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25% OFF Your Favorite Designer Jeans, Bags, Sunglasses, & More!

A couple of times a year, SHOPBOP has this AMAZING sale and it always comes right on time! Most of the site is 25% off if you spend $800 or more. I know $800 is a lot but if you are saving up for a new pair of sunglasses & maybe a good pair of white jeans for spring, you can get to $800 pretty quickly.. especially if you sister (hey sis!!) is wanting to order some things, too! Haha, hopefully you get what I am saying – basically – if you and your bestie or Mom or sis are both needing somethings, order together so you can reach that amount! I think you get 20% off if you spend $500 and 15% off w/ $200!

Tons of brands are on Shopbop – Gucci, Prada, Jeffrey Campbell, Quay, AG Jeans, etc. I’m just quickly going through a few photos to share ideas of what I have that is part of this sale BUT there are SOOOOO many other things! I am placing my order tonight when I finish browsing! I think the swimsuits are the cutest on here!!


Leopard Print Slides

Prada Sunglasses


Jeffrey Campbell Flats

Similar Bow Flats


Karen Walker Sunglasses

Quay Sunglasses

Gucci Sunglasses (my new pair is part of the sale, too!)


Tory Burch Miller Sandal

Beach Tote

Black One Piece Swimsuit

Swimsuit Sarong

Straw Hats


Leopard Clutch

Karen Walker Super Duper

My Vanity Case [bag] + everything else by Bag-All [they have the cutest stuff!! Like bags for your curling iron, baby clothing, hair dryer, charging cords, etc.]


Tory Burch Miller Sandal

One Teaspoon Shorts [‘Bandit’ style is the only pair I wear!]


MLM Brand Top

White J. Brand Jeans [I have 3 pairs of these!!!]

Keep in mind.. all AG Jeans, DL1961, J. Brand, etc. are part of the sale, too! I got a lot of my maternity jeans in part of this sale last year, btw.


Tory Burch Espadrilles


I pulled this from an old Shopbop Sale post but it’s still pretty valid!

Rose  Gold Luggage

Bag-All Bags (the black  & white ones)

Tory Burch Flats



I Love My Dog Sweatshirt [TEE version here]


Cutout Wedges


The sale ends tomorrow (Saturday) so I thought I’d do a quick giveaway! I will be giving away TWO $100 Shopbop gift cards so that you can shop the sale. The winner will be announced Saturday at 10am (MST). All you have to do to enter is:

#1. Leave a comment on what you want to buy from the sale here on my blog.

#2. ‘LIKE’ my Instagram post about this giveaway & tag 2 girlfriends who you love shopping with..


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148 thoughts on “25% OFF Your Favorite Designer Jeans, Bags, Sunglasses, & More!

  1. They need a tee that says i love my blogger, lol. ThAt being said i am thinking of buying the nespresso, how do U lIke yours? Could u Do a post??much love ?

  2. I would Love to buy the cut out wedges and the i love my dog sweatshirt bC lets be reAl, thats the truest statment ever ? i love your Reading your posts and following you on social media, you have the best style!

  3. I am dying for one teaspoon shorts for the sUmmer!!! My family is going on a cruise, and ive wanted a pair Ever since you mentioned them last year!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Hey emilY! Ive had my eye on a couple of these items for a while. I would love to buy either the leopard mules or a new pair of miller sandals. I bought myself a pair when i was pregnant & now my Foot shrunk so they are huge on me lol! Been looking to buy a new pair or two for the spring! Love your blog!

  5. I cant believe I’ve never shopped on shopbop before, this website is awesome. Dying for the black tory burch miller sandals, they’re perfect all summer and spring (sometimes fall, too!). thank you for doing this giveaway!! anyone would be lucky to win.

  6. Hey EmliY!

    So cool that you are doing this giveaway for us, your followers <3 i literally have a cart full of stuff at Shopbop, i want everythinggggg! But i am 8 months pregGers and so i have to be more "cautious" as my husband likes to say as to where i spend The money. What I am definitely getting though is: 1) the Tory Birch Miller Sandal in black with the flower pattern 2) the high key Quay sunglasses (love how they look on you bTw!) & 3) those leOpard slides like the one's you have.

    Xoxo- Melany

  7. Such an awesomE giveaway! Loving so much thats included in this sale its hard to choose. Definitely wanting to purchase your white jbrand jeans, distressed denim shorts, new leopard slides and Fun tops for spring! ?

  8. I LOVE EVERY THING ON HERE! But I would like to buy the jeffrey campbell flats and the i love my Dog sweatshirt!

  9. I would love to buy my very own designer purse!! I only have a coupke from outlets and ive always Wanted to have one from shopbop! I look on there all the time!

  10. I’d love to win the shopbop gift card so I can purchase some spring and summer pieces! ? I cannot wait for the warm weather ? I’VE had enough of Chicago cold ❄ I’ve already got some stuff in my cart, including since from your post ? thank you for all the great inspiration you provide from your post! ?

  11. I seriously want everything! ?. But, i have my eye on the levi’s distressed jeans, quay sunnies and tory burch sandals ??

  12. loooove everything! I think I’m going TO HAVE TO buy some of those one teaspoon shorts. you & Elle are my absolute favs!

  13. Being a new mother (stay at home), and hardly wearing heels anymore, I would definitely get some Tory Burch flats.

  14. Id start with the karen walker sunglasses, the MLM brand top, amd then the cutout Wedges. For sure the sunglasses because i broke my last pair and have been shopping around for some New ones!

  15. This post gave me so many good ideas. I Need a new bag for spring and some new sunnies ? this would definitely help!


  17. Awesome blog and giveaway! If I win, I am going to purchase the one teaspoon shorts! I have been wanting to buy them for a while now. They are super cute.☺️

  18. What I would totally buy from the sale are the adorable Jeffery Campbell Bow flats, a pair of Quay Playa Sunglasses!!! and a cutie beach tote for this summer!!! (& even the One Teaspoon Shorts!!!) There’s just too much to choose from to just pick one thing!! <3 All so cutie!

  19. I just got back from my honeymoon and my luggage got desroyed, so i would definitely use the gc toward that gorgeous rose gold luggage!

  20. Hi Emily! Great round Up! I went Straight to tory burch shoes! I want a pair of millers (Sand) and a pair of espadrilles (deNim with black cap toe). I found a couple of free people tops, no show socks and a straw tote fOr the summer! Love this sale!

  21. the jeffrey campbell shoes are super cute. I’VE BEEN EYEING THEM EVER SINCE I SAW THEM POSTED ON YOUR BLOG. I Would love a pair. I bought four pairs of DL1961 jeans bc of you. THey aRe now my fav brand of jeans. Love the wildfox i love my dog sweatshirt. Must have. Thanks for All the shopping tips!! I love your stYle.

  22. I just love how those white j brand jeans look on you…i definitely need a pair! + The “i love my dog sweatshirt” is so adorablE—will be going in my cart too!

  23. I would love to get either a swim suit or some shorts for my upcoming vacation to the beach! I havent bought a new suit since my daughter was born two years ago, and i think its time to find a new “mommy” suit (lol) i wish i could just shop your closEt you have grrat taste and always look so beautiful! Love your blog and your sweet little family!!

  24. Can i say i want to buy it all?! i wAnt to get the tory burch espadrilles, the ROSE GOLD luggage set and definItElY the i heart my dog sweatshirt.

  25. I really want a Pair of the gUcci sunglasses and love everythjng in the jetsetter sEction!!!!! Hey LUke!

  26. i haVe been reading your blog for a few years! You Inspire me so mucH! Thank yOu!

    I waNt to buy the Tory burch saNdals anD The one teaspoon shorts!!!


  27. Love just about everyting on yout blog. The makEup, makeup bags, clothes, sunglasses omg all of it. YouR so beautiful as welL. Be Blessed

  28. OMG!! Em you are always giving back! They are right you have such a huge heart, surprisingly your not a teacher like me! (ha ha ha) I’d take Luke bear in my class, he would fit right in! 🙂 In this sale my school teacher heart is set on those tory burch espadrilles. summer time is the best time of year for us!!! be blessed em!!

  29. I’ve been searching for some good denim shorts for awhile and have been wanting to try “one teaspoon”! also loving the leopard slides

  30. if i won the giveaway, i would buy the jeffrey campbell flats!! they are too cute with the bow! yesterday i got the “i love my dog” sweatshirt! thank you so much for sharing this post and your favorite things from the sale! you have been my mom and i’s favorite blogger for years now!! 🙂

  31. I have a bunch of upcoming trips to new places This year and im itching to get my hands on all of the bag-alls! So cute and FuNctional, im Completely obsessed!

  32. I would love to get a “I heart my dog” sweatshirt! I have a mini aussie named dolly that goes everywhere with me so that would be perfect!! Maybe a pair of tory sandals too!

  33. I love all Your picks! But I’ll have to go with the Tory Burch espadrilles. Always wanted a pair. love your Instastories of your TIme in my beautiful state of AZ!

  34. Thanks for the great recommenDations!! Buying Tory burch mIller sandals in the leopard and tory burch black slides, also trying the jeans you RecommendEd!!

  35. I would lOve love to buy the swuim suit, my 6 months baby and i will be going To the beach in april And it will be her first time so im Excited and i Will like to look cute haha

  36. I really love the karen walker number one sunGlasses. In need of a new pair of sunglasses. Had the same pair for about 5 years now! ? just one of those things i dont spend money on.

  37. I lOve those pink sandals and have been dying to finally spulrge and get the gucci belt. For a girls sonoma trip id love to have new jeans from Dl191 and some amazing accessories!! Loved this post had no idea about the sale

  38. Omg, its impossible to pick just one thing from this sale but I definitely want a new pair of SUNGLASSES, those jean shorts and the “i Love My Dog” sweatshirt???❤️

  39. I would want buy a pair of the white j. Brand jeans because omg i’m obseSsed!!! Also, those leopard Flats are to die for *heart eyes*

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