#1 Oribe Volume Powder || Oh. My. Goodness. This stuff is so good but almost too good – I recommend being very careful with it as it seriously adds volume and texture so not much is needed! I only use it when I have time to be cautious and need serious volume that lasts all day. Everyone of my friends and family that have tried it are OBSESSED.

#2 E & J Dry Shampoo || This is the dry shampoo I always travel with because it smells so good – like the perfume and works really well. I highly recommend it if you are all about having your hair smell incredible!

#3 Eye Brightener || I recently sampled this and fell in love! I ordered it and had it overnighted because I was so anxious to have it! It basically works to brighten your under eye area but also de-puffs. I put on my AM eye cream and then do a triangle of this under my eye and rub it in gently.

#4 Microneedling Tool || This is the tool that Nordstrom in NorthPark Mall sent me and I am crazy obsessed! A few of my friends noticed my skin and ordered this as well. I use it almost every single night because I see such a difference if I don’t use it. It plumps up my skin making it look thicker and fuller — like more youthful I guess. In turn, that makes my pores appear smaller sooooo ya.. a winner in my book! 🙂

#5 Armani Foundation || I try all long wearing, full coverage foundations but this one takes the cake.. lol. Literally.. it takes the cake away. I am always cautious with full coverage foundation because I don’t like them being cakey looking. I basically dilute them with oil and my beauty blender but this one requires less work from that end. It smooths out your skin and leaves a natural finish.

#6 Foaming Dry Shampoo || I adore this dry shampoo because it starts as a foaming which is intimidating but really works to dry up and absorb all the oils. It doesn’t leave your hair gross at all – it is ideal for those w/thicker hair or dry scalp… and I have both of those!

#7 Lip Gloss || I’ve been getting tons of questions ab my lip gloss lately and this is the one I constantly wear! It is just really beautiful on and not tacky! I wear it on top of all my lip colors!

#8 Mason Pearson Brush || This is total splurge but I love it so much I have to recommend. I got one for Elle for her bday bc every time she comes over or travels with me she wants to use mine! It’s definitely a boujee brush (lol) but I can see why people are willing to invest into them!

#9 Split End Mender || I have always loved ALL Oribe products. They are just good – and they smell good as well! I love this one bc it is like a sealing cream… it smooths everything out, adds shine and moisture, and tames crazy or frizzy hairs! I recommend using it as the last step of fixing your hair!

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28 thoughts on “9 Beauty Products That ACTUALLY Work

  1. Awesome post!! Drfinitely trying #1 & #2! I have never heard of #2 dry shampoo though, but will give it a try! I used to think that dry shampoos would kinda feel gross On my haIr, But I was totallY mistaken and when I started using them I Got obsessed!!! I also LOVE # 6!!! ?

  2. I might try some of these products. The dry shampoo sounds amazing. I too have large pores so I am always interested in what you use to minimize.

  3. Microneedle tools are everything. I have a similar one thar is larger. You can needle your scalp to help blood flow and stimulate hair growth. I tell ya Emily its fantasic. So glad you love yours i love mine too. ?❤?

  4. what serum or moIsturizer do you use with the micrONeedle tool? I ordered it, along with the eye attachment, and am excited to try it!

  5. I purchased the Trish eye brightener based on your recommendation, (for my dark circles), and i love it! It’s got great coverage, and sinks into the skin SOOOO nicely!

  6. I know you’ve mentioned liking the Estee Lauder double wear FOUNDATION bEfore. Did you Add oil to that Foundation? It’s my go tO, but some days it does seem like I can over do it if Im not careful.

  7. This helps so much. Same person from IG asking about foundations and ive been wanting a new one for more date night type things so i will have to try the ARmani one! Thanks Em?