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Over the past 3 years, I have been asked about our bedroom [specifically the bed, rug, nightstands, & pillows!] over & over & over! I noticed recently that a lot of the items are sold out in my previous master bedroom posts so I thought while I was sharing my jewelry/makeup storage, I’d pop in and re-link all of those details. Anyway, the main reason I am writing today is because last week when I shared some IGstories of lipsticks [full post on my recent favorite matte lip stains HERE] , I had many questions about the items I use to store it all. I figured I’d just do a full post covering it all!

John, Luke & I are in Los Angeles right now and the time change is killing us (but not the weather!). Usually it is not a big deal but we flew in late Tuesday night and we have just been exhausted. I missed posting on here a couple of times this week and I am so sorry! I will be back on schedule next week though. 🙂


I have been using this mirrored jewelry armoire for jewelry storage for the past 3 years and it has been really, really wonderful. It matches our furniture almost perfectly but also is super functional. Each drawer has storage for different pieces, rings, earrings, etc. And the sides open up so you can hang necklaces. I don’t use the sides that much really – I typically just use the drawers. I wear a lot of the same jewelry on a daily basis so I just keep it at the top. I do wear a lot of simple, gold dainty necklaces so I have a separate piece [here] where I keep those organized.

I am going to link a ton of really cool pieces in the widget below so you can see other great ways to store jewelry in case you don’t like my exact one. There are just a lot of cool pieces now that are useful for jewelry storage.


As far as makeup goes – woah! I have SO much makeup so I keep it organized in a separate room in our home. However, the makeup I reach for the most I keep in my bedroom. I have a vanity area [also seen in this post] where I store a lot of my makeup but I also use an acrylic piece to store my lipsticks/perfumes/etc. I like to be able to grab those quickly so I keep them super easy to access! The little gold / mable lipstick holder is here.


Bed [we have king size & we have the full bed – not just the headboard]

*Full bedroom set w/bed HERE.*

White Ruffled Duvet Cover

Matching Ruffled Pillow Cases

Leopard Print Bolster 

Faux Velvet Silver Covers

Similar Pom Throw

Turquoise Rug



Lamps / Mirrors both found randomly at local places!

White Sheepskin Rug

Leopard X-Bench (love this one, too!)

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15 thoughts on “How I Store Makeup & Jewelry In Our Master Bedroom

  1. Thank you for all the helpful info! We moved over the summer and i’ve Been working on getting my makeup/jewelry area underway. Had no idea pbteen had such fun and fuNctional pIeces!

  2. Hi emily, my name is kassandra garcia. I am 22 years old and from Weala texas(deep south of texas). You and elle are a huge inspiration. Im intrested in creating a blog and just had a few questions. Before you started blogging Did you have any fears as to what people would say about what you posted etc.? WOuld you recomen this Company to someone who is starting a blog? Does this company tell you/ show How manh people have View your blog?

    1. Yes for sure!! I think’d they’d be so happy with them! I definitely would not worry what anyone else says / thinks! I only take my mom & my husbands opinions into consideration as they know what is best for me! I think you will do amazing!

  3. I love your room and all your MIRRORED furniture and light fixture on your ceilings in your room and bathroom!! ??? i almost got the Same looking light fixture you have in your bedroom for my house. Anyway, i love your girly taste and look to your house for inspiration because i love it!

  4. I doNt know how i diDnt comment before now but emily thank you for this blog posT!!!! I seriously have been waitIng/dying to know How you store your makeup and jewelry for yeARs! I was so excited to see you made a new blog post for it. I know you guys got your cloSet and baThroom redone a few months ago, so im woNdering could there be more organization/storage blog posts in the future? I hope so!?