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What’s In My Shopping Cart Right Now


#1 Black Baker Boy Cap 

#2 Gold Coin Layered Necklace

#3 ABH Gloss “Undressed” [Just repurchased this bc I love it by itself!!]

#4 Pink One-Shouldered Ruffled Dress [Comes in 4 colors!]

#5 White Ruffled, Eyelet Top [$45 and SO cute!]

#6 Best Nude Lipstick [All of my friends have gotten this after they borrow mine, the shade is ‘KIM KW’!]

#7 White Gucci Belt [I am living for belts and am getting a white one for spring/summer!]

#8 Leopard Print Loafers 

#9 Black Raw Hem Denim [Under $80!!]

#10 Leopard Heels 

#11 Gold Bracelet w/Stones [I wear two of these stacked and lovveeeee!]

#12 Navy Tote w/Gold Studs [Looks like a high end designer bag but at a lower price point!]

#13 Pink Baseball Cap w/Red Heart [I wear caps w/sweatshirts & leggings to run errands and this one is so cute & different!]

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12 thoughts on “What’s In My Shopping Cart Right Now

  1. Your website is soooooo confUsing. No wonder you have to explain To people how to use it or where to look. You have like 10 places that do the Exact thing. You need fo clean it up. Also stop pretending youre so humble. You literwllt brag about everything.

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