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An Easy Spring Outfit You’ll Want To Re-Create + CUTE DENIM SHORTS ON SALE!


KIMONO: Express [it’s one size – cute over swimwear or casual!] | CAMI: Express [I like the medium size best!] | DENIM SHORTS: Express [I sized up – they run small!] | WEDGES: Steven [love THIS option, too!] | SUNGLASSES: Gucci [similar option] | WATCH: Michele | BAG: Gucci [this is a similar option!]

Okay, PSA! lol, a bit dramatic but Express is doing a promo on mens & women’s shorts buy one pair and get one pair for $19.90! I’m a high key fan of Express as you all are probably well aware! I went in there one day before we flew out to Miami and the first thing I saw was a table full of adorable denim shorts! All styles – high waisted, low waisted, etc! A few pair look like exact dupes of designer pairs that are over $200.

I love love love a good pair of denim shorts and I have a few blue jean styles so I went w/ the white distressed ones! I will say, I usually go down a size in Express denim but I had to go up a size (or 2) in theirs. It just depends on the low or high waisted! Personally, I like their lower waist fit best because I can size up and wear them lower and they are not quite as short! However, if you like longer shorts – they have some super cute options for longer lengths. I would link all of the pairs I love but honestly there were maybe 2 styles out of them all that I didn’t love (don’t love embroidery too much!) so I would recommend just checking all of the shorts out!

I also grabbed the kimono simply because I knew I’d wear it to the beach/pool and I could wear it out to lunch or dinner. It’s something to throw on and go – not much effort has to go into wear it, ya know?! If you are new to my blog – the cami I am wearing is my JAM. I have worn these for 3? years now. I have the white in different sizes and back-ups, lol! I love love love these camis. They are lightweight and feel good. I wear them w/cardigans and jackets in the fall and winter! I’m actually running a few errands today and have it on my list to run by Express to get another white one in a medium bc I like the looseness of the medium!

Just FYI – Express is so so kind and gives me a code each month that I can share w/you all. It works IN STORE and it gives your $25 off of your purchase of $100 or more. CODE IS 3419 and if you need to read the Terms & Conditions click HERE.

Thanks to Express for sponsoring todays post.

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9 thoughts on “An Easy Spring Outfit You’ll Want To Re-Create + CUTE DENIM SHORTS ON SALE!

  1. I’ve really been trying to step it up in the fashion dept of my life. I have to dress up for my job, so i’ve been slacking in my after hours/weekend outfits. so my new thought process has been what would emily wear. you have a great way of dressing comfortably cute. your outfits are always easy to recreate in ways that work for me. thanks for all the inspiration.

  2. Emily, you asked About the vein treatment in your insta stories but i know you dont read dm’s. I did sclerothetapy where they inJect A salt water(?) solution in mine. It burned a bit but they were instantly goNe With no downtime. Mine were not huge but indidnt like them. This was over 10 years ago and theY’ve never come Back.

  3. I’ve never actually posted a comment for a blogger before and I’m really not sure when I started following you but over the last year I have really enjoyed following YOU and your journey with your beautiful family. I love your upbeat personality, the content you share and just your overall self. Thank you for always providing such great posts (I mainly follow you on Instagram). You’ve really helped me to learn many things but most importantly that having a baby isn’t so bad after all (I mean look how cute Luke is and how happy he is)… I’ve been stressing over all the questions about when my hubby and I are going to start having kids… It’s been Non stop, and now I’m really excited! Thank you Emily, youre an awesome blogger and I can’t wait to see all the great content to come!

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