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Cozy Days Indoors With My Family


TOP: Free People (wearing size small) | DENIM: BP ($65- TTS.. if anything, size down bc they stretch!) | BOOTIES: Kristin Cavallari | SUNGLASSES: Quay | WATCH: Nixon 

Luke’s Outfit: Burt’s Bee’s 

Okay, so something happened with my editing software (long story) and basically the photos that I keep trying to upload from this trip keep getting filtered w/this horrible orange filter and I couldn’t remove it! I’m not a techy person and have zero background in photography or editing so I spent 2.5 hours this morning trying to get the settings back to normal. Anyway, sorry if these photos are blurry or hard to look at but I’m going to uninstall all my software and see if that works so I can get back on track soon. The ones I am posting today are me just winging it – hoping I can get back on track ASAP.

These were some of my favorite photos from our Vail trip and I didn’t want to not post them! They were my faves for a few reasons.. first of our we loved our hotel (we stayed at the Arrabelle). We had incredible balconies ALL around our room. We would constantly just go sit out there – and so would Fitzy. It was cracking us up watching him ‘dog watch’ from up there! Also, this outfit I am wearing is a favorite of mine because it is so practical – and something I’d wear on the daily as a mom (lol who am I kidding.. this would have been my jam before momming). This top is so insanely comfortable (reminds me, I need to order in black!) and also nice and long.

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27 thoughts on “Cozy Days Indoors With My Family

  1. Omg i want to be you
    You are so pretty and Baby luke ? beautiful family!
    And such an inspire person, thank you..
    GREETINGS from Mexico!

  2. Please send info about the makeup mirror you referrence today in Your story!!! My daughter would love for her bday!!

  3. IN the last photo of you and luke, do you recall where you bought his black/red plaid outfit? I would love to get that for my niece’s little baby.

  4. Such cute photos and I love that free people top. Quick question but for your tops to be a little oversize do you order them big or are they just oversized in general? Love your style, I have been following you for years now.

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