EMILY || SWEATER: BP ($39 – same as yesterdays, oops!) | COAT: Topshop (wearing size 6 – highly recommend!) | LEGGINGS: Zella (my FAVES – wear them all year round!) | BOOTS: Stuart Weitzman (Under $100 dupes HERE) | SCARF: Burberry | CAP: Brixton | WATCH: Michele | BRACELETS: David Yurman | HANDBAG: Louis Vuitton (Neverfull GM) (similar option here)

LUKE || COAT: Burberry (he has THIS one, too!) | TOP: Burberry | DENIM: Hudson | HAT: Amazon (similar style) | BOOTS: Ugg 

I received a ton of questions regarding this camel colored coat while we were in Boston last week & I was anxious to share these photos because this coat was such a great find! I found it at the Nordstrom in Tampa a few weeks back & immediately purchased it (even though we were in Tampa!) and I couldn’t wait to wear it in Boston. I love the camel shade year round – but especially during the fall & winter. It goes well with both black & brown so it’s not something that I can only wear occasionally. I also love the fit of it – its got a blazer like fit so it’s casual enough that I can through it over a plain top & it creates an outfit on it’s own! I was surprised when I saw it was $110 because I expected it would be closer to $200 based on the quality. Topshop is a European brand so the sizes run differently – I am wearing the size 6. I tried the 8 and it was a bit big – but would be ideal if I lived somewhere super cold & wore layers. The day I wore this in Boston it wasn’t too chilly so this was perfect over a lightweight top! I would recommend going up a full size if you intend to wear thicker sweaters underneath it! I have broad shoulders btw- and long arms so I often go up a size just to fit properly in those areas.

As far as Luke goes – he finally got to break in his little Burberry puffer jacket! I got it for him last December actually and chose the color red in 9mo size hoping he’d be able to wear it this time of year (holidays!).. and I had a ton of people tell me it probably would not fit him but it actually fits perfectly! Our friends Jean & Nick (whom we were visiting in Boston) actually got him the navy version of this  jacket as well – it is one size larger so he will be able to wear it in January, February, & March. It’s a very warm coat & also so cute w/the Burberry detailing around the sleeves & collar. It comes w/a hood that is detachable – I opted for a beanie this day instead but I love that it comes w/the hood in case of rain/snow.

I get a lot of questions about Luke’s outfits so I always include details in each blog post – but a lot of his clothing is from Nordstrom. That’s the main place I go to for his little designer jeans, Burberry, & even festive PJs & holiday things. I will actually link a lot of things we’ve recently ordered for him in the widget below so you can see what all he has for winter/holidays!

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8 thoughts on “Fall’s Must Have Camel Coat + Best Coat For Baby

  1. I have a two month old son and i just want you to know your post with all these cute boy clothes make it awful hard to noT want to buy him a new outfit everyday lol! Love your posts!! The little chrIstmas sweater is my fav ?