TANK: Balmain [I think I prefer THIS tee instead, though!] | DENIM: H&M [20% off today!] | FLATS: Sam Edelman  [they are dupes for THESE Gucci ones!] | BACKPACK: Chanel (similar white backpacks HERE, HERE & Gucci version HERE) |RINGS: Cartier, Five and Two | LIPS:Naked’ + ‘Undressed’ | BRACELETS: The Styled Collection c/o (+here), Hermes

I thought I’d go ahead and share each of my outfits from Disney because I got questions each day asking about different pieces. My family spent 7am through 8-9pm at the parks each day and it would be chilly in the AM and super warm by noon  and chilly again after 7pm so I did wear jeans most days and took light jean jacket or a light sweater! I didn’t stay the park the full day – I would leave for a couple of hours and take Luke home to nap so I could catch up on work- but overall my outfits were perfect and I never had any complaints about my shoes or apparel. I will say, I do prefer wedges over flats though – I do not like flats but the ones I wore to Epcot on this day didn’t bother me or hurt at all! I simply prefer the support of  a wedge – but I think I’m the odd one out on that! My family all wore tennis shoes each day though. If I were more like my family – I would have gone with a cute white Nike Roshe [just ordered these!] because they’d look sleek and great with the casual outfits. I have 5 or so pair of the Roshe because they are a simple, but neat and clean looking and I can wear them casually for errands AND to go to workout!

When it comes to looking ‘cute’ at Disney– but the “cute” being functional & comfortable – it really isn’t as hard as it seems… all you really need are… Minnie Ears! 🙂 I bought 2 extra pair when I got to the park that day because I LOVE their ears!!! I love that they keep hair out of my face and I just think they are stinking cute! You could wear all black basic pieces w/the ears and look chic! 😉 The ears are all over all of the parks – in stands on every corner – they aren’t hard to find at all. They are $25 – and if you don’t want to spend the money on that – just order some on Etsy or Amazon!



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10 thoughts on “How To Dress Cute For Disney World

  1. Thanks for sharing. We are going to disneyland in a few months so these are great tips. Would you say these ears give you a headache by the end of the day? Also, what foundation color are you currently in estee lauder double wear? I know you are usually dessert beige but what is your spray tanned- self tanned foundation color in this foundation?

  2. My family goes to disney every year for vacation and i love putting outfits together for the parks! I wear wedges too, i just dont find flats comfortable. I love the minnie ears too! They dress up Any outfit and are so cute! I also add a red lip most days to match my ears and that always dresses up My outfits too! So glad you had the best trip!