SWIMSUIT TOP: Tavik | BOTTOMS: Ted Baker | SHORTS: Articles of Society [$49 – highly recommend!] | NECKLACE: Lana Jewelry | BRACELETS: Nadri, The Styled Collection | HEADWRAP: H&M [got this one from F21 the other day] | EARRINGS: Forever 21 | SUNGLASSES: YSL Dupes [real here]

Wearing these shorts for the one-thousandth time this summer, lol! They are the BEST. Yes, I have raved ab them a lot but I had to again because I am constantly recommending them as a summer staple / must-have. I have a few pair of shorts that are designer and not cheap and I prefer these over them! I love that they are higher waisted and look good w/shorter tops but also cover high waisted swimsuits! I do go up one full size in them though – just FYI. I feel as if they run a little small.

In other news, I’m all about basic swim this summer w/fun accessories! I got a few scarves back in the winter that I wear in my hair a lot [this is a FAVE look!]. Also, funky sunglasses, hats, & cute jewelry are also perfect for amping your look if you are going to the lake/pool/beach but still want to look kind of stylish, ya know?! My earrings are from F21 and you get like 3 pair ofr $7 – I have been wearing them a ton lately!!

Anyway, just had to pop in and share this look! Please let me know in the comments if you’d like to see posts similar to this! or F21 posts!

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13 thoughts on “The BEST Summer Swim Accessories Under $50

  1. I’Ve Noticed LATELY That you haven’t been fAcing forward in Your pictures. It kind of takes away from “showcasing” the outfits which i love to see. But i have a feeling there maybe a reason. *sorry if this comment comes out in all caps. For Some reason it’s Has defaulted to caps while i’m writing this on my moBile device.

    1. PS. Did you know if you click the link it will open the style and show you more images of it! So you’ll have option to view as well! 🙂

  2. its so cute!! i love it. i saw those exact same 3-pair earrings online at f21…will def be getting those!!!