!!! I love following you and your precious family! XOXOX

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your misses, those are always helpful too!! (And a lot of people won’t do that). love your blog and snaps, thanks for the giveaways!

  6. You’re so sweet, EMily!
    Love these blog posts about the NSAle.
    Especially the beauty products.

    Hope you’re having a good week.

  7. Love reading your blog and following yOur instaGram. We have babies a week apart And i followed you during your pregnancy and loved seeing how you were doing since i was right at the same point you were!!

  8. I just have to say you aRe so adorable!!! Love all of yOuR posts and that little luke is the sweetest, cutest, mist precious little boy. (I have 4 boys of my oWn so im a little biased ?) I smile every time i see him On instagram! Keep being The wonderful mom and woman you are!! ?

  9. Love all of the beAuty reviews! Also, i hope your experience with the chiropractor was good a coUple of weeks ago. I am A chiropractor too in st. Louis so let me Know if you have any questions!


  11. Great post! I really appreciate that you posted things you tried and liked and didnt like! Very helpful in this huge sale! Thanks emily!

  12. I have to say you are beautiful inside and out. Always finding a way to let all of us into a little piece of youe fashion world by doing all these giveaways. Thank you!

  13. Youre so sweet, Emily to host all these gIveaways!?
    Your snaps are some of my favorites To waTch. Your family is the cutest!?

  14. YAAAAAS on the neverfull! I’ve decided i’m going to get myself one (finally) to use as a diaper bag for when my baby comes in September! Is the MM the size you have? WOuld it work to carry around my stuff plus the baby’s?

  15. I have bren following you jiw for a couple of weeks. Thank you for all your wonderful posts and tips! I have been shopping THE sale evryday! ?

  16. Have you tried Neulash before? i have ordered it and aM interested in trying it but i have heard it will take 3 months for results.

  17. Oooh emily, how i absoloutely love your stylE, taste And energy!! Thanks for inSpiring me on the daily!! especially when im feeling frUmpy& blahh. You remind me to gather all of my prettiest things and Pull it all togEther and shinE, shine cuz i got it like that!!(snap-snap!) ?It just takes a Little bit of time and effort to turn a gray sKy blue! Thanks!

    I alWays look forWard to seeing your next inspiring outfitS, ideas aNd bEautIful things to share with us!!

    You are ADORABLE!!

    YoUr friend ❤️
    Maria K.
    San Diego, ca

  18. Thank you for this post! Really looking forward to hopefully getting my hands on a CT lip kit set. Thank yoU Emily!

  19. I wasn’t really into the beauty products This time during the sale, but i do have to say thAt the charlotte tilburY items Did catch my atteNtion ? Great post Emily ?

  20. I’ve tried that eyelash serum and it worked for my sister and i! I guess it just depends on the person cuz the Neulash one didnt work on me and i know people swear by it.

  21. such a nice post Emily saves me from the potential of having misses at Nordy sale, lol Between you and Mallory Ervin I SWEAR I’m gonna have to try some CHARLOTTE TILBURY products. you both seem to love them so much.

  22. i’m obsessed with your nordstrom blog posts… it makes it so much easier to decide and shop. Xo <3

  23. I love you & your blog. Love so many of your nordstrom sale picks but everything i want is sold out. 🙁 hope some of it is restocked. Thank you For the giveaways you do! I would love to win the louis vuitton purse! Drooling! ?

  24. You are such a sweet generous blogger. Your community loves you. Just wanted to say that I appreciate that you did a ‘miss’ section…keeping it real is so important. xoxo

  25. Where is your vanity from? Ive been trying to Find Something cute and mirrored with some storage sOace but nOthing huge!

  26. great post!! AS USUAL …..question, I am moving into a new house and will finally have a HUGE closet and place for a vanity. I love the desk you used. Can you tell me where it is from ? Looks like Z gallery ….thanks love