What’s In My Sephora VIB Shopping Cart

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It will not come as a surprise to you that I literally live for the Sephora VIB sales! Maybe I just associate the VIB sale w/the holidays so it just gets me in the spirit?! 🙂 The other day I tweeted about ordering the new Huda Beauty #FauxFilter foundation & in the picture it showed my points but I didn’t really pay attention until someone tweeted about my Sephora points (not sure what they are called?!). Anyway, my first thought was “plz, Lord – do not let John look at Twitter today!” haha.  In all honesty, he knew ab my Sephora love wayyyy before he married me! When he was in medical school we didn’t have a Sephora nearby so I would save my money and read reviews for months and then when we traveled somewhere I had a list of what I was going to get!! Also, disclaimer: I have had that point system since I was like 18 probably so I’ve just accrued a lot of points over the years bc I never spend them.. unless my mom is w/me and wants something!

 Anyway! I mentioned above about how I would read reviews for months & save my money for when we traveled to a larger city w/a Sephora which is a huge reason why I love doing these posts. I think everyone is aware that I am a product junkee and I am constantly putting things to the test. I have tried to incorporate more beauty content so that you all can read what I’ve loved and disliked to save your time/money!


#1 HUDA Beauty #Faux Filter Foundation: This foundation has been hyped up like craaazyyyy! Everyone says it’s supposed to leave your skin looking like you’ve filtered it on Snapchat or something. Hello! Sign me up!! I am all ab those Snapchat skin smoothing filters so I was quick to order this as soon as it launched. Right now, most of the colors are sold out but I would def add it to your wishlist and try it if you are looking for a full coverage foundation that smooths your skin & wears all day. I love it so much!

#2 ReMARCable Foundation: The past 2 years this foundation has been my JAM. This stuff is SO good – very full coverage & hides it all! I have pigmentation on my upper lip (my melasma-stache) and I am all about covering it up. I also started wearing this right before and during Accutane and it worked wonders for me bc it doesn’t look dry at all and it doesn’t get dry and crepey AND it wears all day.  A tiny bit goes a very long way and you can dilute it a bit and make it into a lighter weight foundation by mixing into a moisturizer.

#3 Cover FX Blurring Primer: I am using this right now – it’s been on my fave list for a month or so now. I believe in a lot of CoverFX products so I was quick to try it. I am selective ab primers bc I want the ones that minimize the look of my pores & hide texture & also don’t make my skin look dry. I would not say this is a magical primer for me – but it is one out of 3 that I really like and I use daily!

#4 CoverFX Highlight Drops: I got these in a PR package last year and oh my gosh – they are SO good. They are a little pricy but they do last a LONG time & work so well. They just leave a really pretty glow. This morning I went upstairs to talk to my mom (she’s w/us this weekend since John is working!) and I noticed her using them. She told me they are her favorite – she uses them on her nose to highlight & on her cheeks.

#5 Natasha Denonna Palette: Okay, I don’t have this yet and it is sold out in my store & in NWA so I ordered it. BUT, I found it the other day at Sephora – I was playing with the colors and I am so obsessed w/the color on the left end. I added a pic of it on my hand to my InstaStory and a ton of people sent messages talking about how pretty it is.

#6 Farsali Oil: Okay, so ^^ I mentioned swinging by Sephora and it was bc I was DESPERATE for more of this product. I had the large bottle and used it all and I literally would sit it upside down and try to get more out of it! Finally I got time to run to Sephora & of course they were sold out but they did have a travel size bottle. I do not like how my makeup looks w/o this product. Keep in mind, my skin is more dry than oily now – so I like the way it gives it a glowy, bright look. It also hydrates my lips AND it smells SO incredible.

#7 Sephora Brand Concealer: This is a very full coverage, long wearing concealer and I love it. I’ve only used it a handful of times bc it is new to me but it does a number on my under eye bags/darkness.

#8 DKNY Deodorant: I don’t even wanna talk ab this – it’s kind of over the top to spend $25 on deodorant but goodness this stuff is good. I get it for family as a gift bc everyone that comes over and uses it wants it! I have never ever heard of anyone not being obsessed w/it after trying i!

#9 Too Faced Setting Powder: I’ve been using this for a few weeks now and really love it. It’s a good alternative to my LM powder. I try not to use products over and over bc it seems like things work better if I break from it for a bit. This powder just mattifies beautifully and locks on my foundation.

#10 Laneige Mask: Okay I just added this to my basket too bc I adore the lip mask so much that I wanna try the skin mask. A friend works at Sephora and raved ab the lip product and I literally do not go to bed w/o it on my lips. When I wake up my lips are super soft and look & feel a lot better! My lips get dry when I travel a lot so I swear by this stuff!

#11 Sephora Beauty Sponge: I don’t have these nor have I tried them but I have heard great things so they are in my basket right now. 🙂

#12 Dr. Jart Pore Mask: I randomly bought these just to try out on my nose and I used them for the first time this AM and so far I really like them. The first one acts like those Biore pore strips… I know it’s gross but they more or less clean out your pores.

#13 Glitter pigment: My fave glitter/foiled shadows ever and when I wear these I get SO many compliments. All of my friends have purchased the gold bc I wear it the most and it is sooooo pretty and doesn’t look super over done or glam if you want to wear it regularly.


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10 thoughts on “What’s In My Sephora VIB Shopping Cart

  1. Great picks! I love Sephora and Makeup!!! I wanna try thAt deodorant just because You Love it so much and I sure trust you blinDly! Thank you!
    Have a bLessed Sunday!

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  3. I LOVE The FARSALI Oil! I use this one and the unicorn tears — and i love both.

    How do you use the Gold Elixer?? I never know the best way!

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