emily gemma, the sweetest thing blog, nordstorm anniversary sale 2017 fitness, adidas iniki pink shoes, louis vuitton neverfull GM, cute workout outfits, hiphop dance class tulsa ok-9

emily gemma, the sweetest thing blog, nordstorm anniversary sale 2017 fitness, adidas iniki pink shoes, louis vuitton neverfull GM, cute workout outfits, hiphop dance class tulsa ok-9

emily gemma, the sweetest thing blog, nordstorm anniversary sale 2017 fitness, adidas iniki pink shoes, louis vuitton neverfull GM, cute workout outfits, hiphop dance class tulsa ok-9

emily gemma, the sweetest thing blog, nordstorm anniversary sale 2017 fitness, adidas iniki pink shoes, louis vuitton neverfull GM, cute workout outfits, hiphop dance class tulsa ok-9

emily gemma, the sweetest thing blog, nordstorm anniversary sale 2017 fitness, adidas iniki pink shoes, louis vuitton neverfull GM, cute workout outfits, hiphop dance class tulsa ok-9Sports Bra | Nike Cropped Sweatshirt | Leggings | Tennis Shoes (I wanted these from the sale so badly!) | Baseball Cap

Sizing Info

The sports bra runs a little big – I typically wear a size small in sports bra but these were running low on sizing so I got the medium and it is a little big. I do wish I had just waited for a re-stock so I could get a small. However, I wore this to my dance classes right after these pictures and it was fine!

The cropped sweatshirt is a medium – it doesn’t have a super loose fit like I wanted so I went up to get a more oversized look!

My leggings are hands down THE best. I gave away all my Lulu ones because they don’t even compare w/these! Plus, these are much cheaper – and even more affordable with the sale pricing. I wore an XS in these pre-pregnancy and the entire pregnancy I wore a size small. Now I can wear either and they both feel fine. I like them a little more snug though because they truly suck you in. They are high waisted which is why I adore them so much – my stomach is your typical 3 month post part stomach… It’s still a bit puffy and soft feeling. I love that these kind of smooth out everything. 😉 *PS. Even before baby these were my favorites just because they feel good and flatter no matter what! (For sizing reference I am a 4/27 in jeans!)

My tennis shoes are not part of the sale but I thought I’d share details because the day I posted these on my IG they were a new arrival and sold out SO quickly. If they come back in stock I would recommend them because they are very comfy but also look so cute with athlesiure looks. I do think they run even larger than the Superstar though. I have to go down to a 7.5 in the Superstar and I think I could’ve used a 7 in these. I didn’t love doing my cardio classes in these though – not sure if it was because they were big or maybe they just aren’t made for that kind of class. 🙂

I thought I’d share a full post on this look for because it is totally on sale right now! I have ab 6-7lbs left to lose after having Luke so I am trying to get it off & honestly having fun, cute workout clothes makes it even more fun. I go to a couple of cardio dance classes for 2 hours a night 2-3x a week. It is really helping me lose some of the weight and it is seriously SO fun. We dance to songs like “Walk It Out” & “Soulja Boy” so it is just fun. There’s a girl in my class that wears sweatshirts which is kind of crazy bc the room is packed and it gets so hot! But I tried it for the first time wearing this look – and I totally see why she does it. You just get super hot & sweaty but it feels SO good and isn’t as ‘crazy’ as it looks.

I have gotten so many questions about losing weight and I feel like I am not the person to talk about weight loss. Honestly I’m not build like the typical blogger I guess – I was reading some comments in a group I am in with other doctors wives where they were saying all bloggers are size 0 and I laughed out loud. I have never been a 0 — I wish! haha. I am just not built like that at all – I definitely have more curve and some thickness. In fact in my family, the girls always gain a lot of weight while pregnant. I was so paranoid about that -especially since I am nearly 30 and at this age pregnancy and weight loss are so different on your body. Everyone says losing the weight at this age is so much harder – and I can totally see that. I wasn’t losing at weight after Luke until I started doing cardio and wearing a fitness watch to keep track of my heart rate and calories burned. I had been trying to watch what I ate but that didn’t do anything – it was the cardio that made a difference. That being said, when people ask me about it –  I always recommend finding a fun cardio class or video to do! I don’t dread it either bc I like the music. 🙂

Also I had snapped a few products yesterday and got SO many questions! I use THIS dry shampoo in foam form and love it!! I get so sweaty in class and I don’t wash my hair but 1-2x a week so this makes a huge difference! And THIS is the under eye brightener de-puffer!

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49 thoughts on “Weight-Loss After Baby + Best Dry Shampoo After Workout

  1. i also Live In tulsa and tHE cardio hip hop class sounds like a blast. Much More Fun thaN a tReadmill! Where do you do this? ThanKs in adVance!

  2. The fact that u are not stick skinny is one of the reasons I love ur blog! U look more like me! When I see super skinny bloggers I just think the clothes wont look as good on me. U look amazing and a good role model for girls. I’m 6 months pregnant now and also worried about gaining too much but it does all come off after baby.

    1. Aww thank you! And I think you will be surprised how quickly it comes off when you just get your mind with it!

  3. even when I haven’t been pregnant, I feel you when you said that reaching the 30’s it’s getting more difficult to lose weight, I’m surprised how I eat better than in my initial 20’s and just nothing happens if there isn’t exercise involved.
    but you look great after baby Emily!!! that cardio class sounds so much fun!
    xo. kari


  4. Mamma, you were never supposed to fit any kind of size, you look incredible, you always did and always will. You are doing great in staying in shape post baby and believe me, you need fitness only to feel good and more comfortable with yuor own self but to me, you have always looked only astonishing. 🙂


  5. Thank you for sharing about your exercise routines. I think taking a dance-based cardio class would really help me stay healthy and in shape. Also, love your shoes!

  6. you have been one of my favorite bloggers for years, and i love how genuine and just real you are about everything. your comment about not a “typical size 0 blogger” really hit home! Thank you for being open and realistic about your weight loss journey after having a baby. weight loss takes time!!! all these women who lose all the baby weight in 2 weeks is just so unrealistic for the average woman, so it is nice to see your journey is a lot more relatable than other bloggers.
    thank you for being so open and sharing your experiences with your readers!!


  7. You should probably think about getting a personal trainer. Tons of cardio and not watching your diet is definitrly not The way to lose weight. Anyone in the fitness industry will tell you that diet is 85% of losing weight. You can do hip hop all day, but if you wat crap like York peppermints, soda and lattes, you wont have the best results.
    If you really want to see some fanTastic changes, Try lifting weights … it is the best way to lose weight and tone up. I know you cant stand interacting with or taking advice from readers but figured it was wOrth a shot. Good luck!

    1. Hey Alyssa! I tried to e-mail you but your e-mail bounced back so I will respond here & hopefully you can see it. I think you misunderstood my blog post – I actually eat healthy – but I do splurge on Yorks occasionally. 🙂 I don’t think it is bad to have a sweet now & then! As far as coffee I drink iced coffees and add coconut milk and Stevia – it is not bad at all! Lots of my super healthy, fit friends do the same and it isn’t a problem. I am already very muscular and am not looking to build muscle so I am sticking with a healthy meal plan & lots of cardio. IT totally works for me – but we are all different! Best of luck to you and your weightless journey.

  8. You look amazing!!! keep up the great work! I’m on a weight loss journey myself and have been loving spin classes! You should try it! sending love and light xoxo! – lauren

  9. Good for you for doing it the right (healthy) way! It kills me when i see all the other bloggers i follow post how their jeans are 24 but needed a 23. Like,no lol. I Want to follow bloggers that Have bodies i can relate too and have some curves! And that sweet baby is darling!

  10. You look great! I have been following you for quite a while and you look just as good as before. I gained 70 pounds with my first and at only 4’11” and 100 pounds to start I almost gained another person haha. you will lose it it takes time and if not you look great as you are!

    1. OH i feel totally okay with how it is coming off – haha! I am really surprised – I thought it would take much longer!

  11. Oh you look great after baby! After using the dry shampoo, how many days can it last before washing your hair?

  12. I normally do Not comment on blogs, but thank you so much for this post!! I am about to start my own blog but i have been nervous because im a size 4/6 and there are so many size 0 bloggers out there – super intImidating! I Have curves but a tiny waist so i have to Just pick clothes that look the best on me. Anyway, im just gLad im in good company! Also, cardio dance = ❤️ Congrats on losing Almost all of your baby weight!

  13. You look great! it is really hard to lose the weight and i hope you are being patient with yourself! it took you 40 weeks to gain so just keep doing what you are doing! hope you are getting some sleep!

    1. OH I am really happy with where I am – I feel great and I am not having many issues now that I am working out. 🙂

  14. I love, love, love my cardio dance class. i swear, i’m still dancing in the shower when I get home. you look great–happy and healthy!

  15. Love your outfit. I used to do step CLASSES AND WOULD WEAR UNDER ARMOR AND THE SWEAT WOULD POUR AND IT WAS AN AMAZING FEELING. YOU LOOK AMAZING AND IF YOU FEEL GOOD THEN YOU ARE DEFINITELY DOING IT RIGHT! Idk what shoE size you are but i bought nikes in a young adults 7. Or kids lol but they fit great. I usually wear an 8 1/2-9 im womens. i didnt like the colors for us then i saw black/pink in kids and im like i need Those lol. Just a little trick if you’re looking and can do a 7 ?You are my style in!

  16. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m pregnant with my first so love hearing anything and everything postPartum…definitely interesting to hear it was the cardio that started your weight loss. you look amazing!!

  17. Your style is wonderful and you look great after having a baby!!!
    Not sure what your preference on workouts is, but you should TOTALLY try Pure barre!! It’s music driven (I get lost In lots of the songs), and geared to lean out your body! They offer regular and cardio, too. Fun all around!!♡♡

  18. You look amazing!! I am 5 months pregnant and I’m Trying to come to terms with the weight gain. I’m so happy to have this belly though and ready for all of the joy and craziness that will be here before i know it! Xoxo

  19. You look amazing!!!! I’ve been reading your blog for what seems like forever and you look like you did before you got pregnant! I’m loving the Nordstrom sale updates! Thanks for always doing such a great job helping us find the cutest things!!!!

  20. It is so good that you are honest about the experience – especially the being 30 and how different it is to lose weight than before. i’m 34, a mom of 3, with my last being had 3 years ago. I gained way more with her than the other 2. my first baby (at 22) – the weight just flew off without even really getting back in the gym yet. it was gone by the 4-6 week mark. awesome. 2nd was a little harder, but not by much. after my 3rd – i am still trying to drop around 15 and it has been 3 years and i work out a lot! my body is on a revolt against me…lol. i’ve learned that to truly get back to what i want to be, it will take cutting out some things (ahem, wine) – not just the exercise. I eat pretty clean, but my body definitely makes no accommodations for splurges any more. i do a lot of hiit classes, weight training and barre. you are on the right track – keep going with it and thanks for your honesty. i think you have a beautiful figure.

  21. Emily, i like that you are not a size zero!!! i have followed you so long and always telling my hubby (who is also a dr 🙂 lol) “look at this outfit…look at her hair, etc etc…” he pushed me to start my own blog, insta etc like you! <3 Thank you! keep up the good work and inspiring and empowering other women.