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My Go-To Fitness Gear + Fitbit Review


JACKET: Nike (on sale, wearing size medium) | LEGGINGS: Alo (wearing XS) | TANK: Alo (I size up for larger fit) | SPORTS BRA: Nike [just got THIS one in!] | NECKLACE: Wanderlust | TENNIS SHOES: Nike (run TTS) | WATCH: Fitbit | SUNGLASSES: Celine | LIPSTICK: Kim KW

You all know (if you follow me on IG) that I love a good, comfy, athlesuire-ly(?) outfit! Even before becoming a mom, I have always had a favorite legging, tennis shoes, etc. I also have favorite workout gear that I am most comfortable working out in and never think twice about, ya know?! Anyway, since becoming a mom, it is wayyyyy more important. I spend so many days a week in pullovers, leggings, tennis shoes & to be honest, I’ve noticed on my social media platforms that I get the most interest in these pieces! It could be because I do not showcase them on my blog enough so I end up with e-mails and comments asking “what brand are the tennis shoes?” and “where did you get the pullover?”. ALL of that to say, while in LA  I actually asked John if he could snap a few photos one afternoon when we were out walking & Luke was napping in the stroller. The Four Seasons that we stayed at had the most amazing gym! It was SOOO nice & clean and beautiful. It had everything I needed for the workouts I have been doing which was so perfect since no one wants to travel w/ extra items.

Last April when I had Luke I downloaded the Kayla Itsines BBG app because our good friend Melissa was using it. I actually didn’t do the workouts because I was intimidated – not going to lie!! My best friend from undergrad used it to get in shape for her wedding and I knew it worked after seeing her incredible she looked – but I also knew that it was intense. I have never been a workout person at all.. I know, I know –  not your typical blogger, oops. It is common in this industry to be very thin/fit – which I think is wonderful but my frame is definitely not super small. My dad (former HS basketball coach) always said I’d be a good basketball player because of my height and frame… and then he quickly realized that it was not a fit for me because I would apologize after blocking shots in girls club basketball, lol! Okay, totally off subject but I actually do enjoy being a little different because there are so many people who read here who are taller like me or who have broader shoulders like me & like getting reviews/clothing ideas. Any who – back to BBG. So, I did a post in July about how I was attempting to lose baby weight. At the time Luke was 3mos old and I had gotten most of the weight off which I was super determined to do! I would go to classes at our gym and double up (do 2 classes instead of 1) so I could burn double the calories and it worked for me in probably 4-6 weeks. Then we started traveling a TON and travel makes fitness a challenge if you are used to doing classes and prefer that environment ya know. We 2 weeks out of every month August, September, October, November  – and it totally took a toll. When we travel, we stay very busy since we shoot outfits from the time the sun comes up until it sets – which is great because we do tons of walking and stay very active. However, it does not help develop muscle! So in December, 4 different girlfriends asked if I wanted to do BBG in January after seeing another blogger post her results on IG quite a bit. Initially, I was too intimidated but after talking to Rachel (the other blogger w/amaze results^) I was totally motivated. Elle got engaged on NYE so we basically decided to just do it – especially for her wedding! Elle & I are similar in that we are good about watching what we eat & we are both very, very busy but we have never been super into fitness. We started doing it the same week would FaceTime to talk afterwards and we both admitted how hard it was for us!! But it is true – if you stick with it – even for 2 weeks – you can already feel yourself getting better/stronger. My mom also started and my mom has a totally different build/frame than me – she is smaller and petite. She said it was way too hard but she saw my body changing a little after week 2 and she decided she was going to get on board as well. I don’t follow Kayla’s plan exactly and I do not do her diet but I do feel very challenged when I do her arms, abs, legs, full body workouts.

All of my life, I have heard that it was so hard to lose baby weight especially if you wait until you are older to have children. I didn’t have Luke until I was almost 30 so I knew it would come with challenges. What I did realize was that when you work full time + mom full time – you are always on your feet which ends up being in your favor as far as weight loss goes. I started wearing a Fitbit Blaze when Luke was 3mos old because I was constantly going and I knew it had to be helping! I actually wear it all the time and I love it! It syncs with the app on my iPhone so I like seeing how I slept and how active I have been. It almost trains you to stay active really. For example, if it rains and I notice I am not getting my regular steps I will make it a point to get busy doing something else. I do not have an Apple Watch so I can’t compare the two but I do like that I’m not getting all the notifications on my Fitbit. The Apple Watch is amazing for a lot of people because you can respond to a text or take a call but I really like that I can’t do that with my Fitbit! It gives me a little freedom in a weird way, I guess. I have had so many questions about whether or not I like the Fitbit Blaze so I just wanted to share that I really do.. I love it. I actually lost my first one and was so annoyed because I didn’t want to spend the money again! But John surprised me with another after a couple of months of not having it. I am totally happy with it and use it daily. Again, I have not used the Apple Watch but I really have not had the desire to spend the money on one because the Fitbit does work well for me! 🙂

Okay, I think I’ve covered everything! I am trying to address a few topics that I get asked about frequently. Most of the questions revolve around losing baby weight and dieting really. I actually have not lost all of the baby weight but I am close. I’ve noticed that my face is still much fuller which is the only thing that is annoying to me really. Right now, John and I are doing no sugar – as in no sweets like candy, cookies, etc. I still use a Non-Fat Creamer in my coffee (which so many are against) but I don’t use much – just enough to make it bearable. Truthfully, it has not been too hard. As much as I love Reeses Hearts or those little Easter eggs, I’ve not missed them. Granted, we don’t keep junk food in our house at all so I guess I am never tempted.

Hope you all are having a fun weekend & enjoying the beautiful weather!


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16 thoughts on “My Go-To Fitness Gear + Fitbit Review

  1. HI EMILY,
    Best of luck to you!

  2. I feel the same way! I have a FitBit Charge 2 and LOVE it!! I love regular watches too and some days i miss them but i think I’m almost addicted to usig my fitbit! I love seeing how many steps i have, how i slept the night before or how much water ive drank!

  3. Thank you For this post! I Also love my fitbit blaze for the exact same reason! Its nice not to have distractions while you are working out. I aM excited to start bbg next month! Please keep us updated on your Results!

  4. Thanks for Sharing your tiPs, i used to be verY active before i had my two year old and havent gone back to the gym in over 2 years. I breastfeed her until she was almost a year and a half and that really helped me with my weight. I Honestly think because i breastfeed My metabolism got a lot better and ive kept all my baby weight off, im actually thinner now but do miss being tone which is why now i’m eager to try the bbg.

  5. Yeah!!! I’m in the same
    Boat as you with baby weight loss being hard and i worked out and have lost almost all of it but i see it in my face too…whats that all abouT? Lol. Anyway, im curious what type of eating plan you follow or is it just no sugar? Im also debating sTarting BBG but im also nervous. Lol. I think i just need a friend to do it too so im not doing it alone. Good luck with your Progess and thanks for being so honest about your experience. Helps me feel not so alonE ?

  6. I have the same leggings and im obsessed with them!! So edgy and stylish! .. did u get a cartier bangle?! Loveeee ittt
    And can u please do a post on what u eat.. like a food diarY.. Just to give tips for loosing baby weight

  7. Keep us updated on your BBG progress! Im 32 and 8 weeks post c section. I want to get back to my old body But know BBG IS PROBABLY TOO INTENSE FOR ME right now GIVEN THE SHORT LENGTH OF TIME ITS BEEN SINCE MY C SECTION. I WANT TO DO IT THOUGH IN THE MONTHS TO COME AND WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOUr PROGRESS as we have similar frames and similar lifestyles (full time working moms) 🙂

  8. I LOVED this post!! Thank you for always being so candid in what you’ve tried and what actually works. You look amazing girl and have so much to show for your hard work! Keep it up lil Momma! ???

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